Monday, 3 October 2011

Tom's School Days 3

Tom's life in his strange school moves on, however slowly, at the moment. From the comments it seems as there are at least some who are a little bit curious about where this will go.

As it happened, Tom was disappointed that the whole thing was over and done with. He was as surprised as he was disappointed. He hadn't thought that of himself, that he would actually enjoy swinging a sturdy cane through the air, and hit the soft and sensitive skin of a girl with it, listen to the sound of it, and watching the reactions of the poor victim. He was disappointed that he was so elated by being cruel to someone, especially a girl. He was scared of what he felt. He was riven with guilt and wondered how true was his belief in the inner goodness of humans. Still he wanted to do it again.

'Now, claim the trophy,' Mark said.

'Shall I?' Tom whispered.

He knew the Club kept tokens of their work. He had just forgot about it.

'Yes, go ahead.'

Tom was trembling as he approached the girl, who was still holding on to the armrests of the chair. With numb fingers he took hold of her knickers and pulled them further down her legs. He thought he felt a shivering as he brushed her skin.

She obediently stepped out of the knickers when he reached her feet.

'You can stand up now,' Fred said in a commanding voice.

'Thank you, sir,' Amanda replied and stood up, letting her skirt fall down.

Tom thought that she would think her skirt must be very short now, when she had no underwear.

Amanda looked at Tom, curtsied and said:

'Thank you, sir, for punishing me.'

Then she smiled. She smiled at Tom. Her eyes were still wet, and her cheeks still red, but she smiled. Tom was bewildered and could only nod in reply.

Mark escorted the girl from the room, while Fred and Tom went into the common room, where Tom got the privilege of hanging Amanda's knickers on a peg along the wall. There were two rows of similar pegs and on many of them hung other pairs of knickers. They were of different colours and shape and Tom was amazed by the variety of female underwear.

'I can see what you're looking at,' Fred said with a grin, 'they belonged to Tamara, you know who she is, don't you? Stupid girl.'

'Yes, I think I know.' Tom thought he knew who she was, a tall, dark, and quite beautiful, and self assured girl.

'She thought she wouldn't have to take them down. That's silly.'

Tom could see that the knickers were minimal and mostly consisted of strings. She most likely thought that if she turned up to a whipping with knickers that didn't cover her buttocks she would get to keep them on.

Frederick showed Tom a book lying on a table.

'You hung her knickers on peg 23. Put that down first on the line, then the name of the girl, Amanda Tilly, then the date, tool, and number of strokes. You write it twelve plus one, since it was an extra added.'


'When we collect the knickers each Thursday and store them in our archive, we need to tag them so we can relate them to the correct punishment. You see there is a reference number on each line. This was punishment number 217 in this book.'


Paul said...

Janice, how very organised of them.
I wonder how many pairs of knickers they have in their archives, and do the girls ever get them back?
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Great story! And a trophy's collection! I think that the girl also enjoyed the trashing. I would love to ear about Tamara's punishment, as a sugestion.

What an arousing school!

Thank you Janice.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign the precedent message, sorry.


Anonymous said...

The beat goes on! It might be an interesting experiment to leave the panties -- pardon, the knickers -- on during the punishment. Yes, it would afford some minimal protection, but it might also provide evidence of a particularly revealing sort.


Anonymous said...

great job Janice

i am anxious for what will follow

And the Tamara of the story is not me as i am a blonde ....

Laughs ....


Janice said...

Dear Paul, the size of the knickers collection of the Mushy Peas Club is a well guarded secret. But I can assure you it is extensive, and would be valuable for anyone interested in researching the development of female underwear. To reply to the last question, no.

Dear Luís, we'll see what happens. I am glad you like it. And, perhaps, you are right about Amanda's experience of her punishment.

Dear Wystan, the conduct of the Mushy Peas Club is determined by tradition. Those things can't be changed at a whim, you know.

Dear Tamara, no that is very true, this Tamara is a very annoying person, you are not... :-)