Monday, 19 January 2009

Spank Me!

I hope you have noticed there is a pattern. I try to post one instalment of the Surrender story every week and get another posting up too.

I have found that I am not a typical spanking story writer. I am obsesses, like most others, with the little details of such pursuits but I tend to focus a lot on the interaction and the hesitation and that sort of thing. I think perhaps that makes my stories a little too boring to be good spanking stories. But they are mine.

Anyway, here is another one, just like many other stories of mine, about people talking about it. It is just a dialogue and a rather silly one, really.

Anyway, I will be away from Wednesday so if I don't get a post up tomorrow it will have to wait until next week.

'Spank me!'


'I want you to spank me.'


'I need a punishment.'

'What have you done?'

'I don't know, been bad.'

'Bad, in what way?'

'Does it matter?'

'No, not really.'

'I think you should spank me.'

'As a punishment?'

'Yes, as a punishment.'

'But not for a specific crime?'

'No, just because I deserve a punishment. And want one.'

'Do you want to be punished?'


'And that punishment would be a spanking?'

'Or two, or three.'

'What kind of spanking?'

'I shouldn't really decide my punishment.'

'Of course not, I'll be the judge of that.'

'That is good, I shouldn't decide such things.'

'But you must have an idea of what kind of spanking is appropriate.'




'I know you have a lot of ideas. Won't you set me on the right track?'

'I could do that.'

'Please, enlighten me!'

'You could spank me on the bottom.'

'That is where you imagine it would happen.'

'You could start by smacking my bottom for a while.'

'Sounds reasonable.'

'You could use your hand. And I could lie in your lap.'

'I understand.'

'But I don't think it is proper if I just lie down in your lap and get a spanking.'


'No, I think you should make sure I feel the spanking.'


'I think you should make sure that there is nothing to lessen the impact of your hand against my bottom.'

'How would that be achieved?'

'I think you should bare my bottom, lift my skirt and take down my knickers.'

'So that there are no clothes in the way?'

'Yes, so there is only naked skin that is spanked.'

'It must hurt more then.'

'Yes, it must.'

'Or you could bare it.'

'That is another idea. If you want me to prepare myself for my punishment.'


'It would be a way for me to show that I submit myself to my punishment.'

'Yes, that you accept that you are going to be spanked.'

'I think that is a good idea.'

'But it must hurt.'

'Yes, it will hurt. It is a punishment after all.'

'Yes, you are right, it is supposed to hurt.'

'And when you have spanked me for a while, perhaps your hand my be a little sore.'

'Not as sore as your bottom.'

'No, of course not. But it may still be uncomfortable.'

'I suppose it may.'

'Then you could use something to spank me with.'

'To avoid getting a sore hand?'

'Yes, that is not a good idea, that you should suffer.'

'No, I suppose not, it is you who should suffer.'

'So, you could use something. Or you could take it from the start, if you want.'

'Yes, I know. It is I who will decide.'

'It is your decision.'

'What kind of thing could I take?'

'You could use my hairbrush.'

'The dark brown, wooden one?'

'Yes, that one.'

'It is very heavy.'

'Yes, isn't that a good thing?'

'If you want it to hurt.'

'Don't you want it to hurt?'

'I don't know, I suppose I do, it is supposed to be painful for you, your punishment, right?'

'Yes, so the hairbrush is good, it is heavy and will hurt but it won't make your hand sore.'

'No, that is true.'

'So you can continue for a long time.'

'So that the spanking is very painful?'

'Yes, so that the spanking is very painful.'

'I suppose that is the very idea of a spanking.'

'Or you could take my bath brush, or a ruler.'

'Oh, the bath brush, that one looks mean.'

'Yes, it would make an impression.'

'I am sure of it.'

'But maybe I can't lie in your lap if you choose the bath brush. You need more space for the swing. I could always kneel on a chair or lie across the armrest of the sofa.'

'Isn't that very brutal?'

'I am being punished after all.'

'Yes, you are right.'

'You could start with having me in your lap, smacking my bottom, my bared bottom, of course.'

'Of course.'

'And then, when you think that my bottom has the right colour.'

'Right colour?'

'Yes, it will turn pink and perhaps a little red, if you smack hard enough and long enough.'

'Yes, of course, didn't think of that.'

'When it has the right colour, you may decide that it is time for the severe part of my punishment.'

'So smacking your bottom with the hairbrush or my hand is just preparation.'

'It could be.'

'Yes, of course, if I decide you need a more severe punishment.'

'Yes, if you think I am not punished enough, you could order me to place myself over the armrest, or kneeling on the chair, or leaned over the piano stool. One variety is to put some pillows on the bed and place me on them, so my bottom sticks up.'

'Makes it easier to hit it.'

'Yes, that is the very idea of it.'

'And I could use the bath brush, the harsh one, or a ruler.'

'The ruler is short, perhaps better for the lap.'

'Yes, of course.'

'But you could use the bath brush, or a belt.'

'A belt?'

'Yes, a belt to whip me with.'

'On your bottom?'

'Yes, my bottom.'

'Will it still be, you know, bared?'

'That is your decision but it seems pointless to choose a more severe tool if you are going to be lenient with me.'

'So I would use it on your bare skin.'


'To get the maximum effect?'

'Yes, to get the maximum effect.'

'With a belt?'

'If you choose.'

'Sounds harsh.'

'Depends on which belt you choose.'

'Of course.'

'I've got a broad and heavy belt that you could use. It will pack a punch.'

'And be quite painful.'

'Yes, if that is what you want.'

'Is that what you want?'

'It is what I deserve.'

'What you deserve?'

'Or need.'

'Or want?'

'Yes, what I want.'

'So I whip you with the belt.'

'Or any other implement.'

'Bath brush for example.'

'Yes, but there are many more you could use.'

'Like what?'

'I have a wooden fish slice and a wooden spoon. And if you think I should suffer you could always use my old horsewhip.'



'Like a riding crop?'


'But they are for horses.'

'They can be used on women too.'

'But they are made to sting through a horse's hide. That is much thicker. Your bottom is nothing compared to that.'

'No, I know.'

'It must hurt like hell.'


'You still think it is a good implement.'

'It is a punishment.'

'It is supposed to hurt?'

'Yes, that is the general idea.'

'And on the bare skin.'

'Yes, I think that is right.'

'But painful.'

'There are other advantages with baring me before spanking me.'

'Such as?'

'It makes me feel vulnerable.'

'Is that good?'

'Yes, it could be, I feel vulnerable and exposed to my punishment.'

'It will make it worse for you?'


'And that is a good thing, because it is a punishment, right?'


'And I may want to be harsh.'

'Yes, if you want to be harsh, baring me is good. I will feel ashamed and embarrassed too.'

'When baring yourself for the punishment?'

'Yes, exposing my body like that.'

'And it will add to the discomfort?'

'Yes, it will.'

'And that is a good thing.'

'If you want it to be worse for me.'

'Which I may want to, which you may want to.'

'I think I need a punishment.'

'And want it?'

'Yes, and want it.'

'So the baring is part of it, heightens the sense of being punished?'

'Yes, you can even go a step further. You could always demand that I take all my clothes off.'

'Why? There is no need for that.'

'No, no need, other than it would make me feel even more humiliated.'

'More exposed to your punishment?'

'Yes, more exposed.'

'I do like to watch you naked.'

'I know.'

'Does that make you embarrassed?'

'It does.'

'So that would work in the same direction as everything else?'

'Yes, but I like it too.'

You should.'

'Should I?'

'Yes, I think you are beautiful.'

'I don't feel beautiful.'

'What do you feel then.'

'I'd rather not say.'

'Tell me!'

'I feel sexy.'

'That is good.'

'In a way.'

'So, if I would demand that you should strip off all your clothes in order to receive your punishment, you will not only be embarrassed but also like it, a little?'

'Yes, I think so.'

'May I ask you something?'

'Yes, of course.'

'Will you feel sexy being spanked too?'

'I...I believe I will.'

'Even if it is very painful.'

'I think there will be a little of that. I believe it will be even more then.'

'Are you sure about this?'

'No, this is how I think about it.'

'So you don't really know.'

'No, I don't really know.'

'But you still think you need a punishment?'

'Yes, I think so, very much.'

'A really harsh one?'

'Yes, a really, really harsh one.'

'If it is too harsh?'

'I will find out.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yes, I am sure.'

'I don't know.'

'You must know what you think.'

'I think I do.'

'Will you punish me?'

'I will. I think I want that very much.'


Anonymous said...

"It is just a dialogue and a rather silly one, really." You're right. You've recited a whole list of stage directions for a spanking as though it's supposed to hold my interest. A little bit of the genuine article would've been better; your bottom actually getting the attention you desire.

Janice said...

Dear Anonymous, ' though it's supposed to hold my interest.' Who said I wrote this to excite you? I write my stories because I like them and if you don't, so be it. You can be as critical as you want but don't you dare say that I want to excite you! I don't give a toss about your excitement.


Paul said...

Janice, you are never boring.
Though I do believe that one or other of you characters might drop off before they actually got to the action.
It seems like a rather sleepy conversation.
Janice I think this is the first time that I've seen you indignant, I like it.
Love and warm hugs,

Janice said...

Dear Paul, I wrote something I wanted to read, that is all I do. If someone likes it, I am happy, if they don't, I try not to be too sad about it. What fired me up was the implication that I write in order to evoke a certain reaction and that I somehow had failed. Success and failure are not parts of this deal. I write because I want to write and hopefully you and the rest read because you want to read. It makes me happy because that means we share. But I do not try to make you feel anything special. I don't see it as a failure if someone doesn't get aroused or anything when reading it. You found it sleepy, so be it. That is alright.



Meta said...

Yes, it's silly, but that's what I liked about it! Definitely put a smile on my face as I was reading it. I particularly like the line that a horsewhip can be used on women. I also like that it was a bit absurd (absurd humor appeals to me). It's a nice contrast to your other stories. :)

Meta said...

...also, I now want a spanking. *blush*

Janice said...

Dear Meta, I am chuffed to read your comment. It means that there is at least one more, besides, me who enjoy talking about things.

Did you get one? Smiles.



K said...

I like this. When hubby and I first discovered spanking and decided to experiment, opportunities were scarce. The first couple of months, all we could do was share the fantasy and talk about what we might want out of spanking and how we might go about it. I still love hearing Hubby talk about it in a sexy voice.

I don't find this dialog silly at all. I could totally imagine this conversation happening between a couple who is new to playing with each other or a couple who just enjoys the sexy talk to get things started or work out what they are in the mood for. Thanks for sharing it.

Meta said...

one was promised...

Anonymous said...

Dear Janice
One of my perennial joys (I have just entered my second year as a reader of your blog) is your continual experimentation with style and content.
I disagree with both yourself and the poster of the first comment: for me, this dialogue is not ‘rather silly’ but gets right inside the mind of a character who is creating a spanking fantasy for herself by supplying the words of both protagonists. As such, it seems a wholly ‘genuine’ fiction about someone’s mental ramblings rather than a description of an actualised event. I hope you don’t mind my saying that I was also excited about it... chuckles.
Have a great break.

Mina said...

Dear Janice, how odd but I thought the gender's were reversed until she mentioned lifting her skirt. That is funny that my mind automatically went to f/m even though you rarely write that.

Anyway, I like this dialogue and let's just say it is not as silly as you think and that people can find themselves saying such things.

I always enjoy reading dialogue, the exchanges and interactions between characters and how what one says feeds the other.


Manorlord said...

Such controversy! The dialogue is not erotic (for me) but holds my attention anyway, as it is a window into the words/images/snippets that intrigue you. It reminds me a bit of Sade's dia/monologues in Justine, etc -- very readable, very interesting, but not erotica as such -- call it meta-erotica (Philosophy in the Bedroom). And yes, I know you are not a fan of the divine Marquis...

Janice said...

Dear K, thank you for reading and for your kind comment. I do fancy conversations and dialogues like this and I think they can be very exciting. More so than an endless row of SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!!

Dear Meta, I am happy for you, chuffed!! Smiles.

Dear Michael, thank you for your support. I rather regret ever calling it silly. To be honest I didn't mean it. It was the insecure writer's voice that came up. I do think dialogues are interesting and how you explain such a thing as a desire to be spanked for someone and how you paint a mental picture of it (which all my writing, really is).

Dear Mina, I knew I wasn't alone in enjoying dialogues...smiles. I should have thought of that and removed all gender specific features. I don't mind you changing the genders and if I had thought about it I would have made it easier for you to stick to your image.

Dear Manorlord, I don't mind at all that you don't find it erotic, not at all. I am glad, though, that you still liked it...smiles. In what way did it remind you of de Sade?