Thursday, 29 January 2009

Naughty Thoughts Tumbling in My Head

This blog contains a lot of stories but I started it as a blog about fantasies, where I could talk about them, describe them and reflect on them. I have done that a little and I will return to it.

If there is one thing I am good at, it is to get ideas. I have more ideas to stories and events and relationships than I have time to write them down and work with. Not all of them naughty of course but a good many of them are. So here is a scene, half a fantasy, half an idea, something that I could use in a story, perhaps, a little surreal but I don't mind that.

There is a bar in a club or something similar, a place where young people go to meet, dance, connect and be naughty in. At the bar there are a man and woman. They are around twenty, that age when you can be miserable but if you are confident you can see the world open up before you.

He is an ordinary guy, young handsome, dressed in trousers and shirt untucked, covering in the uniform of young men. He is a little cocky, confident in himself.

The woman is blond, ponytail, dressed in jeans and spaghetti strap top. She is like most young women, aware of herself, her body, and she is confident enough to know she is attractive but she doesn't feel the need to dress up and show off.

They sit at the bar with their drinks and they look at each other, he stares and she smiles. They connect in that way that sometimes happen, two people find they have a common goal or something like that.

There is a context to this scene. This man is discovering a very naughty side of himself and is doing bold and daring things and has got a reputation for putting his hand down girls' knickers and even worse.

The girl knows this. She has a naughty side too although it may be expressed in different ways.

Anyway, what happens is that they strike up a conversation and during that she asks him what he is thinking. He is daring enough to tell her that he is thinking that he would want to spank her bottom. Her response is something like 'I thought you'd never ask'.

But instead of developing this into a spanking story, I imagine her alluding to his reputation for pulling down knickers and that sort of thing and he says something about it being hard when someone is wearing jeans.

Then she asks if it won't be easier if she was standing and then she stands up and approaches him. He can't back down now, can he? So he reaches out his hands and unbuttons her jeans. She doesn't protest.

He continues and yanks her jeans and her knickers down. Some people in the bar starts staring at them but no one interferes. Maybe it is like when you are a little tipsy and see something but not really believe what you see.

When he has pulled her jeans and knickers down a bit he puts his hands between her legs and lets a finger slip into her. She doesn't protest but lets it happen, in view of everyone around.

Then he asks her if she wants to dance with him.

I am interested in both parties. They are two fascinating characters. He is a man who is discovering his power, his fascination for spanking and taking control of girls. In this parallel world all girls he meet are happy for him to be in command and they all long to be spanked...of course.

The girl, of course, she has this longing for submitting to another person, she is daring enough to accept it being done in public, being humiliated in public. She is confident to not back down and be ashamed of her desires.

Right, this is just a sketch.


Paul said...

Janice, nice idea, I'm sure that you can flesh this out beautifully.
Warm hugs,

Mina said...

Janice, I like how much you put into your ideas or perhaps it has developed to this over time.

I tend to get ideas sometimes by words, phrases a picture and then other times I see a scene in my head and it may be a small or large part of that scene or story and I can work with it from there.

Here you not only have the initial image, you have the setting, the characters, the dynamics and sort of power exchange and experience all sorted out. It just struck me as an interesting way of writing as if you are mapping it out. It has crossed my mind before and I, sort of do this in my head and on one occasion even written it out. I think it work especially well for longer pieces.

Anyway, it sounds like a good idea and would be interesting to read.


TFP said...

I would like to see how the story evolves in the next step...

Anonymous said...

I was struck (tho not, thankfully, literally) by your mention of the "parallel world," where fantasies not only become real, but obstacles (inhibitions, mores, physical limitations) disappear. I think of Erica Jong's Zipperless Fuck -- not zipperless but certainly whip-the lass.


Janice said...

Dear Paul, not sure I intend to flesh it out, perhaps I will. This was a fantasy, nothing more.

Dear Mina, I don't know but I tend to find out quite soon who the characters are when I think about them. In this case the man was in my head first and then came the woman and then the event.

Dear TFP, not sure there is a next step, but if there is, I think they become an item and indulge in all sorts of things, and they are both quite enthusiastic, I believe...smiles.

Dear Wystan, if there is anything I know well, it is what it is like to live in the parallel world.