Monday, 23 September 2013

The Neighbour

Something more cheerful...and with a spanking. What more can you ask for?

John had just moved to town, new job, new openings. He had found his new flat in an old but well kept building. It wasn't big but he couldn't afford anything larger. He was content as he began to settle in.

The third evening, after work, he sat down in his armchair, feeling exhausted. Work seemed fine but he was new and that was taxing. He had just come home and wanted nothing more than to be allowed to watch the telly and fall asleep.

The doorbell sounded and John sighed and clambered from his armchair. He dragged himself out into the hallway and answered the door.

Outside stood a woman. She was half a head shorter than him, had shoulder length hair in an undefined darkish colour. She was dressed in a dark blue and quite modest dress but no overcoat. She smiled.

John remembered he had met her in the hallway, the day before, she had smiled and said hello. He thought she must live in the house.

'Plain and sweet,' he had thought when he saw her then. He still thought the same, but her smile made her look quite nice.
'Welcome to the house,' she said, a flicker of insecurity on her face. 'I am Stephanie.'
'Thank you,' he heard himself say, remembering to smile, 'John.'
'Are you busy?' she continued.
'No, no, not at all.'
'Can I come in?'
'Yes, of course, sorry, yes, please, do that, come in.'
'Thank you.'
'I'll put the kettle on.'

She followed him into the kitchen as he prepared the tea. She was leaning against the door frame, looking a little bewildered.
'It is a nice kitchen,' she tried.
'Yes, it is, very nice.'
'Bigger than mine.'
They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

'Please, sit down,' John said, feeling a little calmer after laughing together.
'Thank you.'

They took the tea in the kitchen, by the small table. John wondered if that was impolite but Stephanie didn't seem to mind. They chatted and after a while they seemed to find the situation less awkward, less tense. John began to forget how tired he was, thinking that it was nice to make new acquaintances.

'There is something I need to ask you about,' Stephanie said, suddenly looking very awkward.
'Please, do,' John said, expecting to be asked for a donation to the house party they always had in May or something of the sort.
'Can I confide in you?' she said and looked very sincere.
'Yes, of course, I hope you can.'
John found it a bit awkward, wondering if Stephanie was one of those who let her heart out to anyone who cared to listen.
'You see, John,' she said, looking very worried, 'I live with my sister and she always takes care of things. Now she has gone on holiday, won't be back for two weeks.'
'And not I have gone and done something really stupid.'
'Yes, I have forgot to pay our credit card bill, in time.'
'Oh,' John said, feeling his body and mind tense. Was she going to ask him for money?
'I paid it yesterday but that is too late and now we will have to pay interest or something on it. My sister always takes care of those things, but now she explicitly told me to do that.'
'Is it a lot of money? I mean, the interest?'
'No, just some two pounds. It's not that.'
'What is it then?'
'I have failed her.'
'Failed her?'
'Yes, she trusted me with this and I have failed her. Will you help me?'
'What can I do to help you?'
'The same as my sister always does when I fail her.'
'What is that?'
'Punish me.'

John sat in silence for a while, not sure what to think. He looked at Stephanie and she looked miserable, really upset.

'Punish you?'
'Yes, please, will you do that?'
She looked pleadingly at him.
'I don't know, really.'
'Please, I am sure my sister will be grateful.'
'Can't it wait until she gets back?'
'It is better she doesn't have to deal with me, first thing.'
'Are you sure?'

John stared at Stephanie, she looked at him, her face close to tears, transforming her from the caring neighbour to a woman in need, a damsel in some kind of distress.
'How, how does your sister, well, deal with you?'
'She spanks me.'
'I am not sure...'
'It is easy.'
'So you want me to spank you?'
'Yes, please, that's what my sister would do.'
'Well, if that is what you want.'
'Thank you.'
'I don't know how to...'
'I'll show you. Wait here.'

Stephanie rose to her feet and left. John sat at the table, bewildered. He heard her open and close the door. He stared in front of him until he heard the doorbell once again.

'Here,' Stephanie said and gave him a hairbrush, as he opened the door for her.
'Is this for...?'
'Yes, my sister uses it all the time.'
'Where do you think...?'
'The living room, perhaps?'
He nodded and they went into his small but nice living room.
'It is very neat,' she said, 'are you married?'
'No, not married.'
'A girlfriend?'
'I just moved here. To this town, I mean.'
'Ah,' she said. 'Over there will be good.'
'You sit in the armchair and I can be in your lap.'
'Are you sure about this?'
'That's how my sister does it.'
'Well then.'

John sat down in the armchair and held his breath as Stephanie with a very soft but yet cautious movement placed her body across his lap.

'And then I am, like, supposed to smack...well, your bottom...with this?'
'Yes, that's how it's done.'
'On the bottom?'

John took a deep breath. Then he placed the hairbrush on Stephanie's bottom. She seemed to tense her body as he did this.

Then he slapped her. She jumped.
'Oh, sorry,' he gasped.
'Don't be sorry, I deserve it.'
'Did it hurt?'
'No, that's not good. My sister makes it hurt.'
'It is a punishment, after all.'
'Yes, you are right. Harder then?'
'Yes, much harder.'
'Are you sure?'

He slapped her again, a little harder. She jumped again.
'Better, but harder still.'
He smacked her again.
'Did that hurt?'
'Yes, a little, go on like that, but harder.'

John began to put some force into the slaps. He had never beaten anyone, and especially not a woman. He had to struggle against his nature to be able to hit Stephanie with the sturdy and very heavy brush.

Just as he had managed to deliver a short series of quite brutal whacks, Stephanie interrupted him:
'I am sorry, I hit you too hard.'
'No, not at all, it is supposed to hurt and my sister hits much harder.'
'What's wrong?'
'Forgetting a credit card bill is a bad thing to do, I think my sister would want a more severe punishment.'
'Isn't this severe enough?'
'I think she would insist on me lifting my skirt.'
'Are you really sure...'
Stephanie swiftly lifted her skirt and revealed her very white knickers.
'I can't possibly...' John said.
'Of course you can, that is what my sister would have done.'
'She is a woman.'
'That's not a problem.'

John found he had no words for a protest. He stared awkwardly at Stephanie's round bottom. It seemed wrong to hit it with the hairbrush.

Yet he complied and slapped her bottom with the hairbrush. Again she jumped which made John think that she must have felt it much more acutely when there was no skirt to protect her.

She said nothing so he assumed he was to continue. He took a deep breath and began to smack her. He used even more force and was both terrified and fascinated by watching the hairbrush make contact with Stephanie's pert bottom.

She began to squirm but she said not a word in protest and didn't seem to want him to stop so he continued.

There came a strange moment, when John suddenly found the whole business of spanking Stephanie quite fascinating. In fact, he began to think it was not so bad to do this. She had asked him to spank her, she had obviously wanted him to punish her and she had been the one asking him to hit her harder and she had insisted on him spanking her on her knickers.

All his misgivings came back. He was either been made a fool of or he was doing something terribly bad.
'My sister would insist on something more severe.'
'More severe?'
Without further ado, Stephanie rose to her feet and with one swift and determined movement she pulled her knickers down to her knees. She then lifted her skirt and retook her place in his lap.

John was now staring at Stephanie's unclad bottom. He had a distinct feeling that this was something he should not do.
'Do you really mean...?'
'My sister says it isn't a proper spanking if it isn't done on the bare.'
'We shouldn't let her down.'
'No, and you can hit harder.'

John's misgivings gave way to a strange sensation. He felt elated and weirdly happy as he let the sturdy brush make contact with Stephanie's now exposed bottom. She squirmed and moved and John could feel she was in distress. She didn't protest so he assumed he was doing it right.

Suddenly he heard something that sounded like a sob. He immediately stopped.
'Don't stop.'
'I thought,' he stammered, 'I thought you were in distress.'
'I am in distress, but you have to continue. My sister says that when I begin to cry, the real punishment begins.'
'That's rather cruel.'
'I forgot the bill.'
'Very well, then.'

Stephanie's bottom was pink and red in places and John thought it too cruel to spank her more. But he realised the sister was right. She did deserve it. He got on with his duty.

John spanked Stephanie for a while and he found that his concerns and hesitations were replaced by a pride of doing what was right and a childish satisfaction in seeing her bottom being hit by the hairbrush he was swinging. He began to be fascinated by the sound and the movements she made, movements that seemed to tell him she was affected by her punishment.

Then it was enough. He just knew it and she seemed to accept it. He stopped spanking her and sat for a while.
'Have I been spanked enough?'
'Yes, I think so.'
'May I rise?'
'Yes, yes, of course.'

Stephanie rose to her feet pulled her knickers up and turned to John. Her face was a little red and her eyes a little wet. Yet she smiled.
'Thank you, John. Thank you for punishing me.'
'You are welcome.' He was almost on his way of saying, 'my pleasure', but he didn't.
'John, if you want, you can come over to my place tomorrow. I will cook dinner and you can help me with a couple of things.'
'Oh, thank you, yes, please, I would like that, very much.'

Stephanie turned to leave.
'You said help you, what kind of things do you need help with?'
'There are plenty of things. You know how it is when you are alone, you become very sloppy.'
'I guess.'

John did visit Stephanie the next day and he did help her. She showed him a bath brush and a fish slice that was very useful and she was delighted to find that he was equipped with a very broad leather belt.

In fact, John grew used to helping Stephanie, a lot. After a while he stopped wondering when the sister would come home.


Paul said...

it's lovely to have you back, and with a nice story. :D
Love and warm hugs,

Janice said...

Dear Paul, I'm so glad you haven't given up on me. Thank you for your comment.



Anonymous said...

And there you are -- pop! Love, WE

Lady Dee said...

Unusual start but wonderful story

Anonymous said...

Great. Nice to see you again, Janice.


Janice said...

Dear W(ystan?), thank you, sorry for the delay.

Dear Lady Dee, thank you for your kind words. I think I like unusual.

Dear Alan, I do still exist, although I am very silent, nowadays.



Anonymous said...

Dear Janice, simply ALL your episodes, settings, stories and imagination are awesome. Down to the rough and tough ones. I will love whatever more wil emerge. Diving ever deeper is such a powerful adventure. Nobody can predict it.

Smiles and hugs,


Janice said...

Dear Alan, thank you for that endorsement. I do believe there is power in diving down to the depths of your imagination. I try that from time to time.