Friday, 1 February 2008


Dear reader, I am sorry I have taken so long to blog. It is more than a week now and there will be no story this time either. I have been a little annoyed this week. Friday afternoon when I was about to connect to the glorious Web my modem refused to work. After some testing and thinking and trying to figure out what was wrong I called support. I spent half an hour in a queue. I hate queues so I wasn't my sunniest self when I finally got through. I wasn't rude or anything but not a happy coney either.

It took some time to explain that I hadn't installed anything new, hadn't changed socket and that I had indeed tried another computer, another modem and several other filters and cables and still the same symptoms. Finally the kind man at the other end realised that it may be some real problem here. He promised to call back on Saturday which he did and told me it was something with the 'exchange'. And it could take up to a week to fix.

Broadband was dead until Wednesday when it lived for a while, died again and then worked. Thursday came with more problems and then it working again. Today it has been working all day but only with a quarter of the supposed speed.

I could have been busy writing stories during this time but I do need my broadband for work and I get annoyed and frustrated so I really had no inspiration for blogging. I am sorry about that. To add to my ordeal I had to go to the dentist on Tuesday, only a minor thing but I am really scared of dentists so it was still a kind of ordeal. To be honest I cope quite well nowadays, I have, almost, conquered my fear. When I was younger I had to tell myself, while sitting there waiting for the dentist, that I would survive, I would in half an hour walk out of that door and live.

This fear of dentists makes me think about how this affects my fantasies. There are things that reminds me of the dentist. Being very scared for something and having to wait for it. having someone being intrusive and even hurting you, something that I have to submit myself to and accept. I think I recognise some elements in my fantasies there. I think that, perhaps, I take something that scares me and include it in my fantasies and conquer it by making something positive of it.

Next week will be more normal, I hope and I will try to blog like I use to. Take care and do something nice!!


Paul said...

Janice dear girl, I'm so glad that it was nothing more serious.
Oh I do understand just how frustrating that can be, I live in the far west, sounds romantic, doesn't it, it's beautiful but not in the least romantic, about thirty miles from Lands End. So my exchange was one of the last to get broadband, then it was installed, it worked well for a week, then six months teething troubles, it's I wonder I had any hair left. So it's back and you weren't ill as I feared.
I fully understand your fear of the dentist, that's a profession where a touch of sadism is required, who else but a sadist would fill your mouth with metal and then ask you questions. Chuckle.
Write what and when you can, you are always worth waiting for.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Janice, isn't modern technology wonderful. At least it is until it is not longer there! Write when you can. I too am having trouble getting to my blog and was hoping for a story today but seem to be running out of time.

Glad the dentist was fine for you. After extensive dentistry when younger I got over my fear of them...or perhaps I like men I don't know putting metal in my mouth and asking me questions. Now there's a thought.


Ofia said...

I completely understand the frustration that is trying to get your Internet/broadband to work correctly. I also know how frustrating it is to lose your connection to the Internet for an unknown period of time.

Glad you are back. :)

Wystan E said...

My dear Janice --
We can all empathize with your BB woes... indeed, crashes were the bane of my life (personal and professional) for some time...

As for the dentist, a lady friend of mine relates how her earliest sexual fantasies were of being restrained in a dentist's chair, then examined, head to toe (and everywhere in between) under the bright "headlight" they wore years back... she claims not to be a submissive, but we know better...

Anyway, welcome back ... post soon & often.

Ollie said...

Dear Janice,

My sympathies with the internet connection. It seems that we so readily get used to having something that it is a terrible shock to be sent back to the dark ages which we inhabited ony a year ago.

The dentist idea is interesting. I find the antiseptic smell is very distracting, so I can't relate very well to its SM implications.

Possibly if the dentist was an attractive woman though...

Next time I'll let my own strange imagination run a bit.

Janice said...

Dear Paul, thank you for being concerned. I can tell you that I was, indeed, frustrated. Feel much better now.

Dear Mina, Mixed feelings, that is the word for the day, isn't it? Something about being subject to something very intrusive.

Dear Ofia, I am also very glad to be back...smiles.

Dear Wystan, not my fantasy but I can relate to it, I really can. Someone with power doing things to bad.

Dear Ollie, I don't find dentists exciting, believe me, antiseptic smell or not. But there is something in the situation that conjures up feelings that are is rather hard to explain, really.