Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tom's School Days 22

'How did I do?' Tom asked Amanda, as they walked together from the Dungeon. The other girls had left before, so they were alone, as Amanda locked the door and they left together.

'You did well,' Amanda said, 'brilliantly.'

'I wasn't too harsh?'

'No, not at all, she deserved it.'

'I kind of got carried away.'

'You liked it, then?'

'Truth to be told, Amanda, I think I did. And I feel bad about that.'


'It seems wrong to enjoy such a thing.'

'Why would that be wrong?'

'She was in pain, and I just...enjoyed it.'

'Everybody's happy then!'

'What do you mean?'

'What do you think I mean?'

'She can't have...I mean...she really can't...can she?'

'She knows the rules.'

'I wouldn't enjoy it, not like that.'

'We're all different, let's leave it at that.'

'Perhaps that's for the best.'

'Let me put it like this. I know, for a fact, that you have got yourself some admirers. And that your actions haven't really helped preventing the breaking of rules.'

'I don't understand your lot.'

'You mean us, or girls in general?'

'Both, I think.'

Amanda was smiling as she left. Tom stood for a while, watching her leave. He was strangely pleased with the sight of her, how she moved, the silent confidence, or was it happiness, that her almost skipping walk revealed.

'Tom!' a voice came from the darkness of the cloister.


'Yeah, it's me.'

'What you're doing there?'

'What you're doing with the weird girls?'

'I don't know, Steph, truth to be told, I don't know.'

'They're a creepy bunch.'

'I wouldn't call them creepy. Weird is all right, but not creepy.'

'That Amanda Tilly girl, she is strange. And her friend, the red haired one...'


'Perhaps. Anyway, she was stripped by GPS the other night, and she was given detention. She deserved it, silly girl!'

'It was FDF, actually.'

'You know a lot about that.'

'Never mind.'

'Talking about stripping...'

'Are you serious?'

'I'm always serious. Let's sneak into the garden.'

'Is it safe?'

'As safe as it gets, around here.'

'Sorry about the Tower.'

'Don't be.'

They found a secluded corner in the Garden. Tom sat on the stone bench, with Stephanie beside him. She wasted no time. Her hand slipped down his trousers.

'What have you been up to?' she giggled.

'Oh, nothing much.'

'Was it because of seeing little me?'


Tom hadn't realised how aroused he had been when whipping Annabelle, and now he didn't want to tell Stephanie about it.

As Stephanie's fingers gripped his member, his thoughts wandered away to the meeting in the Dungeon, to Annabelle's naked body, her round and fair bottom, and to the vicious cane in his hand, and to the sound of it as it travelled through the air, towards its encounter with her soft buttocks.

He felt a little guilty for thinking of Annabelle at the same time as Stephanie helped his sex out of the confinement of his trousers, and how she, still with her fingers around it, slid down on her knees, and let her lips move to embrace it.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Tom's School Days 21

At last some action!

Tom was amazed, and overwhelmed. His mouth was dry, but he could not deny the excitement that came with the thought of swinging the dreaded cane at Annabelle's fair bottom.

'Are you sure?' he said, with uncertainty.

'Very sure,' Amanda said, 'and twelve is lenient.'

'But why does she have to be punished? I mean, she's already been in detention.'

'That's the laws of the Society.'

'I see.'

'If you please,' Amanda said, and gestured towards Annabelle.

Tom walked closer to the naked girl, held down across the armrest of the sofa. He placed the cane across her buttocks, to take aim. Annabelle's body twitched as the cane touched her naked skin.

Tom pulled the cane back, hesitated and let it fly through the air. The sound was tremendous, and reverberated through the room. It sounded sharper and more menacing because of the bare stone walls in the Dungeon.

Annabelle squirmed but could not move much. A red stripe was forming across her bottom. Tom felt cruel for beating the poor girl. Her helplessness seemed to be emphasised by her nudity, and the fact that she was firmly held in place by the other Society members.

Tom delivered the second lash, and Annabelle whimpered. This made Tom feel even crueller. He saw the second stripe begin to glow on Annabelle's fair skin.

When the third lash hit home, Tom felt different. There was a certain kind of thrill inside him. And when the fourth hard lash from the cane hit Annabelle's bared bottom elation filled his mind.

He thoroughly enjoyed the five following ones. Annabelle was in agony, as her bottom begin to become criss-crossed by the marks of her punishment.

Then he realised there were only three left. It seemed a pity, now that he had begun to enjoy it. He stopped and thought he should focus, and make the most of them. He heard Annabelle sobbing, and for a moment it made him concerned. The next moment he was overcome with something different, a sensation where her sounds of distress actually heightened his pleasure, when he realised that it was not just the sight of her bottom, and the sound and feel of it, that pleased him, but the fact that he caused her agony. He felt cruel but wonderful.

He deliver the last three with gusto, making sure the fair Annabelle really felt them. When he was done, he stood back. The room was in silence. The only sound the disturbed that silence was the quiet sobbing of Annabelle.

The other girls stared at Tom, and for a moment he wondered if they were angry, if he had gone too far, been too harsh and cruel, and that they now disliked him. He had only to look another time, to realise that it was a completely different sentiment that met him. What he saw in their eyes was admiration, admiration and awe. They liked what he had done.

'Stand up, now, Annabelle, and thank the executor for punishing you,' Amanda said.

Annabelle was released and scrambled to her feet. Tom say that her eyes were red and wet, and she looked very solemn as she turned to him.

'Thank you for punishing me,' she said, curtsied, and leaned forward and kissed the cane.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tom's School Days 20

Spring is not yet in the air, or at least it has gone into hiding today. I hope this will cheer you up, if only just a little.

The Society for the Study of Geographical Maps held its meetings in a room in the so called Dungeon. It was really a basement room, with a nice pillar in the middle, and vaulted roof, making it look a little like a crypt. The room itself had been made cosier by a Oriental rug on the floor, a table, some wooden chairs, and in the corner a sofa and a couple of armchairs.

Amanda opened the meeting. Tom found that he was the only boy there. Around the table sat, beside him, Amanda, Annabelle, and three other girls he had not seen before. They were introduced as Evy, Lara, and Josephine. He was told that Miss Elvine, Sophie Elvine was missing but she had an acceptable cause, as she was being whipped by her English teacher.

Tom thought all the girls present were very pretty, although of the more held back kind. None of them seemed to belong to the group of more flamboyant girls, like Tamara and Stephanie, girls who knew they were beautiful, and had no qualms about showing it.

Amanda led the proceedings, and she told the Society that they had been given, as a loan, a beautiful map of some Prussian woodlands. Amanda would keep it in her room, and the members were welcome to come and study it. She had brought it to the meeting to show the others, and the map took a turn round the table and was duly admired.

Tom was bored but too polite to show it. The next item on the agenda was introducing him as the executor of the Society. The other girls looked pleased as it was announced, and some of them looked with admiration at him. Tom liked being admired, despite the sense of awkwardness it brought.

The last item, except the closing of the meeting, was the announcement of infringements and consequences. It turned out that the fact that Annabelle had been publicly punished for having been stripped by the FDF was such an infringement. The consequences for that was that she had to be punished. Furthermore it was the executors duty to perform this task.

Before Tom knew it, the girls were on their feet. Amanda ordered Annabelle to strip naked, which she promptly did, although blushing violently. Tom was asked to come forward, and Amanda picked from a bag a very menacing cane, which she handed to Tom.

Annabelle was told to place herself across the armrest of the sofa, and when she was in position, the other girls arranged themselves around her. Tom was told to be so kind and to punish the girl.

The only thing he managed to say was: 'how many?'

'Oh, we haven't decided that,' Amanda said.

The girls put their heads together and whispered for a while.

'Twelve,' Amanda announced.

'Very Well,' Tom said, stiffly.

He couldn't help staring at Annabelle's upturned bottom as the other girls grabbed her to hold her in place. Amanda stood to the side, while Lara held Annabelle's legs, Evy her arms, and Josephine had a firm grip of her head. She was now ready for her punishment.