Friday, 27 January 2012

Tom's School Days 16

Should I publish longer texts? Are these too short? I don't know. Here is another one, anyway.

Tom was staring in amazement and disbelief as Amanda Tilly, slowly, and deliberately, although a little nervously opened her shirt, and let it slip from her shoulders.

'Really, there is no need...' he started.

'Please, don't worry,' she replied, lowering her gaze.



Before removing anything else, Miss Tilly unbuttoned her skirt and slipped it off. She sat on the bed, dressed in her underwear. Something of her determination seemed to have left her, and she looked nervously at Tom as if to gain his approval.

Something in the way he stared at her, seemed to have given her courage, because the next thing Tom was presented with, was Amanda's newly bared bosom. He liked what he saw.

When completely devoid of clothes she slipped under his covers and Tom was graced with the bliss of having another person in his bed. He was a little shocked as this other person seemed so keen on getting her hands inside his pyjamas.

On the whole it became a memorable night for Tom. Amanda was not the self assured seducer Stephanie was, but what she lacked in confidence she made up for in enthusiasm and eagerness.

In the morning the knickerless Miss Tilly made her way out of his window with a smile on her face. She had come to persuade Tom to join the Society. She felt she may have succeeded. And, moreover, she had not minded the process.

Monday morning was a particularly dreary morning, rainy and damp, and grey. Tom made his way to lectures in a good mood, although he had very little heart for Medieval History.

He couldn't help craning his neck as he walked across the quad, in search for the slender figure of Amanda Tilly.

At noon the rain had stopped, which was unfortunate for Miss Tamara Saddler. Sometimes if the weather was bad, the Headmaster postponed the execution of public punishments, but now the weather allowed it.

In the middle of the central quad a sturdy pole was stuck in the ground. If a punishment had been announced, the students who wanted to watch, which of course was everyone, gathered in the quad to enjoy.

This time Miss Saddler had been sentenced to receive 24 in public, which was considered quite harsh. The crime no one cared about. The only thing that concerned the gathering crowd was the punishment.

The lunch had been eaten and everyone was in a good mood, perhaps with the exception of Tamara herself. Although she was not inexperienced in public punishments, she still wasn't overly keen.


Paul said...

Janice, what a strange school.
Dear girl, in reply to your question, make them as long or as short as you feel comfortable with.
Love and warm hugs,

Janice said...

Dear Paul, maybe you are the only one following this story. I enjoy writing it, and that should be enough for me to publish it. Hopefully someone finds it interesting. Thank you for reading.