Monday, 11 June 2012

Tom's School Days 26

I have been sloppy, and slow, I know that. And this story may be of the more sillier kind. Anyway, here is another instalment, read and make what you want of it. I am taking a summer break from blogging, and will be back in August. Maybe I have some other stories or thoughts to share, then.

When I started writing this, I was a bit carried away by the silliness of the idea of a school full of resourceful and kinky students, both female and male, all bent on having a good time. It is a bit of coming of age story when it comes to Tom, but otherwise there is not much of a plot. I have enjoyed writing it, but maybe it will come to an end, unless I can think of something really exciting.

Take care, Dear Readers, if you are still out there. I still enjoy writing, although I write less that is suitable for the blog, nowadays. My mind has not changed, so I would like to put whatever is suitable on the blog, but as it is, this will have to wait until I get back. I do love to hear from you, and any suggestions about the blog is welcome.

Some girls were very skilled in a type of dance that may only be labelled as oriental, or belly dancing. Although they didn't wear much more than their bikinis while dancing, they had enhanced them by adding strips of silk that gave the illusion of flowing skirts.

Tom was mesmerised. This was so out of the ordinary, that he could hardly believe he was still at his school. And when the undulating movements of the dancing girls caused them to drop what little they were wearing, his delight was complete. In the end they were completely naked, and the club members were cheering.

Finally the dinner was over and the members began to circulate through the rooms of the club. The girls from the Pea Soup Society retook their roles as waitresses, and mingled among them with trays with glasses and bottles of port and sherry.

To Tom's great delight he noticed that the girls hadn't donned their tops, and were now quite exposed to his eyes. Some of them were even naked, and many members of the club found it hard to keep their hands away.

Tom found John and Mark in a sofa together with three of the society's members who were quite unclad. They seemed to enjoy it as much as the club members, though, as they were laughing and giggling.

The whole thing was evolving into a kind of orgy, and although Tom was generally intrigued by the idea of orgies, he was a little too shy to really participate. He walked around and observed instead.

In another room there were another kind of entertainment arranged. As Tom entered a member of the club explained to him that some students had volunteered to let the members try out their equipment.

Tom saw that along one wall, five strange pieces of furniture had been placed. They looked like desks from a class room, but not quite. The purpose of them was clear enough. On each of these devices a girl knelt, leaning over its highest part, their bottoms turned towards the room.

Furthermore, the girls were naked, and around each of them a group of club members had gathered. They were discussing the tools they handed around among themselves, discussing the pros and cons of martinets, canes, leather belts, and wooden boards.

From time to time sharp reports resounded through the room, the sound of wood, or leather, or whatever material of the tool, on naked skin. Those reports were accompanied by whimperings, and squeals.

Tom was intrigued by this, and the closer he got, and the more he saw of the naked bottoms and backs of the volunteer girls, he felt the urge to try one of the tools himself.

It was obvious they had just started, since the bottoms on display were still mostly unmarked, only the odd pink patch, or red stripe.

Tom got a funny feeling when he drew near the girl furthest to the left. He seemed to recognise the dark hair and the general build of that girl. He moved so he could see her face.

'Amanda!' he gasped.
'Tom,' she replied, and smiled, 'hi. I thought I would find you here.'
'Annabelle,' he said, as the red haired girl beside Amanda turned her head.
'Tom,' Annabelle said, and smiled too.