Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tom's School Days 20

Spring is not yet in the air, or at least it has gone into hiding today. I hope this will cheer you up, if only just a little.

The Society for the Study of Geographical Maps held its meetings in a room in the so called Dungeon. It was really a basement room, with a nice pillar in the middle, and vaulted roof, making it look a little like a crypt. The room itself had been made cosier by a Oriental rug on the floor, a table, some wooden chairs, and in the corner a sofa and a couple of armchairs.

Amanda opened the meeting. Tom found that he was the only boy there. Around the table sat, beside him, Amanda, Annabelle, and three other girls he had not seen before. They were introduced as Evy, Lara, and Josephine. He was told that Miss Elvine, Sophie Elvine was missing but she had an acceptable cause, as she was being whipped by her English teacher.

Tom thought all the girls present were very pretty, although of the more held back kind. None of them seemed to belong to the group of more flamboyant girls, like Tamara and Stephanie, girls who knew they were beautiful, and had no qualms about showing it.

Amanda led the proceedings, and she told the Society that they had been given, as a loan, a beautiful map of some Prussian woodlands. Amanda would keep it in her room, and the members were welcome to come and study it. She had brought it to the meeting to show the others, and the map took a turn round the table and was duly admired.

Tom was bored but too polite to show it. The next item on the agenda was introducing him as the executor of the Society. The other girls looked pleased as it was announced, and some of them looked with admiration at him. Tom liked being admired, despite the sense of awkwardness it brought.

The last item, except the closing of the meeting, was the announcement of infringements and consequences. It turned out that the fact that Annabelle had been publicly punished for having been stripped by the FDF was such an infringement. The consequences for that was that she had to be punished. Furthermore it was the executors duty to perform this task.

Before Tom knew it, the girls were on their feet. Amanda ordered Annabelle to strip naked, which she promptly did, although blushing violently. Tom was asked to come forward, and Amanda picked from a bag a very menacing cane, which she handed to Tom.

Annabelle was told to place herself across the armrest of the sofa, and when she was in position, the other girls arranged themselves around her. Tom was told to be so kind and to punish the girl.

The only thing he managed to say was: 'how many?'

'Oh, we haven't decided that,' Amanda said.

The girls put their heads together and whispered for a while.

'Twelve,' Amanda announced.

'Very Well,' Tom said, stiffly.

He couldn't help staring at Annabelle's upturned bottom as the other girls grabbed her to hold her in place. Amanda stood to the side, while Lara held Annabelle's legs, Evy her arms, and Josephine had a firm grip of her head. She was now ready for her punishment.


Paul said...

Janice, how come I'm not surprised.
How many more such goodies can he deal with?
Love and warm hugs,

Janice said...

Dear Paul, poor Tom, poor, poor Tom, it's dirty work, but someone's got to do it.