Friday, 18 September 2009

After Story Blues?

Dear Readers, as you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging much, lately. I don't really know why. It's just that my mind hasn't been set on travelling through fantasy land for a while. Reality – or what to call it – demands my attention, I have felt a kind of distance to fantasies, especially of the kinkier sort.

I feel a little fed up with my stories and my constant returning to the same themes. How many times can you vary a spanking story? I have spoken about darker thoughts but when I sit down to write they don't transfer to words on the screen.

Maybe I am blocking my own mind, maybe I am scared? I don't know. I do love writing still but I do love kinds of writing that don't always seem to fit this blog. Sometimes when I read stories I have written I can feel that I really like parts of them, enjoy a description of a person or the interaction between characters. Sometimes I find the spanking or the naughtiness it leads to a bit alien to the rest of the story.

I have become more and more focussed on the underlying emotions, the mindset that makes people do the things they do in kinky stories. Like I am fascinated by dependence, vulnerability and even submission but not necessarily in the dungeon of some master or mistress but rather in everyday relationships.

The truth is that I don't know what I want to do with this blog at the moment. I know, for sure, that my mind will return to the thrill of fantasies but at the moment there is a kind of low in that area. I want to continue writing, to continue exploring my thoughts and emotions but in areas that are a bit removed from the fantasy worlds I have come to share with you, dear Readers.

I know all this sound very dramatic but don't take me too seriously, please. I just feel that I have tendency to keep a distance, to talk through my stories rather than address you directly. I thought I should talk to you and tell you what is really on my mind, at least regarding the blog.

This blog is about fantasies, not about stories and if you want, I would very much want to hear from you, about those fantasies, what they mean to you, what you think they are trying to tell you, how they work, what's important in them. They are important, we all know that.

I have been blogging for almost three years now and it has been a great time. I see no reason to stop now but I know I have to figure out what I want to do with it all, the writing and the blogging.

I promise I will post any stories or thoughts that are suitable for the blog, or perhaps even if they aren't. Even if my mind is a little empty at the moment, I will not abandon the blog. Take care.


Meta said...

I think that you should publish the stories that don't necessarily involve kink, as well as your thoughts about the underlying emotions, even if they're not actually stories. I'd be interested in reading both.

Manorlord said...

How well I understand. After I finished my magnum opus, I continued to blog, but it was mostly word-play, or thought experiments. My heart really wasn't in it -- and it was almost a relief when 360 closed down.

I agree with Meta that you should post non-kink stories here. But readership of SI is a special breed. Perhaps you should find a non-kink platform for your other work, as well, finding new readers. Just a thought.


Wystan Ephraim

Lea said...

Hi Janice ... firstly, I do agree with Meta - why not share your other writings here, too, Janice?

However, I understand too ... I'm also feeling a somewhat renewed ambivalence and even reservations about sharing things - feelings and writings and ideas - online, I think partly because I'm still disappointed and saddened by 360's closing, that a 'virtual world' can just cease to exist like that, and that so much creativity and efforts and connections can fall and break and come to nothing as seemed to occur with 360. And Wystan - you felt relieved when 360 closed? Still the experience and memories continue to matter and have changed one. I suppose.

Also - Janice - I know that I owe you an email - and I'm only so quiet on the email front, also, because of my current introspection - I promise I will reply to yours soon.

Alan said...

Dear Janice,

isnt this a fascinating moment? I know these cycles for myself. How to dive deeper? Allow yourself to do so. Including ALL emotions, mindsets, inner preceptions, whatever.

I am thirsty:) for it all.I feel its in you. And I know I will like it deeply!

Very best,

Paul said...

Janice, write what you will and what suits the moment.
Your imagination is well exercised, so let it run.
Whatever you write I'll read, but you know that.
Love and warm hugs,

Ollie said...

We all get phases when writing is easy and then when it comes hard. I wouldn't worry, and just post what you fancy. As Wystan suggests your readers are interested in fantasy and the inner workings of our imagination, and those things are not limited to spanking or sexually related topics.

I always think that a spanking story should work primarily as a story, and say what it has to say.

The good writers needn't even put a spanking into it if the story holds up on its own.

For myself I have various places to post, the vanilla things go in one place and the spanking stories in others.

Problem is that the spanko stuff is far better than the other; I guess I'm not so motivated to explore the issues within a vanilla context.

Just post what you fancy here and we'll enjoy talking about it.

Janice said...

Dear Meta, thank you so much for the encouragement, I think I will do that...smiles.

Dear Wystan Ephraim, that could be an idea...we'll see what I will do.

Dear Lea, take your time, although I am looking forward to hearing from you. I think I will do as you commenters suggest, and post other kinds of stories here, after all it is called Strange Imagination, not Strange, Kinky Imagination...smiles.

Dear Alan, that is some encouragement...thank you.

Dear Paul, yes, I think I know you will come back...thank you.

Dear Ollie, I can relate to that, for a while what I really wanted to write was kinky stories. We'll see what I will do. I am sure I will come back to my fantasies, sooner or later.