Monday, 23 September 2013

The Neighbour

Something more cheerful...and with a spanking. What more can you ask for?

John had just moved to town, new job, new openings. He had found his new flat in an old but well kept building. It wasn't big but he couldn't afford anything larger. He was content as he began to settle in.

The third evening, after work, he sat down in his armchair, feeling exhausted. Work seemed fine but he was new and that was taxing. He had just come home and wanted nothing more than to be allowed to watch the telly and fall asleep.

The doorbell sounded and John sighed and clambered from his armchair. He dragged himself out into the hallway and answered the door.

Outside stood a woman. She was half a head shorter than him, had shoulder length hair in an undefined darkish colour. She was dressed in a dark blue and quite modest dress but no overcoat. She smiled.

John remembered he had met her in the hallway, the day before, she had smiled and said hello. He thought she must live in the house.

'Plain and sweet,' he had thought when he saw her then. He still thought the same, but her smile made her look quite nice.
'Welcome to the house,' she said, a flicker of insecurity on her face. 'I am Stephanie.'
'Thank you,' he heard himself say, remembering to smile, 'John.'
'Are you busy?' she continued.
'No, no, not at all.'
'Can I come in?'
'Yes, of course, sorry, yes, please, do that, come in.'
'Thank you.'
'I'll put the kettle on.'

She followed him into the kitchen as he prepared the tea. She was leaning against the door frame, looking a little bewildered.
'It is a nice kitchen,' she tried.
'Yes, it is, very nice.'
'Bigger than mine.'
They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

'Please, sit down,' John said, feeling a little calmer after laughing together.
'Thank you.'

They took the tea in the kitchen, by the small table. John wondered if that was impolite but Stephanie didn't seem to mind. They chatted and after a while they seemed to find the situation less awkward, less tense. John began to forget how tired he was, thinking that it was nice to make new acquaintances.

'There is something I need to ask you about,' Stephanie said, suddenly looking very awkward.
'Please, do,' John said, expecting to be asked for a donation to the house party they always had in May or something of the sort.
'Can I confide in you?' she said and looked very sincere.
'Yes, of course, I hope you can.'
John found it a bit awkward, wondering if Stephanie was one of those who let her heart out to anyone who cared to listen.
'You see, John,' she said, looking very worried, 'I live with my sister and she always takes care of things. Now she has gone on holiday, won't be back for two weeks.'
'And not I have gone and done something really stupid.'
'Yes, I have forgot to pay our credit card bill, in time.'
'Oh,' John said, feeling his body and mind tense. Was she going to ask him for money?
'I paid it yesterday but that is too late and now we will have to pay interest or something on it. My sister always takes care of those things, but now she explicitly told me to do that.'
'Is it a lot of money? I mean, the interest?'
'No, just some two pounds. It's not that.'
'What is it then?'
'I have failed her.'
'Failed her?'
'Yes, she trusted me with this and I have failed her. Will you help me?'
'What can I do to help you?'
'The same as my sister always does when I fail her.'
'What is that?'
'Punish me.'

John sat in silence for a while, not sure what to think. He looked at Stephanie and she looked miserable, really upset.

'Punish you?'
'Yes, please, will you do that?'
She looked pleadingly at him.
'I don't know, really.'
'Please, I am sure my sister will be grateful.'
'Can't it wait until she gets back?'
'It is better she doesn't have to deal with me, first thing.'
'Are you sure?'

John stared at Stephanie, she looked at him, her face close to tears, transforming her from the caring neighbour to a woman in need, a damsel in some kind of distress.
'How, how does your sister, well, deal with you?'
'She spanks me.'
'I am not sure...'
'It is easy.'
'So you want me to spank you?'
'Yes, please, that's what my sister would do.'
'Well, if that is what you want.'
'Thank you.'
'I don't know how to...'
'I'll show you. Wait here.'

Stephanie rose to her feet and left. John sat at the table, bewildered. He heard her open and close the door. He stared in front of him until he heard the doorbell once again.

'Here,' Stephanie said and gave him a hairbrush, as he opened the door for her.
'Is this for...?'
'Yes, my sister uses it all the time.'
'Where do you think...?'
'The living room, perhaps?'
He nodded and they went into his small but nice living room.
'It is very neat,' she said, 'are you married?'
'No, not married.'
'A girlfriend?'
'I just moved here. To this town, I mean.'
'Ah,' she said. 'Over there will be good.'
'You sit in the armchair and I can be in your lap.'
'Are you sure about this?'
'That's how my sister does it.'
'Well then.'

John sat down in the armchair and held his breath as Stephanie with a very soft but yet cautious movement placed her body across his lap.

'And then I am, like, supposed to smack...well, your bottom...with this?'
'Yes, that's how it's done.'
'On the bottom?'

John took a deep breath. Then he placed the hairbrush on Stephanie's bottom. She seemed to tense her body as he did this.

Then he slapped her. She jumped.
'Oh, sorry,' he gasped.
'Don't be sorry, I deserve it.'
'Did it hurt?'
'No, that's not good. My sister makes it hurt.'
'It is a punishment, after all.'
'Yes, you are right. Harder then?'
'Yes, much harder.'
'Are you sure?'

He slapped her again, a little harder. She jumped again.
'Better, but harder still.'
He smacked her again.
'Did that hurt?'
'Yes, a little, go on like that, but harder.'

John began to put some force into the slaps. He had never beaten anyone, and especially not a woman. He had to struggle against his nature to be able to hit Stephanie with the sturdy and very heavy brush.

Just as he had managed to deliver a short series of quite brutal whacks, Stephanie interrupted him:
'I am sorry, I hit you too hard.'
'No, not at all, it is supposed to hurt and my sister hits much harder.'
'What's wrong?'
'Forgetting a credit card bill is a bad thing to do, I think my sister would want a more severe punishment.'
'Isn't this severe enough?'
'I think she would insist on me lifting my skirt.'
'Are you really sure...'
Stephanie swiftly lifted her skirt and revealed her very white knickers.
'I can't possibly...' John said.
'Of course you can, that is what my sister would have done.'
'She is a woman.'
'That's not a problem.'

John found he had no words for a protest. He stared awkwardly at Stephanie's round bottom. It seemed wrong to hit it with the hairbrush.

Yet he complied and slapped her bottom with the hairbrush. Again she jumped which made John think that she must have felt it much more acutely when there was no skirt to protect her.

She said nothing so he assumed he was to continue. He took a deep breath and began to smack her. He used even more force and was both terrified and fascinated by watching the hairbrush make contact with Stephanie's pert bottom.

She began to squirm but she said not a word in protest and didn't seem to want him to stop so he continued.

There came a strange moment, when John suddenly found the whole business of spanking Stephanie quite fascinating. In fact, he began to think it was not so bad to do this. She had asked him to spank her, she had obviously wanted him to punish her and she had been the one asking him to hit her harder and she had insisted on him spanking her on her knickers.

All his misgivings came back. He was either been made a fool of or he was doing something terribly bad.
'My sister would insist on something more severe.'
'More severe?'
Without further ado, Stephanie rose to her feet and with one swift and determined movement she pulled her knickers down to her knees. She then lifted her skirt and retook her place in his lap.

John was now staring at Stephanie's unclad bottom. He had a distinct feeling that this was something he should not do.
'Do you really mean...?'
'My sister says it isn't a proper spanking if it isn't done on the bare.'
'We shouldn't let her down.'
'No, and you can hit harder.'

John's misgivings gave way to a strange sensation. He felt elated and weirdly happy as he let the sturdy brush make contact with Stephanie's now exposed bottom. She squirmed and moved and John could feel she was in distress. She didn't protest so he assumed he was doing it right.

Suddenly he heard something that sounded like a sob. He immediately stopped.
'Don't stop.'
'I thought,' he stammered, 'I thought you were in distress.'
'I am in distress, but you have to continue. My sister says that when I begin to cry, the real punishment begins.'
'That's rather cruel.'
'I forgot the bill.'
'Very well, then.'

Stephanie's bottom was pink and red in places and John thought it too cruel to spank her more. But he realised the sister was right. She did deserve it. He got on with his duty.

John spanked Stephanie for a while and he found that his concerns and hesitations were replaced by a pride of doing what was right and a childish satisfaction in seeing her bottom being hit by the hairbrush he was swinging. He began to be fascinated by the sound and the movements she made, movements that seemed to tell him she was affected by her punishment.

Then it was enough. He just knew it and she seemed to accept it. He stopped spanking her and sat for a while.
'Have I been spanked enough?'
'Yes, I think so.'
'May I rise?'
'Yes, yes, of course.'

Stephanie rose to her feet pulled her knickers up and turned to John. Her face was a little red and her eyes a little wet. Yet she smiled.
'Thank you, John. Thank you for punishing me.'
'You are welcome.' He was almost on his way of saying, 'my pleasure', but he didn't.
'John, if you want, you can come over to my place tomorrow. I will cook dinner and you can help me with a couple of things.'
'Oh, thank you, yes, please, I would like that, very much.'

Stephanie turned to leave.
'You said help you, what kind of things do you need help with?'
'There are plenty of things. You know how it is when you are alone, you become very sloppy.'
'I guess.'

John did visit Stephanie the next day and he did help her. She showed him a bath brush and a fish slice that was very useful and she was delighted to find that he was equipped with a very broad leather belt.

In fact, John grew used to helping Stephanie, a lot. After a while he stopped wondering when the sister would come home.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Long Time, No See

Haven't been writing much, lately, have I? Truth to be told, I don't know what to write. That's not strictly speaking, true. What I meant was that I don't know what to write for the blog. I do write, and I do want to write and publish. I do write other stuff, not fit for the blog, and I have been focussed on that, lately.

Writing on this blog has really given me confidence, and that is thanks to you, dear Readers (if you still see this). I didn't think anyone would want to read what I wrote when I started. Gradually I have come to believe I can write, and that has been very important for me. So thanks!

Somehow I don't feel the urge to write my fantasies on the blog, like I did before. I'm not saying I'm closing the blog, just that I need to think what to do with it. If there are readers still, out there, I don't mind hearing from you. Are you, like me, interested in what hides behind the fantasies?

I have more and more come to be fascinated by the themes that fantasies touch upon, not just for pleasure, or entertainment, but for what they mean to me, to you, to us. I think, as you know, that there is more going on below the surface, that it isn't just a pastime, for a thrill. I think fantasies touch upon emotions and experiences that are hidden for us. I am not so naïve that I think we can analyse everything that's there, but still, to me, fantasies are more than just entertainment.

Tell me what you think. And if you don't want to, don't. Have a lovely Christmas, and a brilliant New Year, all the same.

I have started to moderate the comments, and that is not because anyone has been rude, but because the spam-filter has started to let through a lot of spam, and I will not be able to monitor the blog during Christmas. So if you comment, don't despair, I will read them. And hopefully this will be only a temporary measure.

I have added a picture to this blogpost, completely unrelated to the text, just to cheer you up.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Tom's School Days 26

I have been sloppy, and slow, I know that. And this story may be of the more sillier kind. Anyway, here is another instalment, read and make what you want of it. I am taking a summer break from blogging, and will be back in August. Maybe I have some other stories or thoughts to share, then.

When I started writing this, I was a bit carried away by the silliness of the idea of a school full of resourceful and kinky students, both female and male, all bent on having a good time. It is a bit of coming of age story when it comes to Tom, but otherwise there is not much of a plot. I have enjoyed writing it, but maybe it will come to an end, unless I can think of something really exciting.

Take care, Dear Readers, if you are still out there. I still enjoy writing, although I write less that is suitable for the blog, nowadays. My mind has not changed, so I would like to put whatever is suitable on the blog, but as it is, this will have to wait until I get back. I do love to hear from you, and any suggestions about the blog is welcome.

Some girls were very skilled in a type of dance that may only be labelled as oriental, or belly dancing. Although they didn't wear much more than their bikinis while dancing, they had enhanced them by adding strips of silk that gave the illusion of flowing skirts.

Tom was mesmerised. This was so out of the ordinary, that he could hardly believe he was still at his school. And when the undulating movements of the dancing girls caused them to drop what little they were wearing, his delight was complete. In the end they were completely naked, and the club members were cheering.

Finally the dinner was over and the members began to circulate through the rooms of the club. The girls from the Pea Soup Society retook their roles as waitresses, and mingled among them with trays with glasses and bottles of port and sherry.

To Tom's great delight he noticed that the girls hadn't donned their tops, and were now quite exposed to his eyes. Some of them were even naked, and many members of the club found it hard to keep their hands away.

Tom found John and Mark in a sofa together with three of the society's members who were quite unclad. They seemed to enjoy it as much as the club members, though, as they were laughing and giggling.

The whole thing was evolving into a kind of orgy, and although Tom was generally intrigued by the idea of orgies, he was a little too shy to really participate. He walked around and observed instead.

In another room there were another kind of entertainment arranged. As Tom entered a member of the club explained to him that some students had volunteered to let the members try out their equipment.

Tom saw that along one wall, five strange pieces of furniture had been placed. They looked like desks from a class room, but not quite. The purpose of them was clear enough. On each of these devices a girl knelt, leaning over its highest part, their bottoms turned towards the room.

Furthermore, the girls were naked, and around each of them a group of club members had gathered. They were discussing the tools they handed around among themselves, discussing the pros and cons of martinets, canes, leather belts, and wooden boards.

From time to time sharp reports resounded through the room, the sound of wood, or leather, or whatever material of the tool, on naked skin. Those reports were accompanied by whimperings, and squeals.

Tom was intrigued by this, and the closer he got, and the more he saw of the naked bottoms and backs of the volunteer girls, he felt the urge to try one of the tools himself.

It was obvious they had just started, since the bottoms on display were still mostly unmarked, only the odd pink patch, or red stripe.

Tom got a funny feeling when he drew near the girl furthest to the left. He seemed to recognise the dark hair and the general build of that girl. He moved so he could see her face.

'Amanda!' he gasped.
'Tom,' she replied, and smiled, 'hi. I thought I would find you here.'
'Annabelle,' he said, as the red haired girl beside Amanda turned her head.
'Tom,' Annabelle said, and smiled too.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Tom's School Days 25

I didn't say the story has run its course, only that I might put other things up, as well. To be honest, I'm not sure where this will go, but at the moment, I have a couple of more instalments. I may put something different up, in a short while, we'll see. In the meantime, read the next part of the story.

Tom was excited as he dressed up for the Soup Night. He had put on his best suit, and his crispest shirt. In fact it had never been as crisp and well ironed since his mother had done it for him. The reason it was so well taken care of was that Amanda had volunteered to iron it.

Tom had been a little surprised and concerned, but accepted her offer. She had also quite like the kiss she gave him when she was done. He was puzzled, though, when she had thanked him.

The entrance to the Mushy Peas Club was flanked by burning torches, and many of the other students had gathered outside to see the members arrive. Tom felt like a celebrity when he walked up to the entrance.

Inside the hallway was lit by a multitude of candles, and Tom stood in awe for a while. He was snapped out of it by something that made him even more surprised, and perhaps even more delighted.

A girl asked to take his coat. It was unusual to find a girl inside the club, but that was not all. This girl was barefoot, dressed in the tiniest of black skirts he had ever seen. In fact, it was so minimal that he could see that she was wearing equally black knickers. Above the skirt he found very little, bar a bikini-top.

He thought he had seen the girl before, she was called Janet, or Susan, or something. What was more important, was that he had noticed her for being exceptionally pretty. Seeing her dressed like that made him see that her physical features matched her pretty face.

When he entered into the hall where the long table had been set with a white table cloth and candles, he found that there were more girls scurrying around, all dressed in a similar way.

When Tom spotted Stephanie among them, he thought that this may be the members of the Pea Soup Society.

Tom greeted Frederick and Mark, and chatted with them for a while. He had wanted to talk to Stephanie, although he didn't know what he really wanted to say. She seemed very busy so it had to wait.

The members of the club sat down to have dinner, and Tom realised that it was not the role of the members of the Pea Soup Society to participate in the dinner, it was their role to wait at the table.

The dinner was grand, with a number of courses, fowl, fish, meat, and also cheese, bread, fruit, and of course the pea soup.

In addition to the pea soup they slurped, there was entertainment performed by the Pea Soup Society. There was an elaborate programme of singing and dancing.

Firstly the entire membership of the Society sang and danced. Tom was surprised and fascinated by their skill. Their voices were harmonious and their movements enticing. Tom was excited by the fact that the members had dispensed with their tiny skirts.

Stephanie and four other girls sang and danced, and this time they wore even less. They had stripped off their tops and seemed to make an effort to entertain by creating interesting movements with their breasts. This caused a lot of hilarity among the seated members of the club.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Tom's School Days 24

I get so preoccupied with this story so I forget I can write something else. That is, something else fit for the blog. Maybe I should take a break and write something different? I don't know.

Tom was a little hesitant in the beginning, being a little overwhelmed by the sound of the leather of his belt against Stephanie's soft bottom. And the sounds of distress she uttered. She didn't protest, or say anything so he kept on.

He got into a pace of smacking her, and sensing her wriggle in his lap. In a way he found that he actually enjoyed the sensation of her body moving against his. It encouraged him to smack a little harder, to increase the frequency.

Soon he was smacking along, in a good, steady pace. Stephanie was panting, and sighing, and giving out small pathetic sounds of distress. In his current state of mind, those sounds only made him want to spank her more. So he did.

Tom stopped to take a breath, and happened to look down on Stephanie's buttocks. They were now not only bruised from before, but had taken on a very active red colour. Suddenly Tom felt bad about spanking her.

'Maybe,' he said, hesitantly, 'maybe we are done.'
Stephanie didn't reply.

He put down the belt, and stared at her bottom for a while. Then he gently touched her right buttock. Stephanie let go of a strange sound, like a sigh. Her skin felt hot.

The next thing he knew, he was caressing her buttock, sensing the skin under his hand. Stephanie wriggled in his lap. He extended his attention to the other buttock. He was captivated, and thought that he should, perhaps, not do this, but since Stephanie didn't protest, he decided to continue.

In his exploration of Stephanie's buttocks, he happened, accidentally to let his fingers slip in between them, and was surprised by the reaction he got. Stephanie moaned. First he thought that perhaps she was in pain.

Then he couldn't help himself, so he did it again. This time she wriggled. The third time she whimpered, and began to squirm. He was quite surprised by her reaction.

With a sigh, and a wriggle, she slipped off his lap.
'Oh, did I hurt you?'
He didn't get a reply. Stephanie's body began to shiver, and Tom was convinced she was in pain. Then she looked up at him, with tears in her eyes.

She wasn't sobbing, she was laughing.

She struggled for breath, she was laughing so much. Tom was confused. He stared at her, and didn't understand a thing.

Stephanie was still laughing as she got to her feet, and pulled her knickers up.

'I...I got to go,' she had a hard time talking, she was sobbing with laughter.
'What's the matter, did I do something wrong?'
'No, Tom, nothing wrong, that was great. You're such a silly boy, at times. But I love you for that.'
She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. Then she went away. Tom was left on the bench, with his belt by his side, and his mind more confused than ever.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Tom's School Days 23

Soon Tom forgot to feel guilty, and focussed completely on Stephanie's lips, lips and tongue. In fact, her use of her mouth was so persuasive that he even forgot to be cautious. He had had too many bad experiences in similar circumstances, so something was only to be expected.

As it happened no one came, no one interrupted them, so Stephanie had time to show off her skills regarding this kind of activities.

Tom had to bite his lip in order not to cry out loud. And soon he was unable to hold it back, even if he may have wanted to.

When they were done, and his precious member was back in its confinement, Stephanie looked up at Tom, and smiled.

'Steph,' he sighed.

'I know,' she purred.

'I don't know what to say.'

'You don't have to say anything.'

'But...what about you?'

'What about me?'

'I mean, what about you? How are you...I mean, don't you want...?'

'No, that's quite all right, I'm happy if you're happy.'



'I feel like I should, you know, do something for you.'

'If you really want to do something for me...'

'Yeah, I do.'

'There is something you could do.'

'Any time.'

Stephanie rose up, but instead of standing up, she seemed to slip over his knees, in a slithering, very soft moment, until she was lying on his thighs.

'Is this what I think it is?' Tom said.

'I think it is.'

'But Steph, you have just been caned.'

'I am healing well.'

'Are you sure?'

'I am sure.'

'But why would you want know...?'

'Don't ask.'

'All right.'

Tom stared at Stephanie's bottom, clad in her regulation skirt.

'With my hand, then?' he asked.

'If you haven't brought anything sharper.'

'No, I don't think so.'

'If you want, Tom, you could always use your belt.'

'My belt?'

'Yes, you know, your belt, the thing that holds your trousers up.'

'Oh, my belt.'

'Yes, your belt.'

'Do you really want that?'


Tom hurried to unbuckle his belt and pull it from his trousers. He held it in his hand, and saw that he could actually get a good swing with it.

'Are you sure?'

'I'm sure.'


'Ready, but you're forgetting something.'



'Oh.' Tom lifted Stephanie's skirt. He was suddenly very embarrassed since his member reacted to the sight of her knicker-clad bottom. He hadn't expected that, having exhausted it just recently.

'Well then...,' he said.

'We're not ready yet.'

'You mean...?'


'Oh.' Tom took hold of Stephanie's knickers and pulled them down. She obediently lifted her hips to help him.

'Now, then, ready?'


Tom hesitated. He looked at Stephanie's bottom. There were still some bruises and marks left, but somehow it seemed as if she was right, that she was healing well. Tom still wasn't sure if he should really.

'We can't wait all night,' Stephanie said.

'All right, then, here it comes. How many?'

'Your call.'

'All right.'

Then he smacked her. Stephanie jumped, and let out a moan.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tom's School Days 22

'How did I do?' Tom asked Amanda, as they walked together from the Dungeon. The other girls had left before, so they were alone, as Amanda locked the door and they left together.

'You did well,' Amanda said, 'brilliantly.'

'I wasn't too harsh?'

'No, not at all, she deserved it.'

'I kind of got carried away.'

'You liked it, then?'

'Truth to be told, Amanda, I think I did. And I feel bad about that.'


'It seems wrong to enjoy such a thing.'

'Why would that be wrong?'

'She was in pain, and I just...enjoyed it.'

'Everybody's happy then!'

'What do you mean?'

'What do you think I mean?'

'She can't have...I mean...she really can't...can she?'

'She knows the rules.'

'I wouldn't enjoy it, not like that.'

'We're all different, let's leave it at that.'

'Perhaps that's for the best.'

'Let me put it like this. I know, for a fact, that you have got yourself some admirers. And that your actions haven't really helped preventing the breaking of rules.'

'I don't understand your lot.'

'You mean us, or girls in general?'

'Both, I think.'

Amanda was smiling as she left. Tom stood for a while, watching her leave. He was strangely pleased with the sight of her, how she moved, the silent confidence, or was it happiness, that her almost skipping walk revealed.

'Tom!' a voice came from the darkness of the cloister.


'Yeah, it's me.'

'What you're doing there?'

'What you're doing with the weird girls?'

'I don't know, Steph, truth to be told, I don't know.'

'They're a creepy bunch.'

'I wouldn't call them creepy. Weird is all right, but not creepy.'

'That Amanda Tilly girl, she is strange. And her friend, the red haired one...'


'Perhaps. Anyway, she was stripped by GPS the other night, and she was given detention. She deserved it, silly girl!'

'It was FDF, actually.'

'You know a lot about that.'

'Never mind.'

'Talking about stripping...'

'Are you serious?'

'I'm always serious. Let's sneak into the garden.'

'Is it safe?'

'As safe as it gets, around here.'

'Sorry about the Tower.'

'Don't be.'

They found a secluded corner in the Garden. Tom sat on the stone bench, with Stephanie beside him. She wasted no time. Her hand slipped down his trousers.

'What have you been up to?' she giggled.

'Oh, nothing much.'

'Was it because of seeing little me?'


Tom hadn't realised how aroused he had been when whipping Annabelle, and now he didn't want to tell Stephanie about it.

As Stephanie's fingers gripped his member, his thoughts wandered away to the meeting in the Dungeon, to Annabelle's naked body, her round and fair bottom, and to the vicious cane in his hand, and to the sound of it as it travelled through the air, towards its encounter with her soft buttocks.

He felt a little guilty for thinking of Annabelle at the same time as Stephanie helped his sex out of the confinement of his trousers, and how she, still with her fingers around it, slid down on her knees, and let her lips move to embrace it.