Friday, 6 January 2012

Tom's School Days 14

I am back. I hope you have had a Happy Christmas and will have a Merry New Year. I will continue with the story of Tom.

Tom looked at Stephanie. She looked at him with an inscrutable expression on her face. Was she upset at the prospect of joining the Pea Soup Society? Or was she pleased? Some girls actually joined voluntarily.

Tom was new in the the Mushy Pea Club, but he knew a lot about it, everyone did. It was common knowledge that the common room was forbidden for girls, with one important exception, the Pea Soup Society. It was a tradition that the girls in the society would join the Club Members at certain occasions and entertain them.

Soup Night was one of those occasions, and although the nature of the entertainment wasn't common knowledge there were a lot of rumours. Those rumours spoke of singing and dancing. Although the singing and dancing by itself wasn't that sensational, the word was that it included a certain amount of nudity, and that the dancing wasn't just of the chaste ballet kind, but something quite different.

Tom had to admit that he was a little curious about Soup Night, and this curiosity had been fuelled anew with the prospect of seeing Stephanie joining the choir.

Later, as Stephanie and Tom left the Tower, he tried to figure out what she was thinking. He looked at her, as they walked across the quad. They stopped for a while before splitting up.

'I am sorry,' Tom, said, looking down.

'Don't worry,' she replied, and smiled, 'I was going to join anyway.'

'Were you?'

'Yes, of course.'

'I don't believe you.'

'Who could say no to a little naked choir singing? And especially if you are in the audience.'

'You're just trying to be nice.'

'I wouldn't use the word nice,' she said and smiled.

Tom returned to his room with a strange mix of feelings. Stephanie didn't seem too upset about her punishment, and although they had been interrupted and Tom had been very embarrassed, he had been treated to the full view of Stephanie with no clothes, and the prospect of the upcoming Soup Night.

The next day was Saturday, and some students were allowed home, but quite a few spent their weekend within the walls of the school. Tom was one of them. He sat most of the day in the common room of the Mushy Peas Club. He tried to focus on his studies but his mind wandered.

He couldn't get Stephanie out of his mind, and although she took up a lot of his thoughts, another girl insisted on entering too. Now and again he saw the small frame of Amanda Tilly for his inner eye. Sometimes he saw her fair bottom as he was striping it, and other times he saw her eager face when she urged him to join the illustrious Society for the Study of Geographical Maps.

He shook his head. It seemed like such a daft thing, meeting in the Dungeon in order to look at maps. But she had been so enthusiastic, and he had promised.


Paul said...

waiting, as patiently as I am capable of.
Don't worry, what goes round comes round.???
Love and warm hugs,

Janice said...

Dear Paul, I hope you won't lose interest completely in this story. It is fun writing it, and maybe it should be read in longer chunks.



Anonymous said...

Hello Janice.

The story it's progressing slowly, but with lots of interest!