Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Just About...

Some people have made the assumption that I have stopped writing for the blog. I hope that is not the case, although I know my posts have been few and far between, lately. The urge to write down and share my fantasies are not as powerful as before. Maybe it has worked, in the sense that some of the demons are gone. Still I enjoy writing. It's just that I more seldom, these, days, sit down and write something that would work on the blog.

It is strange, I still see the blog as a labour of love and it has meant so much for me. Maybe I should try something else, try to find new ways for it, make it meaningful and worthwhile in some new and interesting way? As always, I am open for suggestions, and I am happy discussing things related to fantasies and imagination and that sort of thing. Communication has always been at the core for me.

I do believe the odd story will still appear here, but if you talk to me, suggest things, debate and discuss with me, maybe this could be something good. What do you, my dear Reader, want to read and see here, what do you want to discuss? What's on your mind?


sixofthebest said...

I like your 'thinking blog. I also like your saying "What goes on in my head, is more interesting than what goes on in real life. So true, Janice, So true. Please continue your fine blog, whenever you deem to write.

Paul said...

I'll be happy to discuss your fantasies, or anything else that you wish to write.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dear Janice,

As one who has followed your blog for several years, I have enjoyed the evolution of your posts, and hence of your fantasy world. How long has it been, my dear, since you reread (even skimmed) your posts from start to last? You would not do so as an exercise in ego, but as ... let's say, the Remembrance of Things Past. Your writing has changed -- broadened, finding not one but several voices, and willing to be playful and experimental -- all for the good! But more important, the content has gone through several phases (at least, from where I sit). I'd love to hear your view of your own changes -- the what and the why, not to mention the WHITHER.


(Written on a Ouiji Board...that's a hint).

Oxbridgeman said...

While I hope you will continue to write stories from time to time, perhaps you might also think about just sharing some stray thoughts in a paragraph or even a sentence or two. I would be as interested in short ideas as complete stories. All the very best.

Anonymous said...

Dear Janice:

I love your stories very much, and it's to me a great pleasure, and a daily stress releiver, to read your site and stories. But i would be also happy, if you decide to share some ideas, paragraphs and fantasies with us. Maybe those small ideas, can be the origin of another bigger and exciting text. At least, it works with me, when i try to writte something.

Warm hugs,


Janice said...

Dear Sixofthebest, thank you for encouragement, I will.

Dear Paul, but not just my fantasies...

Dear Wystan, I am thinking of that, of going back and saying something about the blog, what I have written.

Dear Oxbridgeman, thank you, I will do that.

Dear Luís, I will, I will continue, thank you.