Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Blogging Again?

Long time no see, as they say. My only excuse for not blogging is that sometimes life goes through periods when your mind is occupied with things that make you think that blogging is not the most important thing. I know this is a little dismissive, as if I didn't think blogging was important, or that you, Dear Readers, weren't important. For whatever it is worth, I can tell you that starting blogging has been one of the most important things in my life and that it has helped me a lot with a lot of issues. So I hope you will forgive me for being absent for such a long time and don't feel too dismissed by my arrogance.

If you excuse me some more I am going to be a little academic. I am fascinated by those details in fantasies that seems so important, the ones you focus your mind on. I am sure you have the same. It struck me that they seem crucial and meaningful and that if you focus on them you will understand why they are so prominent.

I even came up with a fancy name for these fantasy elements. I thought they could be called fantasemes, in the same vein as mytheme and that sort of thing. Although I find it useful to think of it as an important element that tend to be similar in different settings, I couldn't think of a definition that was scholarly enough and it all seems to descend into some kind of pseudo academic chaos.

So, let's skip the silliness and focus on what I am talking about. What I mean are those details that you really like, perhaps triggers you, or at least seem crucial in a fantasy. They may be simple things or quite elaborate series of events and only you, yourself, know what they are.

One such detail in my world of fantasies is the taking off of knickers and pulling up of skirts and sitting on chairs and seats. It is shamelessly taken from The Story of O, but that is not a problem, we are inspired all the time by things we see and hear. The important thing is that it triggers something in us, and that we pick up on a detail. This 'fantaseme' of mine occurs in many different settings, it can happen on a bench in a part, on the bus, but most often it happens between a man and a woman seated in a restaurant. He tells her to take her knickers off, pull her skirt up and she does it, trying to cover it up as much as possible. It is this combination of being exposed and touching the world, and at the same time trying to act normally. She knows it, he knows it, and, hopefully, no one else knows is. It is often a symbol of giving yourself to someone, the fact that she does what she is told. It seldom happens if she is already submitted to him, but as a provocation from him, one she accepts and submits to.

Another such detail or 'fantaseme' in my world of fantasies, could be the sliding of knickers down from your hips. I often delve on the details here, the sensation of clothes touching the skin, moving down and away from the body, the baring, the crossing over a boundary, going from clothed to nude. In addition it is important when the knickers slip from your feet. It seems to be another crossing over. Before that you can always pull them up, but by removing them they become unreachable. You seem to accept being bared, being naked. There are some additional details that seem to crop up. If this is done in a semi public place, as a part of the 'fantaseme' above, the knickers can be given to the other person who then, perhaps, takes them and puts them in his pocket or even throws them in a rubbish bin. This is a powerful symbol. It is discarding of clothes, showing that they are not going to be put on again, they are irrelevant and useless, what is required of you is being naked.

I could go on and on and I could also become really, really boring. But I find it interesting to think about those details, those 'fantasemes' and wonder what they say about the fantasy, what they mean and why they are so powerful. I wouldn't mind getting a reaction. Do you have those details? Do you know what they mean? Do you even think of them as important details?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Your "fantasemes," detailed as they are, and a recurring element in your tales, are not cliched or overdone. In other words, you do not display the obsessiveness that some writers of erotica do.

You have variety & creativity and even playfulness in your writings.

That said, shame on you for being away so long. Be so kind as to remove your skirt and drop your knickers...


Janice said...

Dear Andres, thank you for the compliment, but believe me, there are details there the recur and my point is that they are interesting, worth a closer look, I believe.



Anonymous said...

Janice, your "fantasemes" are among the best features of your writing. They are important in setting the psychological mood, at which you are so talented.

I was going to bring up the disposition of the freshly-removed knickers, but you beat me to it.
I think it's wonderful in a story when the man puts the knickers in his pocket. But earlier today I read one of your stories in which he throws the knickers into a trash bin. Brilliant!

Your fantasy writing gives the reader's imagination a lot to do. Please keep up the good work.

- Michael

Paul said...

you arrogant, never!
I think for me the most erotic thing is her unquestioning obedience.
Not because she fears him, but because she knows she is loved and loves in return.
For me this thing we do is highly erotic.
It's good to see you back.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dear Janice:

I'm glad that you are back. The "fantasemes", as you say, are one the most important things in erotic tales. You describe them with a very rare perfection. The idea of a woman that it's ordered to take of her panties by her master, it's very erotic. it's a small detail that expresses her submission: she must obey, she must be available for him, she must be completely submited to his hill, ate any moment, anywhere. I have done that with a girl, in a public place: i ordered to take her panties of, and she has done it. Of course, we are talking of consensual role playing. I guarantee to you, that it was very exciting.



Janice said...

Dear Michael, I think this getting rid of knickers symbolises some kind of finality (is that a word?), that it is complete, and you are not going to wear them anytime soon. That sort of thing.

Dear Paul, I agree, it has more to do with love than fear. Although I am not sure they need to be in love. There should be mutual affection, though. I like that.

Dear L, thank you. I think I am after those crucial details that seem to make a fantasy worthwhile. I am glad you liked the idea.