Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Slow and low seems to be the order of the day. Thank you for the comments. You are really wonderful, dear Readers. I have no good excuses for not posting anything today, so I won't try to explain it away. It has been one of those weeks, or two, that makes you want to forget about everything and just sit in a corner and stare at the world.

I will be busy this weekend, relatives coming to visit, so any blogging will have to wait till next week. But then I will put something up, if nothing else, something from the archives. Take care and thank you, again, dear Readers, for your comments.


Paul said...

Janice, I drop by just to see how you are doing.
Take your time, we will wait, do you hear from Mina?
Love and warm hugs,

Janice said...

Dear Paul, thank you for being there and reading.