Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Just an Ordinary Day

It is a very ordinary day. It is 29 years since John Lennon was killed. It is winter and the darkness descends on us who live in the northern hemisphere...well, at least here. I am tired of having to come up with something for the blog. Maybe it is the winter, maybe it is me but I have been doing this for three years and sometimes I am not so very creative. It goes up and down and now I am fed up with trying to be clever.

No, I am not scrapping the blog, that's not what I am saying. I am trying to say that today I don't feel like blogging or writing about fantasies or anything. So I will tell you how boring I am.

Have been working a little from home today, I shouldn't complain, it is not too bothersome. This means I take my lunch at home, alone, take a walk in the park (to get out of the flat at least once a day). I have been emptying the dish washer and generally uncreating the mess that I always seem to leave behind. Staring at the almanac at the wall. It has pictures of ballet dancer and was a gift from my beloved husband. This month it is a male dancer and I realise that I don't fancy male dancers as much as the ballerinas. He looks kind of silly in a silly costume (ballet dancer, not husband), some kind of fancy bolero thing that would look strange on a woman but silly on a man. You see, I am not very free in my mind.

I am thinking of my latest blogpost, the one before this one. I thought people would be a little offended or hurt by it but instead they find it erotic or that sort of thing. And I am not the narrator, I never am. It is just that I like seeing things from the inside.

Never mind, this is becoming a rant and that was not my intention. Take care out there and be kind to yourselves and others.


Paul said...

Janice, yes this time of year it's difficult to keep the spirits up.
Creativity has gone AWOL and all one want to do is doze.
But I say to myself, "if Winter is here, can Spring be far behind," I know jejune, but it's the best I can manage at the moment.
Male Ballet dancers may look silly, but they are surprisingly strong.
I'll leave you with that thought for the day.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...
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Ollie said...

Winter blues are not uncommon, that's why we need Christmas to celebrate something really good. I suppose it would be different in the Southern hemisphere...

I too am having absent-muse trouble, so perhaps that is due to the dark and the cold weather.

Look after yourself

Manorlord said...

Janice --

Creativity comes & goes at will (whim). Yours will return. It always does!



Alan said...


enjoy the season. Dream yourself into what will and must emrge next.

Discoveries will be made.):)


Anonymous said...
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Janice said...

Dear Paul, hibernating is not such a bad idea, I sometimes feel, this time of year. And you are right, there is always a new year and a new spring. When you say ballet dancers are strong, I suppose you refer to their arms...smiles and hugs.

Dear Ollie, I suppose those down under have summer blues...smiles...or is that winter blues but at the same time we have summer...of course it is...silly me! Thank you, I will try to look after myself, you do the same...with yourself.

Dear Wystan, I am sure you are right, still it is nice with your confidence in me.

Dear Alan, I will dream myself into something nice. A very nice expression, I will keep it...smiles.

Hugs and Merry Christmas