Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I am back. Have you missed me? I am sure you are perfectly happy in your life with or without my blog. I know you read what I write and those of you who come back must like some of it. Some tell me they like what I write and that is very, very, very nice to hear.

I have not written much during holiday, at least not much for the blog. I took a break from that too. I have been thinking a little about what I want with this blog. I know what I want but not sure where to go.

I want this blog to be about fantasies, and especially those that are a little hidden and forbidden. This is a contradiction in itself. They are not very hidden if they end up on a blog but to me that was my motivation, the very reason for blogging. I wanted to have a go at letting others know what could roam in a person's head and see how weird it really was. It turned out to be not weird at all. In fact a lot of my very personal and private fantasies seem to chime well with a lot of other people's fantasies. That is amazing.

I should have known after having read some stories on the Web but still there is this strange sense that 'why am I so preoccupied with this or that detail?' To this day, you, dear Readers, have been very enthusiastic about my silly details and that is a very good thing. That which sometimes bothers me and makes me blush is not necessary the hideous fact that I have fantasies about getting my bottom smacked but that I get very excited at the thought of some silly details, such as the sensation of clothes gliding over skin or that sort of thing. Sometimes the tiny, silly and sweet details are more embarrassing than the really kinky ones.

So, I will stop there and say that I am pleased to be back, not sure what I will put on the blog in the future, would very much like to know what you think about fantasies and that I will post stories whenever I feel I have one good enough for the blog.


Paul said...

Janice, loath as I am to contradict a lady, I certainly missed you.
Every time I passed I popped my head round the corner to see if you were back.
Small details are what make fantasies hot.
My wife's nipples were slightly asymmetrical, even now after over forty-four years that little detail still turns me on.
Looking forward to sampling more of your strange imagination dear girl.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

You're back. Welcome, and whew!!!
But... You're back.
Your back.
How about a blog on backs?
Oh, there are odes to the backSIDE. but what about the molded surface from the swelling hips to downy nape of the neck?
Sorry, I drifted off there for a second.

Welcome back, dear Janice, back and front, top and bottom (!)


Marcus DeJour

Janice said...

Dear Paul, contradict away as much as you like! Or even correct, perhaps? Thanks for your words, though. I have missed you too.

Dear Marcus, I love it when you drift away. Please, feel free!



wilhelmina said...

*Mina jumps up and down excitedly and claps her hands*. I have missed you very much dear Janice and am pleased to have you back. But even more than that I hope you had a relaxing and restful break.


Janice said...

Dear Mina, I have missed you too.