Saturday, 9 December 2006

A Favourite Spanking Fantasy

This is one of my favourites and it has been with me for a long time. The setting for this particular fantasy is the grand living room or, perhaps, the library of a mansion somewhere. There are oaken shelves and cupboards and Persian rugs on the floor. There is a grand fireplace where a great, welcoming, fire is burning. There are sofas and armchairs and in general it is an imposing but at the same time welcoming room.

The room is populated by a lot of people, all smartly dressed; men in suits or maybe even black ties and elegantly dressed women. They are having tea or maybe some of them are drinking port. They are enjoying themselves and are awaiting the entertainment that is to come.

In one of the armchairs, in the middle of the group, sits a man with a grey suit. He is a very special man. It is his mansion and he is also my master. He is the man I belong to, the man I have to obey.

I enter this setting on trembling legs scared of what is about to happen. I am dressed in a white shirt or possible a tight fitting, maybe striped top. I wear a very short and wide black skirt, no stockings and heelless black shoes, like ballerina shoes. I am not as elegant as the others. I look girlish in comparison. I am different from all of them. I am the entertainment.

Everyone knows why I am there and they stop talking as I enter. They are eagerly watching the scene unfold. I am the entertainment and they want to be entertained.

I have to walk up to my master's armchair and stand before him. He talks to me in a soft and kind voice but I know and everyone else knows that it is a voice that has to be obeyed. He asks me why I have come and I have to tell him I am there to be punished. He asks me what punishment I will receive and I have to suggest to be spanked. I will have to suggest to be spanked with a cane or maybe a horsewhip. All this talk is mainly to humiliate me and make me feel small and vulnerable.

Then he tells me to prepare myself by removing my clothes. This is quite humiliating and at the same time quite arousing with all those people watching. I have to obey and I sense my fingers tremble as I take off my shoes first and then my skirt. I put the skirt on a chair. I sense all the people's eyes on me as I strip.

Then I have to take off my shirt or top. If it is a shirt I take my time to unbutton it, slowly and carefully. I want to make this moment last as long as possible but eventually I have to slip the shirt off my shoulders and expose myself. I have no bra so they immediately see my breasts. If it is a tight top I have to slip it over my head. The fabric of my top brushes over my nipples, the friction making them hard.

The people in the room see me undress and they look at me in anticipation. I strip off and they can see me become more and more exposed. I am aware that I am aroused and they are able to see that, I blush and my nipples are erect.

Then I stand there, clad only in my minimal black knickers. They are dressed and I am almost naked. At this moment when I cannot hardly breathe of anticipation, fear and excitement, my master tells me to prepare the floor. This means I have to walk to the side of the room and get a piano stool and put it in the centre of the room. Then I have to walk over to a great cupboard and get the whip.

The whip may be a cane or a horsewhip. If it is the latter it is black and long and not of the kind with a leather flap but rather the kind that is narrow and mean. As I hold the whip it feels like I am doing something I am not allowed to do. I almost sense it moving in my hand and it is a relief to hand it over to my master.

While I am standing in front of all, clad only in my knickers, my master tests the whip on some cushions and I feel blood rush to my cheeks as I think about how this vicious whip soon will make contact with my own soft skin.

Then it is time. Up until then I have been wearing clothes. I have been half naked but I have been wearing something. Now my master tells me to take off my knickers. I tremble at this and prepare to do it. My fingers are numb as I take hold of my last piece of clothing and slip it down my hips. It is like a caress to sense the fabric move over my body and it is sensual and arousing in a strange way. I feel utterly vulnerable and humiliated at the same time. I do it slowly and gracefully and in a controlled manner but there is a fire raging within me and I tremble.

I stand before the smartly dressed men and women, nude and exposed, and they are allowed to look at me. I am naked.

Then I am ordered to kneel by the stool. I know how to do that and I have to do it in such a fashion that I turn my bottom towards the guests. I kneel and prostrate my upper body on the surface of the stool and the touch of its fabric make me feel even more naked and exposed than before.

I am in position and my master rises from his armchair and approaches me. It is time for my punishment. I freeze as I feel him touch me with the whip. He touches me across my bottom, showing me where I am to be whipped. Then the whip leaves me and I hold my breath in anticipation.

I hear the vicious hissing of the whip as it travels through the air and then a loud, sharp report as it hits my tender skin. I hear it hit me before I feel it and when I feel it the pain is beyond comprehension. I cannot believe how much it can hurt. It seems as if he presses a white hot iron bar against me.

Then he hits me again and I cannot but let go of some tiny pathetic sound of pain. He whips me relentlessly but slowly and each hit sends waves of pain through my body. I cannot but scream and cry and move around on the stool. I cannot stay calm or composed. Soon there is only me and the pain. I do not plead but I scream and cry. I surrender to the pain, there is nothing else I can do and I am overwhelmed.

Then it is over. I have been spanked. I have been thoroughly spanked but now it is over. I am ordered to rise from the stool. I kneel in front of my master, thanks him for whipping me and I kiss the implement that has been used on my body.

Then the fantasy becomes blurred. I may be ordered to stay but I am not allowed to dress and maybe I have to walk around, naked and let the guests inspect me. They are kind to me and look at me but they do not pity me or feel sorry for me. They congratulate my master for a good spanking and they look at the marks on my body and they comment on it with a sense of having been treated to something jolly and exciting. I am of a different kind from them. They are dressed and honoured guests. I am only a naked and spanked girl.


Anonymous said...

Oh Janice! only today, surfing around some spank blog, I've dscovered this little, yet cosy home :)

And...well..immediately I've red this fantasy.


( excuse my english, I'm italian )


Bookmarked ;)


Janice said...

I think I understand you perfectly. That it is embarrassing seems quite important, I think. I feel embarrassed thinking about it and sometimes that is the driving force behind the least to some extent.


Anonymous said...

Hello Janice! So you still have not left for holiday..nice!

Humiliation...embarassment...yes...very interesting. In one of my fav's fantasies, I'm a rich men in a great, old, house.-..with a servant, a girl on her 22-26 years.

I'm sure you almost imagine all of my fantasy ;)


Janice said...

Dear GIO,

I am still here, for the time being. So you must be the man in the armchair then? I had no idea...:-)
Anyway, it is an odd but nice feeling to share fantasies and to realise that others think in similar ways.


Anonymous said...

Dear Janice :)

The man in the armchair uh? ...mmm sounds strange.. lurking at you while doing your normal house choirs maybe?


Anonymous said...

sorry I do explained surely quite bad..and I'm not so used to post comments..but I do like that!

I just would let my fantasy ride well away...


Janice said...

Dear GIO,

I am glad you found my blog and I appreciate your comments. If you would like to continue the conversation you may click on my profile and then find my email on that page.


Anonymous said...

Dear Janice,

finally you are back :) it's a relief for me somehow..missed you!
I've wrote an email to you...

Bye for now


Dove said...

I loved this story Janice and have a similar (almost identical) fantasy for some time. Somtimes, in my fantasy I let the guests do more than just look but not too much more. :)


Anonymous said...

That was fun to read. I realize the post is old, but I have a similar fantasy that takes place in perhaps medieval times. I am spanked in front of all the people standing around in a great hall. Two men bring me in and a third one strips my skirt off. I'm naked from the waist down. They hold me while the third man takes a leather strap and whips my backside in front of everyone in the great hall while I struggle and scream. My backside is to the audience and I am totally humiliated by this. I am young in the dream. Perhaps 18 years old. I think my fantasy comes from the book 'Outlander', where the girl almost gets this done to her.

Master Padraig said...

Dear janice,

Suddenly, this sis the fantasy I want. I want to be the man int the cahir; I have in mind someone for the slave part.

Very erotic.

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig

Master Padraig said...

I should also check my spelling. See how excited your writing makes me. LOL!!!

Janice said...

Dear Master Padraig, that's not bad spelling, those are typos... :-) Your name suggests you would want that role...



Anonymous said...

Obviously in this man, there is a woman wanting out and a sex change,wanting to be real.

Janice said...

Dear Anonymous, which man? The spanker? You're not making much sense, here. Or are you spam?