Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tom's School Days 2

It seems as there is no great opposition against continuing this tale. So I will do that.

'Lean over the chair, please' Mark commanded and the girl let go of a pitiful sigh and leaned over the back of the chair, and grabbed the wooden armrests.

Fred walked over to her and flipped her skirt up. Tom stared at her fair and very naked bottom. Her skin seemed so soft and so thin.

'Now it is your turn to have fun,' Mark said and made a gesture towards the girl.

Tom walked closer and held out the cane. It seemed like a terrible thing to use it on the girl. He moved the cane closer and let it touch her buttocks. She drew her breath and tensed her body, as if he had already hit her.

'Get on with it now, she's waiting,' Fred said.

Tom pulled back the cane and hesitated, then he let it fly. He was surprised by the sound, the hissing sound of the cane through the air and then the sharp report when it hit the skin of Amanda, the girl who had been late to her lecture.

There was a pink line forming across her bottom. And she gasped.

'That was nothing,' Mark said, 'it doesn't count. Do that again, harder this time.'

Tom pulled the cane back and this time he hit harder. The report was sharper and the girl's reaction more violent. She pulled herself up, gasped and drew her breath intensely. The mark across her buttocks was redder now.

'That one will count,' Fred said, 'but it is not proper unless you hit her harder.'

Tom took aim and swung the cane again. This time he used as much power he could muster. The girl cried out and jumped up, straightening her back, letting go of a squealing sound.

'That one was better,' John said, 'but it won't count since she let go of the armrests. Amanda! You know you get extras for that?'

'Yes, sir,' she said, her voice almost a whisper.

Fred and Mark urged Tom on, and he did his best to use the required strength in each lash. He let the cane land with determination, each time the sound rung out in the room, each time the girl jumped up, her feet making a wild dance as she tried to get to grips with the excruciating pain. She didn't let go, but soon she could not hold back her tears. She was sobbing and crying.

Amanda's tears made Tom feel bad about himself and he stared at the girl, and her fair and striped bottom, her soft skin, and the pain he caused her.

He told himself he had to do this. It was part of his duties as a member of the Club. Fred and Mark urged him on, complemented him on the ones that were really hard and hit the right spot.

When he had reached six he thought it was quite enough and thought his heart would break if he had to continue. By the count of eight, he experienced a strange excitement, and number nine and ten left a sensation in him, that was not altogether unpleasant.

He delivered eleven with a strange mix of guilt and pleasure, and was surprised by the elation he experienced. When it was time for number twelve and thirteen, he felt he was going to miss this.

[To be continued]


Anonymous said...

not only there is no opposition but i love the story

Tamara Mokeev

Paul said...

Janice, excellent, you write as if you have experienced this.
Please do continue.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

He it's enjoying it! I wonder what the girl feels...

Very arousing story!


Anonymous said...

My Dear,

A promising start leads to a pleasurable continuation. The word "elation" is perfect! Of course, one happy experience can lead to another. One wonders if, the fair lass will next (for example) "lose" her homework -- and if so, was it purloined by ... someone? Or, perhaps more intriguing, did she "lose" it on purpose? Sorry for the presumption (not THAT sorry, though) -- I know you're the author.



Anonymous said...

I love it.

It's cruel of you to make us wait for the continuations.

- Michael G.

Janice said...

Dear Tamara, thank you, hope you enjoy the continuation.

Dear Paul, that is the best any writer can wish for. Thanks.

Dear Luís, hopefully the story that follows may give some hints...but I am sure it includes pain.

Dear Wystan, I am glad my little story has set your mind working...I love it.

Dear Michael G, I am sorry, but I will continue drip feeding you...I am cruel.