Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tom's School Days 5

Another instalment of the story of Tom and his experiences in school. I do enjoy writing it, but I can see that this story dominates my blogging at the moment. Please let me know if you get bored by it.

Tom's reaction and actions weren't exactly rational as Stephanie paid lip service to his member who dutifully stood to attention. He knew Stephanie was gifted and very, very attractive, but he was still surprised and even overwhelmed by her skills.

He did very little but gasp and moan and bite his lip. What he did do, included trying desperately to yank down Stephanie's shirt from her shoulders, making her more naked than she was. He wanted more of her, but as it was, she was almost out of reach for him, and he didn't want to interrupt what she was doing.

Everything must end, and this event reached its conclusion, all too soon, but not soon enough for Tom. And as Stephanie was occupied with the after-care of his tired warrior, using both her mouth and hands, Tom was slowly coming back to the realm of the living.

Fortunately, for Tom, Stephanie had just managed to replace what she had released, when disaster struck. A voice resounded through the night.

'What have we here?'

Tom immediately recognised the voice as that of Mr Allen, the History teacher, one of the sterner of the staff. His heart stopped beating, as it seemed.

'We were just talking,' Stephanie, said, and turned to Mr Allen who had appeared out of the shadows. She was still on her knees.

'I do understand you have been using your mouth, my dear, but that doesn't explain the shirt.'

'Oh,' she said and immediately pulled her shirt up and began buttoning it. She rose to her feet, and stood back from the lecturer.

'Mr Allen,' Tom began, 'I can explain...'

'No, need to explain, Tom. It is late, but you are, after all a member of the Mushy Peas Club.'


'You, on the other hand,' he said and turned to Stephanie, 'are in breach of the curfew, caught with your dress in disorder, and suspected of inappropriate conduct.'

'I am sorry, sir,' Stephanie whispered, sounding meek.

'You know we have no hesitation in dealing with misdeeds, and that we do not spare the rod. This calls for a punishment, you know that, of course?'

'Of course, sir.'

'I will give you a choice, Miss Burns, and that is between 20 in the yard, or 40 in my rooms.'

In the yard meant that the cane would be applied publicly, in the yard, where a whipping post was set in the ground. It allowed students and staff to watch and was generally considered a great disgrace.

'Oh, please, Mr Allen.'

'Surely you agree that your conduct calls for some disciplining.'

'Yes, sir, I do. But can't Tom do it? Please.'

'Ah, that's an idea,' Mr Allen said, his face lightening up, 'it is not such a bad idea.'

'Please, Mr Allen, Tom can punish me, in his room.'

'Well, why not. If Mr Banks agrees to it.'

'Please, Tom, will you do it?'

Tom was flabbergasted. But Stephanie looked desperate, as if she really wanted it, and she had been very kind to him.

'Yes, sir,' he replied, 'I'll do it.'

'Good. Tomorrow, after dinner, Miss Burns will come to your room, where you will give her 60 strokes with the cane.'


'Yes, 60. I will inspect her Friday morning, and I know what to expect. I know what a bottom is supposed to look like after 60 sharp cuts with the cane. You, Tom, will get a cane from the porters lodge.'

'Yes, sir.'

'Is that what you want, Stephanie?'

'Yes, sir.'

'So be it. And you can't do it in private, anyone around will have the privilege of watching. Understood?'

'Yes, sir,' they both said.

'Agreed then, good night.'

'Good night, sir,' they said in unison.

'And, don't forget, always on the bare.'

'No, sir, yes, sir.'


Anonymous said...

We are definitely not bored by it, Janice. It is captivating, as always. Please continue! mg

Anonymous said...

Great story Janice


Paul said...

Janice, I don't recall ever being bored by you.
Sixty strokes is rather severe, but it's your story.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hello Janice.

What a nice, arousing storie! Off course, i hope to see other stories, but right now, i am enjoyng this one, and this chapter was perfect!


Janice said...

Dear MG, glad to hear it. I do enjoy writing it, despite its silliness.

Dear Tam, thank you... :-)

Dear Paul, you are such a kind person, and I hope you are telling the truth... :-)

Dear Luís, there will be other stuff, but at the moment this will have to do.



Ollie said...

The poor lad, having to give Stephanie 60 with the cane. Still, someone's got to do it I suppose

Janice said...

Dear Ollie, it was hard work, but Tom is very keen on doing his duty...