Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Story of Miranda, part 4

So here it is, the fourth instalment of the Story of Miranda. What seemed like a spanking story turned into a girly romantic story. I am like that. There is no continuation. It might turn into pornography should I continue or a serious relationship drama. Perhaps, sometime in the future. There are some snippets and situations from their life together that I might post here but no real continuation.

I changed during that summer and much thanks to Felicia. We went shopping together and she insisted on me getting clothes I never would have dreamt of buying. I got a brand new red bikini, even smaller than the blue one. The top was not considerable smaller but the bottom was minimal. I only partly covered my bum and its front was minimal. Seeing me from the side one could think I was naked. Felicia insisted on me tying the cords at the sides with bows that could easily be slipped. Most girls tie stout knots and make them look like bows but mine were real. This made me feel vulnerable. I had to buy a very short, wide skirt. It fell only to halfway down my thighs and was very revealing. Adding to that was the fact that it hung very low on my hips. Felicia told me to wear a shirt together with the skirt and knot it in front so that it left my belly exposed. It was nothing unusual about that but it was most shocking for tiny Miranda to be dressed like that. I had the tiniest of shorts and only the red bikini top when we went walking in town on hot summer afternoons.

She took an interest in dressing me so that I had to reveal my body in public. Nothing I wore was shocking or strange, many girls wore less but they were hip, they were sexy. I was the unassuming Miranda and was embarrassed to have to walk through town with exposed belly. It was very exciting at the same time. I often blushed when we passed people and I thought that they looked at me and my body. Sometimes they did. I was very much aware of boys and men watching me.

I felt ashamed at the same time as I enjoyed being so naked. I felt a special tingling in my body when I saw men turning their heads looking at me. I wondered if it was like this for other girls. Maybe this was what it was all about, this dressing up and showing off that the girls did?

That summer was exciting and arousing and the best thing was that Felicia was in command. I felt happy not having to be responsible for this. She commanded and I went along. The downside with all this exposure was that I couldn't get spanked as much as we wanted. It was hard to spank me without leaving some traces. During the spring semester one of the girls had commented on some marks on my bum during gym class. I had been whipped three days before and the marks still showed. I said something plausible and I don't think someone realised what had happened but we felt the need for being more cautious.

I was happy during that summer although I was sad about the spankings. I missed them or rather I missed the opportunity they gave me of losing myself in it. I have described it as being dragged to the edge of a terrifying void and almost pushed over it and that I longed for to be pushed. Although we experimented a lot I didn't seem to get any closer to that void that I so much lusted for and feared. I was eager to be pushed even further, to really lose control although I knew it meant that I would have to submit, for real, to the pain. I imagined it as pain beyond endurance and something I couldn't cope with and that it would make me fall into that void. Pain was always pain and it hurt so. I couldn't thing of anything more horrible than unbearable pain but the longing for what it might do to me was undiminished.

There was another theme that seemed to dominate that summer and it was connected to the incidents with our hugging each other and Felicia's hand in my jeans. Felicia took an interest in my body or exposing it. It seemed that these incidents had changed Felicia too and that she was more keen on looking at me and exposing me and making me feel ashamed of being exposed. I caught her regarding me sometimes when I was walking from the water, wet and in my bikini or laying in the sun.

Nothing was said but there was something, concerning my body, that went on underneath the surface. It was about her gaze and the lust for being touched and maybe the lust to touch as well. In some ways I was in love with her. I wanted her to watch me and I wanted her to touch me but I could not admit it. Felicia didn't say anything either but there was this air of something nice and powerful going on.

This changed suddenly one afternoon by the lake. It was late in the summer and the air was hot. We stayed on when most people started to leave and after some time we were alone. We often choose spots that were almost deserted even when the lake was crowded and this afternoon we were alone.

We were lying in the setting sun feeling warm and lazy. Suddenly I felt Felicia's eyes on me. I turned around and looked at her. She looked back and smiled as strange kind of smile.

'Take your top off!' she said.

'Ok,' I answered.

It happened now and then that she commanded me to take my top off. I don't know why but this time I sat up and stretched and made quite a show of it. I felt a bit ashamed, but nice in a way, doing that. It wasn't a big show, nothing spectacular but I stretched my body, arched my back a little and undid my top and slipped it off. I felt like a stripper but if anyone could have seen me it was nothing out of the ordinary, I guess.

My performance was not lost on Felicia, though. She watched me intensely and I sat on the beach for a while enjoying the sun. I wanted to stay in that moment because it felt good, daring to take off my bikini top while she watched.

'Take off your knickers!' she said and my heart took a leap and started pounding. This was new. I had showed off my breasts before but I had never been naked in a public place like this. No one was there so there was not much risk being seen but it was still shocking.

'Here?' I asked feeling stupid.

'Yeah,' she answered and didn't stop looking at me.

I looked around to see if anyone could see me and then I decided that I dared risking it. The sense was not if I dared doing it rather how hard it would be doing it, because I couldn't resist her demands. I slipped down my hands and quickly pulled off my knickers. I was shaking. I was naked. She watched me and I was embarrassed. At the same time it felt nice in a kind of warm and sexy way to strip for her.

'Lay down now!' she said and I did.

'No, as before, on your back!'

My cheeks were probably very red when I awkwardly rolled over and lay on my back. I felt terrible exposed and was hoping no one would see me, no one besides Felicia. I wanted her to see me and I think she did. I didn't look at her but I sensed her eyes upon me. I took up my book and started to read again. I felt the urge to do something ordinary just to stop the beating of my heart and the scary, dreadful sense of being aroused by the whole thing.

Then she touched me. I felt her hand on my belly. Her fingers were cool against my warm skin when she lightly touched the area around my navel. I was shocked but it felt ever so good. I held my breath not daring to do or say anything. I was afraid that the slightest reaction from me would break the spell and she would withdraw her hand. I was embarrassed but it was so good to sense her touch and I didn't want it to stop.

Her hand moved around, stroking my belly, moving down to my lower belly. I was terrible aroused and couldn't' breath. I was scared she would touch my sex at the same time as I longed for it. I was helpless in her hands. I was vulnerable and exposed.

She did move down to my sex. I almost exploded when she carefully placed her hand on my sex. She stroked me a little and I felt the tingling between my legs. I tried to be still but I think I shivered and maybe moved a little. When she slipped her fingers into me I let go of a tiny, pathetic, little sound. I held my breath again and tried to control my trembling body. I didn't want her to leave me as she had did the time before but I was equally afraid that she would satisfy me.

Her fingers burnt in me and I felt even more vulnerable with her presence there, in my most intimate spot. She moved around a little and I felt waves of heat running through my body. I almost fainted with the sensation and I didn't want her to stop. I almost forgot that we were laying on a public beach and I was completely naked.

The heat seemed to focus on my sex and with a great deal of fear I realised that I was close to coming. I believe Felicia felt that too but she didn't seem to mind. She kept her fingers moving in me and the inevitable happened. I came with a vengeance. I can't describe the tingling and heat that soared through my body. I think I sighed and moved but it was beyond anything I had ever experienced.

I didn't notice Felicia removing her hand. I recall rolling over on my side, overcome with emotions and the physical reaction, burying my face in my hands, being both happy and ashamed.

When I came around I felt Felicia's hand on my shoulder. I rose to my knees, looking at her.

'I am so ashamed,' I said.

'Didn't you like it?' she asked suddenly looking scared and concerned.

'It was the best.' I said and almost started to cry. Felicia took me in her arms and I hugged her violently. I pressed my naked body against her and I felt her close to me. I hugged her and cried at her shoulder and felt happy. It was good sensing her body against mine and her arms around me and my arms around her.

After a while she looked me in the eyes with a serious face. She regarded me for a second or two and then she kissed me. She kissed me on the lips. A sweet, soft kiss. A kiss that didn't demand anything but was the sweetest thing imaginable. I eagerly kissed her back and we were suddenly full of passion. We kissed for a long time and my head swirled. I was kissing a girl and I liked it. I loved her and she was a girl.

We came to our senses and realised that we didn't want to be seen. It was a forbidden thing and we would have to hide it. We knew that. We looked at each other in bewilderment and then we smiled. It was good but we had to go back now. We could not stay. I didn't know what this would lead to but I loved her and I didn't care too much at that moment.


Anonymous said...

Cool. I like the power you both have over each other. You make each other what you are, without that each would be less. (And yeah, I do know it's a fantasy.)

In general, I've enjoyed reading some of your blog. Hopefully I'll find the time to read the rest.

Keep it up.

Janice said...

Thank you, I am happy you liked the story. It is so true that you are more than the combination of two people when you are with someone you love.


Ana said...

I love ur blog specially enjoyed miranda's story
I wish i could have someone like that in my life, someone that u can share all of ur secrect thoughts with..