Monday, 10 October 2011

Tom's School Days 4

As you may see, this story will now move in a slightly different direction. I did enjoy writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Tom's mind was in turmoil as he walked in the cloister after leaving the Club. The Mushy Peas Club confused him. They showed a very cavalier and arrogant attitude about most things, at the same time they were meticulous in keeping track of the offender's knickers. Although he was proud of being part of it, and had actually enjoyed the whipping, he found this obsession a little uncanny.

'Tom,' a whisper from the shadows.

He stopped and looked in the direction of the voice. He had heard it was a girl's whisper.

'Tom, over here,' the voice said.


'Who else?'

In the shade Stephanie's red hair looked darker, although her eyes seemed to sparkle.

'First time, eh?'

'What do you mean?' Tom said.

Stephanie had come closer to him. She was smiling, confusing Tom.

'First whipping, I heard. You made an impression.'

'You know Miss Tilly?'

'Miss Tilly my arse,' she said and laughed, 'Amanda couldn't stop talking about it.'

'Couldn't she?'

'Did you enjoy it?'

'Why would I enjoy it?'

'Oh, I think you did.'

Stephanie stood very close to Tom now, and she had put her hand on his crotch. He tensed his body, but fought back his reactions. He didn't want to appear too affected by her presence.

'We can do something about this,' she purred.

'Not here,' Tom hissed.


Stephanie took him by his hand and led him into the even darker shadows of the staircase to the library. She pushed him against the wall. Then she knelt in front of him and looked with glittering eyes at his crotch.

Tom became very self conscious.

'Not here.'

'Why not here?' she said.

She reached out her hands and began unbuttoning his fly. Tom wanted to protest, but something held him back.

'No, we need something different,' she said and sat back, 'do you want to see my tits?'

'What?...well, yes.'

Stephanie began to unbutton her shirt and flung it open. She reached for her bosom and undid a small bow between her breasts that opened her bra, exposing her breasts.

Stephanie's bra was not the first he had seen, although he was far from an expert, but he had never seen one that worked like hers. Maybe she had added that little bow in the front for occasions like this?

Tom stared at Stephanie's breasts, although he could barely see them in the shade. They were a very nice pair of breasts to look at, in Tom's opinion. His experience of female bosoms wasn't extensive, but he knew to appreciate the pair he had in front of him.

He suppressed an impulse to reach out and touch Stephanie's bosom. Soon he was thinking of other things. She had reached out and continued undoing his fly. Tom was worried someone might come by, but the sheer pleasure of Stephanie's fingers on him, seemed to cancel out his objections.

Tom's enthusiasm for her actions, surely fuelled by the previous activities at the Club, made it an ordeal for Stephanie to release that which she was trying to set free. When she finally managed, Tom let go of a sigh, and Stephanie a kind of purring sound.

She sat back for a while, as if to admire what was before her eyes. Maybe she did admire it, maybe she knew that this encouraged the one equipped with the member.


Paul said...

in my school days boys and girls where kept separate, such a shame.
So girls remained a mystery, until I had some hands on experience.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Poor Tom ...... He does not seem to get much luck to escape from the girl .....


Anonymous said...

It seems the Tom entered am admirable new world of arousal!


Janice said...

Dear Paul, that's the power of writing, you can create whatever you want, even a mad school where boys and girls indulge in all sorts of activities.

Dear Tamara, you are right...poor, poor Tom... :-)

Dear Luís, yes, this is a very unusual school.