Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Not My Kink

After the last blogpost someone commented and said that something in the story wasn't their kink. A little later some other person asked me 'what if he had suggested so and so'.

This started a train of thought in my head. Thing is, I don't mind that it isn't someone's particular kink (and I know for sure that this person wasn't complaining) and I wouldn't mind including whatever the other person suggested even if it isn't my kink.

When writing a short scene, when you jump into the action, it is often easier to stay close to the fantasy, to play out something the intrigues you or excites you, it is often my kink, there, in those stories. But writing is a strange thing, the characters come alive, they get histories, desires, thoughts and such things. Stories tend to be about something that isn't always that obvious.

The Surrender story, for example, is about just that, surrender, or submission or what to call it. If it is true to some of my kinks it is that one. This means that if the heroine of the story surrenders to the man, she can't expect to stay within her comfort zone. I have at least tried to describe a situation where she doesn't.

It is true, however, that I often stay within my comfort zone, fantasy-wise, but it doesn't mean I have to. So back to the beginning. What happens to the heroine in the story, isn't necessary her kink, neither does it have to be mine.

So the reply to the first comment is, 'I don't think it is hers either,' and to the other comment, 'why not'.


Manorlord said...

Clever Janice, what a subtle choice of illustration! Who but you would think to use the central image from "The Prisoner" (the unexcelled Patrick McGoohan TV series) to comment on "Surrender?

(And don't even try to suggest this is coincidence, or serendipidy).

(And yes, clever of me to pick the puzzle's lock. Were I you, I would give you (me) a "coveted A+).

And by the way, I agree with you. Of course!



Manorlord said...

Except for the absence of a sunshade, of course, which I assume is deliberate as well, but too subtle for me...


Paul said...

Janice, no I don't mind at all, why should I.
If I ever have a real criticism, I would email you.
Wynstan is right "The Prisoner" probably one of the best things the BBC has done.
And since he mentioned it, I see the connection.
He must know you better than I do.
I read a lot, kinky and vanilla, it's the quality of the writing that grabs me, content is often secondary.
Love and warm hugs,

Janice said...

Dear Wystan, Paul, I am sorry to have to disappoint you, gentlemen, my thoughts when illustrating my blogpost with a bicycle was far sillier than you think.



Ollie said...

I must admit the lack of a sunshade did confuse me at first, but then again I like bicycles and fail to believe that anyone else might not share this kink.

You are right when you say that often as a story grows the characters develop in ways which you might not have expected at first.

I find it interesting to try to write things from viewpoints other than my own, notably with a female voice, and hence almost by definition the things are not my kink - for myself- but may of course tally with the desires of the fictional character.

Having said that it is far more fun, and interesting to boot as you demonstrate, to put characters way outside their comfort zone to create tension and action.

In fact fiction has to be larger than life as the act of transferring the mental action in the author's mind to the painting-by-numbers canvas of the written word tends to dilute the immediacy and impact of the action, so we need to cane our subjects rather than hand-spank them and chain them rather than stand them in the corner.

Manorlord said...

I agree with Ollie re taking our characters outside their comfort zone. This stretches ourselves as well. Some of my more extreme stories creeped me out a bit (not to mention my "gentle readers).

But, for some reason, I have never been able, or perhaps willing is the right word, to write about things that are "not my kink." I would like to think that I have the imagination to do so plausibly, but I feel distinctly inhibited about writing, say, from the perspective of a submissive man. I admire those with the courage & curiosity to do what I cannot.

A hint from Janice's response to Mina makes me wonder if...

Janice said...

Dear Ollie, this is a very interesting point, your last paragraph made me think (I had to read it twice to get what you said, though, I still don't understand that 'painting-by-numbers canvas' thing). I think you may be right that we often need to make things clearer and more dramatic (and perhaps more painful...smiles) to get across. Not sure, though, that I see that as something bad, like the text is not as sharp as the mind or not as clear. I am interested in the small details, though, the subtle and fleeting sensations that are in fantasies. I am also quite convinced that they can never be described in text the way they are felt but that is in the nature of things. How could you describe with music the taste of raspberries?

Dear Wystan, I think you have pushed the boundaries and experimented more than most writers of kink. Maybe it is because your comfort zone is very big...I don't know. Or you are more daring and capable than you say.



Mina said...

I don't know what sunshade you are all referring to so I must be the thicky of the class :-)

Characters can take on a life of their own and I suppose from that define their own kink. Sometimes, as I suspect with you dear Janice, it is not the specific act but the overall desire or need that is the kink.


Ollie said...

Just a note on the painting-by-numbers thing.

When we write we only make up a skeleton of the story and present it to the reader as a map or a pattern on which she then imprints all the details from her own imagination.

In this respect I thought it was a bit like the painting-by-numbers things I never had the skill to do when I was a boy. The producers made the template but it was up to you to turn it into a fully coloured picture.

I've heard it said that radio is better than TV because the pictures are better, and I think it's true in a similar way.