Monday, 21 May 2007

The Story of Miranda, part 3

Here is the third instalment of the story of Miranda and her friend Felicia. I suspect the story, here, takes a turn that was not completely expected by you all. I don't know. I have hinted at it.

Things was about to change again. Spring had turned to early summer. I was totally surprised by the change but with hindsight it was inevitable, I guess. The first step was taken during an afternoon in early June. It was a Friday and we were along at Felicia's place. Her parents were out and no gym class until Wednesday next week so it was a perfect evening for some hard spanking of me, the kind that left marks.

This time I was kneeling by the bed. I had no trousers or knickers on and Felicia was about to whip me with a cane she had found in the basement. It was a cane used for carpets and it was a single strand twisted and coiled back on itself in one arch. It was extremely powerful and the pain was horrible. I cried out at the first blow and Felicia didn't dare give me more than half a dozen before I was reduced to tears. I lay sobbing on her bed my bum on fire. The pain was more than I was used to and Felicia was somewhat shocked by the effect it had on me.

Suddenly I felt her hand on my shoulder.

'Miranda, are you alright?' she asked.

I tried to nod and rose to my knees. She was kneeling in front of me and suddenly we stood there kneeling, face to face. I must have looked horrible because she suddenly reached out and touched my cheek. That kind of affection was not usual between us. It had an enormous effect on me, though. I burst into tears and couldn't control myself. Felicia took me in her arms and hugged me. I pressed my body against hers and hugged her back. We held each other for a long time before it felt silly or embarrassing. Felicia stroked my back and I enjoyed the feeling of being comforted by her. I didn't mind her hand moving down and stroking my bottom. Her hand was cool against my burning skin and that felt good.

Suddenly it made me aware of my nakedness. I had no clothes below my waist and I realised that I was pressing my whole body against hers and I felt the fabric of her trousers against my thighs and lower belly and I felt naked. The strange thing was that I stayed for a short while in that position. I enjoyed feeling naked in her arms and sensing her slim body against mine. Then it dawned upon me that I shouldn't feel that way. She was too close, too intimate and I tried to disengage. She slowly let me go and I didn't want to do anything aggressive but I wanted to get away from being close to her. I was too embarrassed and too ashamed. I had enjoyed it but it was something that I wasn't supposed to feel.

I said something and we laughed and I dressed and we talked about the cane and that it was a good implement. I agreed because it was so powerful and I wanted to be overwhelmed and I told Felicia so and she looked at me with a gaze I could not interpret.

Things changed more but before I talk about that I have to mention another thing that was going on inside me during that time. Getting spankings from Felicia made me think about how I saw her and whom I was in relation to her. When I had first met her, which seemed like an eternity ago, I had imagined myself kneeling at her feet, a captive before her throne. I started to feel as if reality had become like that. I felt that I was not only accepting spankings from her, wanting spankings from her, but I was also submitting myself to her will. That was strange and complicated and scary but I wanted it to be like that.

Sometime after the hug something happened that changed things again. It was something that made me grow up in many ways and that opened up a floodgate in my mind. We were lying on my bed one hot afternoon and we were feeling lazy. I was lying on my back reading some comic book and Felicia was browsing through some other book. This afternoon I was dressed in jeans and t-shirt.

I was caught up in my book and didn't notice that Felicia had stopped reading and was lying on her side regarding me. I sensed something was happening and looked at her. She noticed my attention and looked up at me. She looked me in the eyes for a second and then looked at my midriff.

'Your t-shirt is very short,' she said and suddenly I felt her finger against my belly. My t-shirt was indeed short and left some four inches of skin visible between my jeans and my t-shirt. Felicia was now touching my exposed skin and that sent a bolt of fire through me. I was immensely embarrassed but I lay still. Something inside me said that my determination of subjecting myself to her will was being put to the test now. I would not protest or do anything to stop her. I was hers to do what she pleased with.

Suddenly I felt her gaze on my body and I felt completely naked. I shivered with embarrassment but didn't say anything or move. She gave me a quick glance but was then focussed on my belly. She stroked it for a while and I held my breath. She touched my skin and it felt intrusive and very nice at the same time.

Then she slid her hand inside my jeans. I drew my breath and held it, unable to move or speak. She made her way, slowly, down to my sex. I was aroused, shamefully aroused. Here I was lying on my bed beside my friend and she had her hand in my jeans and I was aroused. I had changed. I was changing.

I wanted her desperately to touch my sex and at the same time I was afraid what might happen if she did. I felt totally and utterly exposed and completely in her power. I knew I wasn't but I felt as if I was.

She did touch my sex. Her fingers slid into me and stayed there for an eternity but not long enough. My body was on fire and I wanted nothing more than for her to break through to me and make it happen. I didn't say anything but she must have heard me breathing. I was agitated, aroused and helpless. I was hers and she seemed to know that.

She didn't stay long enough and when she withdrew her hand, my sex ached. I was frustrated and upset by her lighting my fire but not putting it out. I looked at her almost with horror. Her hand left my body and I longed for it already. She looked up at me and must have seen my red cheeks. She smiled. She seemed completely self assured and completely in control and enjoying it. I was lost and powerless. I wanted to kneel before her and offer myself as a slave if only she would satisfy me and at the same time I was upset and humiliated and despised myself for being so utterly weak.

She acted as if nothing had happened and I felt embarrassed by that. I felt as if I had stripped naked showing all of my inner desires and she had laughed at me. The strangest of things was that I didn't hate her for it. I loved her. Later I asked her to spank me. She complied and gave me a good thrashing with the leather belt. I cried when she was done. I felt the tingling in my sex through the pain and when she left that evening I was still on fire.

Alone in my room I gave myself the satisfaction I had been denied and I had to admit that spanking evoked something in me, something that had to do with sex. I had fooled myself that it was just for fun or for some romantic idea about submission. I knew that I loved Felicia in a way that I had never expected. I had never known how much I had longed for her to touch me. It terrified me to be so exposed to her.

From that moment my mind was full of images of me being naked in front of people under the strangest of circumstances. I saw myself naked in the classroom or naked walking with Felicia in town. I had images in my head of having to strip before her and being examined by her. She was always dressed. Sometimes I was a slave, naked in chains being sold at a market and she was the one selling me.

I longed for to get naked with Felicia, to get naked for her, in front of her. But I couldn't admit it. I was too shy. It may sound strange but I was still tiny Miranda, tiny unassuming Miranda. Things had changed a lot during those months but I am not sure anyone noticed. We were always together and we were the weird girls but I don't think anyone suspected that one of the weird girls were being spanked by the other and if they had known that one had put her hand inside the other's jeans they would have fallen off their chairs.

I longed to get naked and luckily it was summer. We went swimming by the lake. Swimming meant swimming costume and it was natural to get naked. It is easy to write that I longed to get naked but I didn't admit it to myself. At the lake I could have my bikini. Wearing bikini meant being almost naked and being almost naked with Felicia.

Felicia had a green one piece swimsuit. It was stylish and somewhat old fashioned but it suited her. I dared show my body in a blue bikini. It was quite small and revealing with a tiny top and a tiny tie side bottom. Most girls would have felt ok in such a bikini but I felt exposed and naked in it. This was scary but something good as well. When we were among other people I felt as if I was naked. I felt as if I was naked for Felicia, because of her, as if I was hers. I imagined being her slave and had to be naked at her feet. I enjoyed feeling her eyes on my body. I felt it even stronger when we were alone by the water.

She had come a long way, tiny Miranda. A year ago I had been nobody and now I enjoyed being seen and watched wearing a bikini. Still I was shy, still I couldn't admit enjoying being exposed. I was still ashamed by the thought of someone seeing my body. Felicia seemed to know that. She ordered me to take my top off one afternoon. We weren't alone and I was shocked but I knew I had to obey. I untied my top and took it off and immediately lay down on my belly trying to cover myself. Felicia told me to buy ice cream so there I was walking to the stand topless. There were some people from our school there and I know they saw me. I am sure they were quite surprised. It was even more embarrassing because they didn't know that I had been ordered to do it.

On the other hand walking to the ice cream stand topless was one of the most exciting things I had ever done, not necessarily the most shocking or most powerful but in a sense the most exciting. It was like being in one of my fantasies, exposed and naked in front of the world and feeling ashamed and aroused.


Anonymous said...

I realy like this story, it is very sencitive and a thril to read. Thanks Jennice, you rock girl!


Anonymous said...

It's a good story, developing nicely Janice.