Thursday, 2 April 2009

A Day at the Office

And now an original, new story by me. Just to show you that I do have a cruel streak in me. I have touched upon this theme before but this story made me feel mean. I decided to put it here anyway.

Across the courtyard came a group of four. They were walking from the mansion house towards a low stable. They were three men, dressed in shirts, jeans and boots and a woman, dressed in a black, knee long skirt and a black top. She had soft flats on her feet.

'So, Bern, what you reckon? Rhys here thinks Wales have a chance against New Zealand on Sunday. You're from down under, aren't you?' He pointed to a tall man with shoulder length dark hair in his mid twenties. Rhys was tall, broad shouldered and had sharp features and dark eyes. Although William, or Will, himself didn't fancy men he could tell that Rhys was handsome.

'South Africa but I still don't think Wales will stand a chance.' Bernhard, or Bern, was almost as tall as Rhys, but wore his blond hair shortly cropped. He was a sturdy man, broad shouldered and powerful. There was something grim in his expression and his square jaw added to the impression of a warrior, the kind of man who wouldn't stand down from a fight.

Will was the oldest of the three men, in his forties, but still a strong man. He was slightly bald and had grey, very intense eyes.

'Of course Wales have a chance,' Rhys said, they are at home and the Welsh crowd will carry them on.'

Will chuckled to himself.

The woman was half a head shorter than Will who was the shortest of the men and seemed only half his size. She had auburn hair, falling to below her shoulders. She kept looking down and her lips were shut and tense.

They walked across the court yard and stopped in front of the stable were a sturdy pole was set in the ground. It was some six feet tall and with a surface that had been worn smooth. Close to the top there was a sturdy iron ring set in the wood.

'I think it will be possible for Wales if they get a try in the beginning, to unsettle the All Blacks a little. But if they have to defend, nothing can stop them.' Bern was frowning as he seemed bothered about having to go back on his earlier statement.

'Wales won the Grand Slam, you know, and they have improved.' Rhys was smiling now.

'Alright, honey, strip off time for you,' Will said.

The woman seemed startled.


'Don't be silly.'

'But the All Blacks can beat anyone, if they want.' Bern looked serious.

'You don't have to do this,' the woman said with a weak voice.

'Hurry up now,' Rhys blurted out, 'we don't have all day.'

'You see,' Will said, 'Wales beat England, England beat Australia and Australia beat New Zealand. So on paper, they have a chance.'

'That was years ago.'

The woman sighed deeply and unbuttoned her skirt. She gave it to Bern who held out his hand. She looked at Will with a pleading expression.

'Yes, darling, everything.'

She sighed again and pulled her top over her head. She then stepped out of her shoes.


'You should be lucky you are allowed knickers at work.'

When the woman had slipped off her knickers and given them to Bernhard, who put all the clothes on the ground behind him, she was naked. Rhys gave her a glance and licked his lips.

'It's been a long week,' Will said, as he took the woman's arm and shoved her against the pole.

'Yeah,' Rhys replied, as he stepped round the pole and took the rope hanging from the iron ring, 'it's been busy.'

'You doing anything interesting for the weekend?' Will asked turning to Bernhard who had taken the other end of the rope in his hand.

'No nothing, really, some pints at the pub, watch the match and that, just relaxing.'

'Sounds great,' said Rhys as he crossed the woman's wrists as she embraced the pole, facing it. He then bound them together. 'I am going to London with girlfriend.'

'Doing anything fun?' Bernhard said as he started to pull the rope.

'Shopping,' the Welshman said, chuckling.

'Up you go, honey,' Will said and gave a sign to Bernhard who pulled at the rope. The woman drew her breath and gasped as her body was pressed against the pole and her arms hoisted in the air.

Bernhard was a strong man and wasn't satisfied until the woman only touched the ground with the tips of her toes. She wailed a little as her body was stretched out, hanging from her wrists, pressing against the pole.

'Cry time for you, my dear,' Will said, as he brought out a braided leather whip. It was short, one of those who is called a quirt.

'Are you shopping for clothes or something more interesting?' Bernhard asked.

'Shoes,' Rhys chuckled, 'she loves shoes, she has millions but still needs more.'

'That is amazing.'

The woman gasped as she felt Bernhard put his hand between her legs, groping her unceremoniously.

'Stop it, Bern,' Will said, 'we have a job to do. And we are not supposed to.'

'Just a little touching, won't harm them.'

Will immediately brought down the whip on the bottom of the naked woman as Bernhard stepped away. She gasped and tensed her body and raised her leg. A red stripe was forming across her buttocks.

She squirmed and cried out as the next lash hit home, just above the first.

'I love that,' Will said, 'how the bottom wobbles when you whip it.'

'You can't really say this one wobbles,' Rhys said, looking serious.

'No, it is more of a vibration,' Bernhard butted in.

'You are right,' Will said, 'this one has a small bottom. But I like it all the same.' He laid the quirt on once more with full force and the woman gave a long wailing sound.

'This is killing me,' Will said, grimacing, 'my shoulder hurts so badly.'

'Too much whipping?' Rhys said.

'Too much digging.'

'I can do it,' Bernhard said.

'No, you get your share. How many was it now?'

'42, I think,' Rhys said.

'Wait your turn then,' Will said and let the whip fly again, hitting the top of the woman's thighs.

'How are you doing honey?' Rhys said, as he got the quirt from Will.

'Please, please, I can't take any more,' the woman said through tears and between sobs.

'Don't worry, you won't break.'

She cried out in misery.

'By the way, I met Kev down the pub,' Bernhard said as Rhys let the quirt fly and added to the criss crossing of red marks on the bottom and thighs of the naked woman at the pole.

'Kev?' Will said, 'you mean, Kevin Jones? How was he? What's he doing?'

'He seemed pleased with himself, he said he works at the Windmill Farm.'

'They have girls too, don't they?'

'Yeah, he said he get a lot of practice.' The both men chuckled. They were interrupted by a loud cry as Rhys landed number 23 on the unprotected skin of the bound woman.

'She is very loud,' Will said.

'We could always gag her,' said Bernhard.

'We don't have a gag.'

'We have her knickers.'

'I like it when they cry,' Rhys said.

'What you doing over weekend, Will?' Rhys said as he handed the whip over to Bernhard.

'There is a tournament on Saturday, I was runner up last year and I will have a go at winning this time.'

'You an your angling.'

'Please!!' the woman cried.

'It's a good pastime, lots of lovely people.'

'And dead fish.'

'Have fun with your shoe shopping.'

'Actually, I wouldn't mind sitting by the river with a fishing rod in my hand.'

'It is very relaxing.'

'Now to the last four, I will make them very hard,' Bernhard said.

The woman closed her eyes and sobbed.

'Bern! You are not supposed to,' Will said with a tired voice.

'Come on, she wouldn't mind.' Bernhard slipped his hand out from between the woman's legs where he had let it wander after touching the red welts on her bottom.

'I don't care if she minds or not, but they are out of bounds.'

'For serious things, yes, this is just a little touching.'

The woman gasped as Bernhard pushed his finger back into her.

'Let her go now,' Will said.

'Alright, alright.'

Bernhard stepped aside as Rhys untied the rope and let the woman down. Will supported her as she stumbled.

'That wasn't too bad, honey.'

The woman didn't reply as Rhys untied her wrists.

'Get your kit on and go back to your duties now.'

The woman picked her clothes up and gingerly donned them.

'It's almost five,' Bernhard said, 'we'll wrap it up here and go down the pub.'

'Yeah, for a quick pint,' Rhys said.

The woman was clothed again and turned to Will.

'Can I go back now?'

'Yes, darling, you do that.' He slapped her bottom and the woman jumped as if stung by bees. Then she hurried away from the men towards the mansion house. She turned and looked at the men who had started to walk towards the stable. Then she hurried on and disappeared through the kitchen entrance.


Manorlord said...

My dear Janice --

There IS something new under the sun! How refreshing.

The contrast between the idle, workaday chat and the cruel "job" is magnificent. Somehow, this particular pattern never emerged in my kinky kaleidoscope.

I reread the story, mentally deleting all the men's comments about the whipping itself, leaving only the banter about sports and weekend plans, as the lady keens and writhes. I wonder if her humiliation isn't worse... in any event, I find this effect charming. I don't say it is an improvement -- but try it, for fun.

Great work, Janice.

Warm regards,

Wystan E

TFP said...


A delightful snippet, Is there more to this story by chance?

Thank you,

Meta said...

FYI, I'm using your stories as incentives to study (if I get through X, then I get to read!), so you're going to have to keep them coming.

I'm with Wystan on this one - I love the contrast between what the guys are saying and doing.

Ollie said...

Ah, a familiar motif, the naked woman whipped against a pole, but this time with a twist, the indifference of the men involved set it apart from the norm.

I thought you had the men's idle chatter down very well, and I eagerly await the sequel with the sexes reversed.

Lea (Velvet) said...

Hello Janice - I wondered why they are whipping her? On someone else's orders?

And I felt empathy for this woman - I really felt sorry for her - yet your description here still made my body shake. And so made me wonder too.

Thank you for your writing here.

Joanna said...

I have been lurking for a while and thoroughly enjoying all of the stories, but something about this one takes my breath away. Wow! I love the matter-of-fact cruelty of it. I especially enjoyed the comment "don't worry, you won't break" thrown out so casually. I'm looking forward to reading every story you write!

Janice said...

Dear Wystan, the contrast was the point, really. Interesting exercise. I think, however, the story had been different, had they not talked to her and in my mind it is important for the image I had, that they speak to her but in a very casual way.

Dear TFP, no, there is not a continuation of this. Maybe there is scope for stories about that mansion house but no, no plans at the moment.

Dear Meta, oh, really, that is some compliment. I agree and thought that the contrast was the point. But I wasn't up to another experiment. I think it made sense this way.

Dear Ollie, that is a thought...thanks...smiles.

Dear Lea (Velvet), I do think she is treated harshly, I feel for her too. That is why I called this story cruel. It becomes cruel when she suffers so without them taking much notice. I am glad you picked up on that.



Janice said...

Dear Joanna, silly me, missing your comment. I am glad you liked the cruelty. In a way that is what made me write it, almost making it comical but I wanted there to be some harshness at the core of it.



Mina said...

Janice, this is a little different but perhaps that is because of the stark contrast to the Surrender Series.

Like others I found the detached way the men dealt the punishment interesting to read. However, more than that I find it interesting that it is ok to do this in there world, as if it is completely normal. Women will be punished if they do something wrong. I wonder what her infraction was.


Janice said...

Dear Mina, I don't know why but this cruel contrast fascinates me. It is not so much the brutality as the contrast.



Anonymous said...

Why the silence? What you have been writing is wonderful. I hope you have not come to any harm.