Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Summer Holiday

I am off on a long holiday so this is my last blog post for this month. I will be back in August. No time for blogging for me during holiday and I will even be cut off from the Web so if I don't reply to comments, please, don't think I have abandoned you!

Sometimes I see a fantasy situation as a scene in my head and it is not always obvious who I am in it. Mostly I know but sometimes I tend to see it from the outside and then it is easy to start wondering what this and that participant is thinking. I am a bit of a switch and writing makes it possible to explore that.

I may be a little preoccupied by this but I am always curious of what happens inside the head of people in my fantasies. In stories I read there is a bit of what happens with the spankee, there is some butterflies in tummies and some mixed feelings of fear, anticipation and arousal. But I have noticed that there is very little from the spankers point of view. Spankers seem to be busy figuring out ways of getting this or that gorgeous woman over their knee to smack their bottom. I don't feel that there is much about the hesitation, the fear, the joy that must be there.

To tell you the truth, I don't read that many spanking stories and I am happy to be proven wrong.

Anyway, I am not saying that this is a story that really address the problem but I did try to see if from the spankers point of view.

We were walking up the hillside, the forest was quite dense there and we felt like explorers and adventurers as we continued on our path. I Walked behind her as we climbed the steep hill. I watched her move as she walked before me.

She was dressed in jeans, tight jeans that clung to her bottom. Her jeans were orange, matching her hair. On her upper body she wore a dark green sweater that hung down and half covered her bottom. I stared at her bottom as she moved. I felt a strange stirring within me as I looked at her. She was my friend, sweet Fiona was my friend. But in my heart I knew what that stirring was about.

Time and again she looked over her shoulder and I looked into her face. She had freckles, not much, not as much as you would expect from a red haired girl like her. She was cute. I had always thought she was cute.

'What do you think?' she said as she stopped in a small clearing.

'This is alright,' I said as I felt my heart beat faster.

We had talked about it and we were both in on it. There was a silent agreement that there was no hesitation allowed, no turning back. We had decided and we were to do it.

She nodded and we started looking around the clearing. This was a remote spot, no one would see us here but it was a clearing and the sun reached the floor here. This was good, there were a lot of saplings and shrubbery here.

'How about that one?' she said and pointed to a light green bunch of switches growing beside a grey rock. I saw her face blushing. I looked at the saplings and saw that their surfaces were smooth and green and they were sturdy. Ideal for our task.

I think she trembled a little and I wondered what she thought. If she had changed her mind. I had to trust her to tell me if she had. I hesitated and then I knelt by the rock and let my hand caress the saplings.

I found a sturdy and long one and she gave me her knife and I cut it. It felt brutal to do that, to cut short this life but I knew it was only a part of a larger tree and it would survive.

I gave the sturdy switch to Fiona and she held it. She took the knife and cut away some small twigs making the switch smooth and clean. She held it in her hands and felt the spring in it. It was sturdy, it was very springy.

She gave me the switch.

'Are you ready?' she asked and I nodded.

I found it odd that she would ask me that.

For a brief moment I saw some kind of apprehension in her eyes but she turned around to show determination. I was odd, a low buzzing in my ears but I felt nothing. As if I didn't understand what was happening.

She took out the dice and gave them to me.

'You'd better do this,' she said, 'I may try to cheat.'

She grinned as she handed me the dice.

I looked at the rock and found a level surface at the top. I held my hands together, creating a small space for the dice and I shook them. I slammed my hand down on the rock and made sure the dice wouldn't roll away with my hand but without looking at them. I then lifted my hand and I saw Fiona crane her neck to get a better view.

I heard her draw her breath.

'Five and three,' she said.

'That means fifteen,' I replied.

'Yes,' and her voice sounded weak.

'Are you sure?'

'Shut up!'

She walked over to a small tree, a birch and turned to it. I took up the switch from the ground where I had put it when I had thrown the dice.

Fiona didn't look at me but I saw that she was hesitating. She stood still and for a brief moment I thought she would turn around and laugh and say that we should go back.

She didn't. Instead she unbuttoned her jeans. She wriggled them down her hips. I felt my cheek blush as I looked at her movements as her jeans came down. She pulled them down to her knees and I stared at her knicker clad bottom. The knickers were red, bright red.

'This will not do,' she said.

'What?' I said.

'My sweater is too long, it is in the way.'

She quickly slipped the sweater over her head and hung it on a small branch beside her. I looked at her back as she revealed her light green t-shirt. The sweater had been too big but the t-shirt clung to her frame and now I could see how slim and delicate she was.

She took hold of her shirt and knotted in front obviously thinking that this was also too long. When she was done it fell only to her waist and I saw her skin above her knickers. I felt a lump in my throat.

'Alright,' she said.

I heard a slight shiver in her voice. I knew she was a little apprehensive. I was apprehensive. We both wanted this but I felt it must be so much easier for me. Still I hesitated.

She quickly pulled down her knickers and held out her hands and put them on the trunk of the birch tree. I stared at her naked bottom. This was part of our deal but now it looked so very vulnerable. It seemed so terribly wrong to take the switch to it.

I stared at her fair buttocks as I placed the switch against her skin. Full force, that was our deal, our pledge. It scared me to think of it but we had a deal.

I heard a faint sigh as I removed the switch. I aimed at her buttocks, somewhere between her thighs and her back. I didn't know the best place but it seemed to be about right.

I let go of the switch and it fell with a menacing swishing sound before it hit Fiona's buttocks with a loud crack. She drew her breath. I stared at her bottom. I saw a line appear on her fair skin. I saw her buttocks tremble a little, she seemed to shiver as if cold.

I knew it had hurt. I had switched her on her naked buttocks and it had hurt. We both knew it would hurt. She knew it and that was the deal, that I should do it, that I should switch her.

'One,' she said.

It seemed like a long journey ahead.

I switched her again and tried to make sure I did it properly. She jumped as I hit her tender bottom.

'Ow, ow, ow,' she said in a low voice, as if the try to drive away the immense pain. I knew what it was like to hit my own leg with a switch, through my trousers. It hurt. Now I was switching her bottom, her naked unprotected bottom.

'Two,' she said and now I was sure that she would do the counting.

The third blow hit a little higher, closer to her back and she jumped again. She almost turned her head and I saw her close her eyes and contorting her face. She was in agony.


The fourth hit her thighs and she desperately lifted her leg. This was hard for her.

'Four,' she said meekly.

I looked at her and thought about our deal. She had chosen this. I shouldn't hesitate. I could let go of my inhibitions. I could switch her. I didn't have to think about how painful it was for her. She could do that. I could aim and hit. That was my part of the deal.

I felt a strange surge of power run through me. I felt my cheek blush as I realised that I could do this and not feel bad about it. I could switch her and let her deal with the pain. I could just do it and...and enjoy it.

The fifth blow was delivered in the right place, a little below the middle of her buttocks. I saw how it hurt but now I felt I liked it. I enjoyed the power of it. I felt guilty about enjoying it but I did.

I delivered six and seven in rapid succession and now Fiona jumped up and put her hands on her bottom. She looked comical, I almost burst out laughing. It was something immensely silly about seeing her naked bottom, jeans around her knees and knickers pulled down. She was prepared for a switching and she had no protection. She was in a sad situation and I wondered why I should feel bad about it. We had a deal and she wanted this. She had to deal with her pain. I could just switch her.

When I gave her the twelfth blow she held up her hands as if to stop me. She was overwhelmed and wanted me to wait. I could do that. I wouldn't stop unless she told me to. She could always do that.

I gave her the last three in quick succession and she squealed as she jumped up and jumped around. We looked at each other and started to laugh. For some reason we had stayed serious during the switching but now we had to laugh, had to take away some of the tension.

'I am numb,' she said her voice almost cheerful, 'it really hurts.'

She put her hands on her bottom and gently touched the wails and bumps that had occurred on her skin. Her skin was striped in red and a slightly deeper colour in places and her whole bottom was pink where it wasn't red.

'It is hot,' she said, 'I can feel it.'

I said nothing, I was still trembling, overcome with the sensation of actually enjoying it.

'Here, touch it!' she said, 'it is hot.'

I approached her and she took my hand and placed it on her bottom. I blushed but I felt that it was hot.

She looked at me and she smiled. I smiled too. I removed my hand and we stood in silence for a moment.

'Time to go back?' she said.

'I think so,' I replied.

Fiona pulled up her knickers and contorted her face as she seemed to find it quite painful. We laughed at that and we laughed as she pulled up her jeans.

We started our descent with Fiona walking very stiffly.

'I will not be able to sit for a while,' she said.

I was amazed that she was so cheerful. She seemed almost elated, as if she had achieved something, done something scary and survived. I was elated too but I felt more held back, as if I shouldn't enjoy this so much.

As we walked down the hill, Fiona turned to me and smiled.

'You liked this, didn't you?'

I nodded. I couldn't speak but I couldn't lie to Fiona either. I had enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

A good story Janice. I like how they laughed to relieve the tension and I think a lot of this rings true. She would feel as though she had achieved something or done something he had never dared to do, that elation is a very real part of spanking. Personally I always enjoy the fun part of it and am very much a 'laughing' spankee, though sometimes it's hard to laugh and yelp at the same time. Hard to catch one's breath.

I enjoyed the thoughts of the spanker (he? she?) and how they progressed from apprehension to enjoyment of the situation.

They will have even more fun next time...

Have a most wonderful holiday my dear friend and thanks for everything.

Hugs and Kisses

Paul said...

Janice, it's been more than 55 years since first I spanked a willing girl.

I remember the anticipation, the nervousness and the release of tension.

I used my hand, implements came later.

I really enjoyed this, thank you.

Have a wonderful holiday, return healthy, rested and full of stories.

Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Just in case you get the chance to take a peek at your blog while you’re on holiday, Janice…

Thanks for saying bye-bye for now with such a lovely story: sweet, sexy and smiley (oh, and a full force thrashing). And what a nice, impartial way to determine the number of strokes! What more could we ask for?

Have a wonderful time while you’re away, and come back with you beautifully strange imagination stoked up for the rest of the year.

Big hug


Anonymous said...

'Your beautifully strange...', not 'you beautifully strange...'. Sorry.

But an opportunity for another hug bye bye


Anonymous said...

I hope you are enjoying a well-deserved holiday... and say Hi to the royals for me...

Marcus D

Ollie said...

And like the author I enjoyed it too.
I enjoyed their laughter and the deal. You managed the difficult trick of describing the strokes without it gettign prurient.


Janice said...

Dear Mina, thank you for you comment. I wanted to think of them as really good friends, perhaps even lovers. He or she, you take your pick!

Dear Paul, you know what you are talking about. I am different, I am completely dependent on what people tell me and on my imagination. Still it seems a good idea to start with a hand rather than something nasty.

Dear Michael, what more could you ask for? Well, you tell me! I don't mind hearing your suggestions. I am too strong willed and stubborn to promise anything but I do want to know.

Dear Marcus, thank you...smiles, I couldn't say hi to the royals, didn't get to meet them...sigh.

Dear Ollie, I appreciate your praise, I know you know what you are talking about.



Anonymous said...

Dear Janice
It was (as you know!) a rhetorical question. I had no idea you are strong willed and stubborn but, armed with that knowledge, I’ll put in a tentative plea for continuations of ‘Slave Story’ and ‘Waiting’. I bet that surprised you!

Hope you had a wonderful break, Michael