Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tom's School Days 13

Here it is, the next instalment of Tom's story. This will be the last one for this year, but I will be back in 2012, with Tom, Stephanie, Amanda, and all the rest. Take care, be kind to yourselves, have a very merry Christmas, Dear Readers.

'Stand up, my dear,' John said, and Tom watched in stunned amazement as Stephanie rose to her feet. Despite the situation she did it with grace, as if her body naturally expressed a knowledge that she was worth looking at. She let her arms hang by her side and made no effort to cover herself.

'I thought...' Tom stammered.

'Ah, you thought that you had locked the door and no one would bother you?'

'I suppose,' he replied.

'Thing is, Tom, it is Tom, isn't it? that you forgot something.'


'There is a slate in the common room where you write down when you take the key to the Tower. Writing your name makes us know it is occupied. No one will disturb you. As it is, the Tower could have been empty.'

'Drat!' Stephanie whispered.

'Furthermore,' John, said, 'there is no note about you taking somewhere there, either.'

'I am really sorry,' Tom said.

'As you should be.'

'What will happen now?'

'Don't worry, Tom, this is a minor infringement, no need for a punishment.'

'Oh, thank you, I won't do it again.'

'I am sure you won't.'

Then silence fell. John stood looking at Stephanie, a smile on his face, his eyes burning. Stephanie was standing, erect, proudly, still very naked. Tom, on the other hand, was slowly rising from the armchair.

'The girl, on the other hand,' John said, and Tom turned to Stephanie who turned to him, their eyes meeting for a brief and worried moment.

'What about Miss Burns?' Tom said.

'I'll come to that,' John said, 'but first something more pleasurable. Turn around.'

Stephanie turned slowly. Tom say John raise his eyebrows as her bottom came into view.

'It's the talk of the school, you know. You do have a talent for this.'

'Well, thank you,' Tom felt how he blushed.

There were still marks on Stephanie's bottom, although her bottom had started to heal.

'God was in a good mood, when he created you,' John said, still smiling, as Stephanie turned her face towards him again. 'But you being here calls for a punishment.'

'But surely,' Tom said, 'it's not her fault that I forgot to write it down.'

'No, but that doesn't matter.'

'Doesn't it?'

'No, this calls for a punishment.'

Stephanie remained silent throughout.

'I think,' John continued, 'that this bottom is not yet fit for a proper punishment. I think we will have to think of something else.'

'What could that be?' Tom asked. He felt that he was responsible for the whole thing and should try to make it as easy for Stephanie as possible.

'The only thing I can think of is that Miss Burns join the Pea Soup Society.'

'The Pea Soup Society!?'

'You know what it is, don't you?'

'Yes, yes, of course.'

'She has the body for it, it will be a delight. You know we have Soup Night, coming up?'

'Yes, I know.'


Paul said...

Janice, I am intrigued!!
Have a wonderful holiday.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

So we must wait until next year? I whant to know what kind of society it's this one! Well, i must be patient.

Marry Christmas, Janice, and am happy new year!


Janice said...

Dear Paul, you too, and be kind to yourself.

Dear Luís, there will be some hints in the next instalment. Happy Christmas to you too.