Friday, 16 March 2012

Tom's School Days 21

At last some action!

Tom was amazed, and overwhelmed. His mouth was dry, but he could not deny the excitement that came with the thought of swinging the dreaded cane at Annabelle's fair bottom.

'Are you sure?' he said, with uncertainty.

'Very sure,' Amanda said, 'and twelve is lenient.'

'But why does she have to be punished? I mean, she's already been in detention.'

'That's the laws of the Society.'

'I see.'

'If you please,' Amanda said, and gestured towards Annabelle.

Tom walked closer to the naked girl, held down across the armrest of the sofa. He placed the cane across her buttocks, to take aim. Annabelle's body twitched as the cane touched her naked skin.

Tom pulled the cane back, hesitated and let it fly through the air. The sound was tremendous, and reverberated through the room. It sounded sharper and more menacing because of the bare stone walls in the Dungeon.

Annabelle squirmed but could not move much. A red stripe was forming across her bottom. Tom felt cruel for beating the poor girl. Her helplessness seemed to be emphasised by her nudity, and the fact that she was firmly held in place by the other Society members.

Tom delivered the second lash, and Annabelle whimpered. This made Tom feel even crueller. He saw the second stripe begin to glow on Annabelle's fair skin.

When the third lash hit home, Tom felt different. There was a certain kind of thrill inside him. And when the fourth hard lash from the cane hit Annabelle's bared bottom elation filled his mind.

He thoroughly enjoyed the five following ones. Annabelle was in agony, as her bottom begin to become criss-crossed by the marks of her punishment.

Then he realised there were only three left. It seemed a pity, now that he had begun to enjoy it. He stopped and thought he should focus, and make the most of them. He heard Annabelle sobbing, and for a moment it made him concerned. The next moment he was overcome with something different, a sensation where her sounds of distress actually heightened his pleasure, when he realised that it was not just the sight of her bottom, and the sound and feel of it, that pleased him, but the fact that he caused her agony. He felt cruel but wonderful.

He deliver the last three with gusto, making sure the fair Annabelle really felt them. When he was done, he stood back. The room was in silence. The only sound the disturbed that silence was the quiet sobbing of Annabelle.

The other girls stared at Tom, and for a moment he wondered if they were angry, if he had gone too far, been too harsh and cruel, and that they now disliked him. He had only to look another time, to realise that it was a completely different sentiment that met him. What he saw in their eyes was admiration, admiration and awe. They liked what he had done.

'Stand up, now, Annabelle, and thank the executor for punishing you,' Amanda said.

Annabelle was released and scrambled to her feet. Tom say that her eyes were red and wet, and she looked very solemn as she turned to him.

'Thank you for punishing me,' she said, curtsied, and leaned forward and kissed the cane.


Paul said...

Janice, sarcastic too young lady, you know what that will get you!
Love and warm hugs,

Janice said...

Dear Paul, I know where it will get me... :-)