Monday, 13 February 2012

Tom's School Days 18

Tom couldn't quite get the image of Tamara being caned in the quad out of his head. It wasn't the first girl he had seen being put through that ordeal, but it was the first one he had an idea of who she was. Stephanie obviously knew her, and disliked her. She was without doubt delighted by it all.

The truth was that Tom was delighted too, although he held no grudge against Tamara. For him it was more about the opportunity to see a good looking girl being partly stripped in public, and in addition watching her bottom being whacked with vigour. The practice of whipping girls had been strange and unappealing to Tom, but lately he had gradually come to realise its benefits.

He was on his way back to his room, when Amanda appeared by his side.

'Hi,' she said.

'Hi,' he replied without being able to provide anything more witty.

'Long day?'

'Yeah, a long day,' he tried, in reply, 'where you are the quad, today?'

'Yeah, everyone was there. I saw you went with Steph.'

'Oh, actually,' Tom started, blushing, 'I didn't go with her. She was just there.'

'But you know her, don't you?'

'Yes, I do,' Tom admitted.

'Is she any good?'


'Is she any good? I mean, she obviously fancies you.'

'We haven't...'

'Not like with me?'

'Not exactly...'

'You know, Mr Banks, sometimes the lack of words tell more than an abundance of them.'

Tom didn't know what to reply to that.

They were walking through an archway, that led to the smaller quad that was surrounded by the student homes. To the left was a door into the building, which contained some of the lecture rooms. To the right, set in the wall, were two niches, or recesses, deep enough for a person to stand in them. They both had barred doors that would confine anyone standing in the niche.

These recesses were used for punishment. When a girl was given detention, it was served by her being locked inside.

Amanda stopped in front of one of the niches. A girl was standing inside the barred door. Tom stopped too. He didn't know why, but it seemed as if he was walking with Amanda, and when she stopped, he stopped too.

The girl behind the bars was naked. A girl given detention wasn't always naked, but it was not unusual for her punishment to be added to by having her strip before being locked in. This girl had her hands locked behind her back, with iron cuffs, without doubt to stop her from covering herself.

'You can't be standing here,' Amanda said, to the girl behind bars, 'you have things to do.'

'It's not like I have much choice, have I?' the girl replied, sharply.

'We'll deal with it later,' Amanda said.

'Come on, I didn't put myself here.'

'Didn't you?'


'It's your problem, the minutes from the last meeting must be ready till tomorrow.'

'I'll get it sorted.'



Paul said...

Janice, I'm beginning to believe that somewhere deep inside you there is a brat! ;)
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Tom is enjoying it more, and more. And he is very requested by the girls, for someone so shy!



Anonymous said...

Disciplining is easy for the giver, but reluctant when receiving the same,

Janice said...

Dear Paul, really, why would that be...? :-)

Dear Luís, yes, the young man seems to be irresistible, for some reason... :-)

Dear Anonymous, you may find that this is not the case at this school. It seems to be that the receiving it causes as much enthusiasm as giving it, at least in many cases.