Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tom's School Days 12

My ambition is to post an instalment of Tom's story once a week, but now it is almost two weeks. I am very sorry for that. Anyway, here is the twelfth part of the story. No floggings, but some other things, perhaps, that may cheer you up in the darkness of winter, unless you are antipodean and then you are in the middle of summer and need no cheering up, at least not on behalf of the season. Never mind.

'No bed,' Stephanie said and looked around, 'we'll have to manage without.' She smiled. 'Take that armchair.'

Tom sat down in one of the armchairs, looked around in amazement at the room, and then turned his gaze at Stephanie, who hadn't joined him, but remained standing.

'What are we doing here?' Tom asked, 'really?'

'You are really sweet,' Stephanie replied and began unbuttoning her white shirt, 'you know that, don't you?'

'If someone comes?' Tom gasped but could not stop staring at Stephanie, as she was done with the unbuttoning, and slipped the shirt from her shoulders.

'You locked the door.'

'If there is another key?'

'I don't think there is another key.'


'Don't worry,' she said and slipped her bra from her.

'Perhaps,' Tom stammered, 'perhaps it doesn't matter.' Tom's eyes were fixed on Stephanie's bosom that was now fully on display. He didn't express it in words but his eyes told her that hers was the most glorious bosom he had ever set his eyes on.

Encouraged by the light in his eyes, she stood for a while and let herself be admired. Had she ever doubted her beauty Tom's reaction made it clear to her that she had the ability to impress.

Still smiling she slipped off her skirt and her knickers. Tom blushed and stared, fighting with an impulse that told him that it wasn't quite proper to fix his eyes on certain parts of Stephanie's anatomy in the way he did.

The now quite nude Stephanie approached Tom and knelt before him. He had a vague idea in his head that he should protest as her hands reached out to release his member. There was no protest, no argument, when she proceeded to embrace his proud warrior with her lips.

Quite soon, Tom, had completely stopped thinking of reasons why he should not enjoy the attention given to his friend, and the fact that he had a completely naked Stephanie to look at.

It was in this moment of bliss disaster struck. The timing was terrible. Tom was just about to reap the fruits of Stephanie's labour when the door was flung open.

'What have we here?' a mocking voice boomed.

'No!' Tom cried out in agony.

'Hell!' Stephanie whispered the moment her lips were free to form words.

Tom turned towards the voice and saw that it belonged to John, a member of the Mushy Peas Club, a senior of Tom's, and a friend of Mark's. The moment he got hold of the situation he sat himself bolt upright and tried desperately to replace his attentive warrior in his trousers.

Stephanie had in the meantime begun to move towards her clothes that lay in a heap on the floor.

'No, stay where you are,' John said, and Stephanie did. She remained on her knees, although her hands moved to cover herself.

'Don't do that, my dear,' John said, 'I don't mind the privilege of resting my eyes on your assets.'

'My assets,' Stephanie hissed under her breath.


Anonymous said...

Hello Janice.

How embarassing! They were discovered when the best was starting! Can't wait for more!



Paul said...

Janice, that could be slightly off putting.
I thought club members had immunity from such nonsense.
Oh well!
Love and warm hugs,

Janice said...

Dear Luís, embarrassing, indeed. Poor Stephanie!!

Dear Paul, no excuse for sloppiness...:-)



PS. Just discovered two terrible errors. They sprung from me changing plural to singular in two consecutive sentences, at the last moment, with two ugly agreement errors as a result. Corrected now. Hm...correction, sets your mind wandering...

Ollie said...

Oh dear Janice, errors in your writing? Please report to the Head Master's office immediately.