Monday, 4 June 2007

Oh, dear!!!

All work and no play, makes Janice a dull girl. Anyway, this silly variety of the famous proverb is the gentle introduction to more frivolities. Yes, more silliness from me. This time it is about Second Life. I guess you know what it is. Otherwise you may read about it here. I can say this: it is a virtual world where you can go, create your own avatar and wander around meeting people and indulge in all sorts of activities.

It is not such a bad place for someone like me who, at least, is interested in things that cannot be called vanilla (to use the popular term). Anyway, I have created myself a persona that does not, really, look like me but represent me in Second Life. I have met some lovely people and I have experienced a lot of interesting things.

I choose to illustrate this blog entry with an image from Second Life where yours truly gets her bottom tanned by another resident of Second Life who had the kindness of not asking whether I had been naughty. I hadn't of course, since I am a good girl.

I have met this woman who has promised to teach me about submission and I spend my lessons with her kneeling at her feet. I wonder why it is so much easier to be obedient and polite and well behaved in Second Life than in real life.

I bet you didn't think me that kind of person to indulge in virtual experiences but I am. And if anyone of you reading this also has a second life then feel free to email me with your name and I may, just may, come visit you when in Second Life.


Masquer said...

Sounds interesting, if addictive... You should be aware, however, that the image on the blog is too dark to make out -- either a deliberate tease or a careless mistake -- in any event isn't this a spankable offense in the REAL world, where hairbrushes, not airbrushes, rule the day?

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all to hear that you participate in such a virtual world.
What is it anyway but an extension of our own fantasy worlds, into which you have been kind enough to give us a peek on this blog.

I'm sure that a spanking in the real world is more effective and desireable that one in the virtual one.


Anonymous said...

I once had a friend who was into a game called EverQuest. He showed it to me and it looked a lot like what I saw at Second Life. enticed me into taking a look without breaking out the credit card. Looks like fun stuff. I'm a total newbie when it comes to that stuff. All I managed to be able to do was a lot of walking around. The rooms certainly looked interesting though. I'll probably check it out again sometime when I have enough time to read up on how to navigate properly.

No judgements....just thinking out loud. As I wandered around the Second Life fantasy world I wondered just how far fantasy online can go where you just might as well strongly pursue the real thing? As long as it's legal and consensual of course.

That is the quagmire. Sometimes I think we can't tell the difference between swimming and drowning before it's too late.


Janice said...

Dear Readers,

I think there is one important difference between Second Life (SL) and real life and that is that SL is not real. That is, of course, obvious, but it also means that I can indulge in things I wouldn't do in real life without adverse results. A brutal person spanking me too hard will not harm me in SL and I have no social standing there that can be harmed by me behaving in ways that may be frowned upon in real life.


Masquer said...

MUCH better photo. Still a bit visually confusing, though. Hope you will post more pix from time to time. And it is a relief to know you are not (yet) tempted to relocate entirely to the other side of the Magic Mirror...

Dove said...

I adore your/her little wrist and ankle cuffs.

I think this could be the perfect place to indulge fantasies for anyone.


Anonymous said...

What B.S. Janice is a man, pretending to be a femal.

Janice said...

Dear Anonymous, strange that you should have such knowledge, or believe you have. Who's bullshitting?