Friday, 24 February 2012

Tom's School Days 19

I'm in two minds, really. One thought is to go on with this story, hopefully with more action in the future, think the story demands that. Or writing something different, and wait with the story. Or perhaps both?

Tom was puzzled by the exchange between Amanda Tilly and the naked girl locked in the niche. He wasn't used to hearing her talking with such authority. She obviously knew the girl being punished with detention, and she took no pity on her. Tom concluded that they most likely were very good friends.

Although Tom found the conversation intriguing, he was far more interested in studying the appearance of the girl in the recess. She had red hair, seemed as slender as, although a tad taller than, Amanda. She was pretty, although Tom wasn't too concerned with her face. He seemed never to tire of studying the female physique, and especially if it was presented in the nude.

'I think I have seen her,' he said, as they walked away.

'That was Annabelle, Annabelle Short. She's in the Society.'


'For the Study of Geographical Maps. You'll see her tomorrow, at the meeting.'

'Yes, I see. I suppose with more clothes on, then.'

It was supposed to be a kind of joke. Amanda just smiled gently.

'But I am sure I saw her yesterday. I remember,' he continued, 'she was being chased by GPS.'

'That's true,' Amanda said, 'that's why she's given detention.'

'Is that really fair. I mean, it wasn't her fault she was being stripped, was it?'

'Depends on how you see things. And whenever did you see students being treated fairly?'

'That's true,' Tom admitted.

'And it wasn't GPS. It was FDF.'

'Never heard of them, what's that?'

'The Fellowship for the Denuding of Females.'


'Fancy word for stripping.'

'But it was Annabelle I saw, then?'

'Yes, she has a knack for that kind of thing.'

'Surely you can't blame her?'

'Not so sure. She rather likes it.'

'Likes it?'

'Never mind, you'll get to know her better. She is nice, though.'

Tom went to his room, bewildered by Amanda. He couldn't really get to grips with her personality. On the one hand, she seemed very shy, very sweet, and kind, but he had seen other sides of her too. She was very confident in her talking to Annabelle, and she had been quite brave when he had caned her. In fact, all signs seemed to point in the direction that she had not just endured it, but rather liked it.

It was yet another side she had shown in his room. And he was not just thinking of the fact that she had been quite naked and soft, but also in her actions, after she had slipped between his sheets.

Amanda Tilly intrigued him, and although he had thought the idea of joining her society rather daft, he was now more eager to see what would come of it. The thought of being acquainted with Annabelle was not an altogether unpleasant one.

The next evening, when Tom went on his way towards the Dungeon, where the meeting was to be held, he felt a thrill of excitement. He had no interest, whatsoever, in the study of maps, but if the other members were female and as pretty as Amanda and Annabelle, it could be worthwhile. Amanda's persistence and eagerness for him to join, made him intrigued. He was looking forward to the meeting.


Paul said...

Janice, if I were at such a school, I might die of a surfeit of desire. LOL
'The Fellowship for the Denuding of Females.'
Really, I ask you?
Come to think on it, this could well be a worldwide fellowship with a predominately male membership.
Yep, definitely a Brat!!!!
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Please continue with this! There is a dream-like quality to it that is really special.

Janice said...

Dear Paul, I gather the membership at Tom's school is all male, too. But one may not be completely sure. Maybe there are female members included, for practising on?

Dear Anonymous, 'dream-like quality', I like the sound of that...thank you.