Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Story of Miranda, part 2

This is the next instalment of the story of Miranda and her friend Felicia. Miranda is not a girl who takes things lightly so everything moves quite slowly.

But the floodgates had been opened. I was changed. I had entered into a strange world. The sensational thing about this was that I wasn't alone. Felicia was there too. I couldn't be completely sure that Felicia felt the same but I hoped so. Something in her way of looking at me told me that maybe she was taken by this as well. After all she had been the one suggesting it.

I desperately wanted to be spanked again. It is easy to write that now but the thought, then, was terrifying and almost a forbidden one. The thought of being spanked was humiliating and scary and something I really dreaded but I felt a strange and forbidden urge to have it done to me again. I could not understand why I wanted something painful to be done to me, something painful and humiliating. There was this strange mix of feelings in the thought. I had never been so scared and I had never felt such pain and agony but I had never been so aroused and excited either.

I think the most humiliating thing was that I felt aroused by it. It made me hot and not only hot as when blushing but as in having a tingling sensation in my sex. I didn't think of it as something sexual but the urge was something that had to do with lust and such things and that was hard to admit.

Some time later, when I had thought about this all too much, I decided to talk to her. I was determined to trust Felicia to be my friend and that admitting things to her was not that bad. She would not shun me. She might laugh at me but she would still be my friend. I dreaded her ridicule but I wanted to tell her what all this meant to me.

I was the one opening the discussion about it the next time we met.

'I want to try it again,' I said and felt my heart stop beating.

'What?' Felicia said, looking innocent. This made me want to retract my steps and talk about something else, something ordinary but it was too late.

'I want to be spanked again.' I couldn't believe I had said that.

'Did you like it?' Felicia said which was a cruel thing to say. She could have helped me, instead she forced me to tell her about my feelings.

'No, not really,' I said, 'maybe a little.'

'Do you really want me to spank you again?'

'I want to try it once more.'

'Yeah, why not, it was fun?' She sounded casual but I sensed something more behind her words.

She fetched the brush and my heart sank when I saw it in her hand. The thought of the pain returned and I almost changed my mind. Then I thought that it was supposed to be dreadful and my determination returned, somewhat.

'Felicia,' I said.

'Yes,' she answered.

'Maybe you should spank me longer, this time.'

'Alright,' she answered sounding a bit strange.

She didn't have to command me this time to lean over the bed. I wanted her to command me but I felt that I should comply with what was expected of me and not pretend to be ignorant. I leaned over the bed and this time I pulled up my skirt. My heart started pounding in my breast. I wanted to pull down my knickers as well to get the spanking on my bare skin but I couldn't get myself to do that. I needed her to command me.

She laid the brush on my bottom and I held my breath in anticipation. I knew more about it now and I expected it to hurt but I was still excited and I had to admit to myself that I was aroused. Then she started to spank me. She waited a second or two between smacks and alternated between my cheeks. The first swats was almost bearable but the pain soon grew. I wanted to get away from the relentless smacking of my bottom and the pain was soon unbearable and far more than anything I could stand. I heard my own voice, not screaming, but moaning and letting out sounds of distress. It was a strange sensation of hearing myself but it felt good too, humiliating but good.

In this slow and painful smacking of my bottom I thought about how much more painful it must be if she was to smack my bare bottom. The thought was scary but at the same time I longed for her to demand it. I urged for having to take down my knickers but she didn't command me.

The spanking continued for a while. I didn't count but she continued at least twice as long as the first time. I got that overwhelming sensation of being pushed to the edge of some terrifying void and I wanted to be pushed over it, to lose control, although I wasn't sure I was prepared to allow that to happen.

Then she stopped spanking me. For a short while I was relieved but also disappointed that I wasn't to be spanked on my naked skin. Then she said in a low voice:

'Take down your knickers!'

I almost protested because I felt so embarrassed but I didn't say anything. Instead I brazed myself for the task of obeying her. My hands trembled when I reached for my knickers. I hesitated but then I pulled them down. This time I wasn't so shy but pulled them down to my bended knees. I heard Felicia draw her breath and she didn't move for a while. I was embarrassed because I knew that she could watch my naked bottom now. The strange thing was that I felt almost unbearably aroused by the thought of having her watching my exposed behind. I felt cheap but aroused by it.

Then she started to spank me. She was more relentless this time. She wielded the brush with more vigour. The pain was more direct, more humiliating against my naked skin. My head swirled. I fought the impulse of fleeing. I had to stay, I had to take my spanking. I heard Felicia breathing heavily and heard the sound of the wood against my skin. I almost cried out. I felt tears in my eyes and I couldn't stop my body from moving, wriggling under the swats.

Then she increased the frequency and the final hail of blows made me want to push my body through the bed away from the brush. I screamed a little. When it was over I lay panting on her bed. I wasn't really there mentally and it took me some time to return to reality. Suddenly I felt Felicia close to my left ear. She leaned forward and whispered with a low and gentle voice.

'Your spanking is over.'

I was bewildered by this sudden kindness. The spanking was something we did together but her voice in my ear was an act of kindness, something she did to me, for me.

I recovered my stance, pulled up my knickers and rubbed my bottom a little. I was still hot but felt calmer now. My bum burned and ached but the sensation was exciting and almost nice.

This time we talked about it. I was lying on my stomach in her bed and Felicia sat in an armchair.

'Do you hate me for it?' Felicia asked.

'For what?' I said.

'For spanking you so hard.'

'No, no, not at all,' I answered somewhat confused, 'why should I?'

'I mean, I was, kind of cruel to you.'

'I want you to be cruel to me.' I said and almost bit my tongue. This felt like a confession of some sort and I wasn't sure I was prepared for that.

'I mean, spankings are supposed to hurt,' I continued.

'I guess so,' she said, suddenly thoughtful, 'I think you are right.'

'Of course I am right,' I said.

'It's not that I am angry or anything but it feels, kind of, good to spank you.'

She was silent. This was a confession from her. I was a bit surprised but it felt good too.

'Next time I think you should be harder with me,' I said feeling more confident all of a sudden.

She fell silent for a while.

'Do you think we should do it again?' she asked in a low voice.

I had to be silent for a while now.

'I do,' I said, swallowing, preparing for something difficult, 'I want you to spank me again, sometime.'

'I'd love to,' she said with an unexpected outburst of enthusiasm. She sank back, slightly embarrassed. I looked at her and felt the need to disarm the situation.

'Maybe you will have to tie me down then. It is really hard keeping in place.'

I think that day settled a lot between us. We had confessed to each other things that had been secrets, I think. I had admit that I wanted to be spanked and she that she wanted to spank me.

A crazy time followed. During April and May that spring Felicia spanked me a lot. We talked only about spanking. We tried different methods and different implements. We went shopping for things to spank me with. We found spatulas and spoons among kitchen utensils that were great for spanking. It was a strange feeling standing there in the shop holding a long bath brush and thinking that it would be used on my bum sometime and imagining the pain it would cause, strange but exciting.

We tried out different positions with me kneeling or standing bent over and lying on the bed. We did away with the silly spanking on the knickers so that I had all my spankings on naked skin. Things escalated so we tried things that would hurt me more and we experimented with tying me down during the spanking. It was a strange feeling being unable to move freely and being able to struggle without success. We made plans for arranging spankings in strange places and we had ideas of tying me to a pole like in the olden days when people were flogged in public. We had no sturdy pole and were not likely to find one. Still we allowed ourselves to have fantasies.

Being spanked was not an easy thing but I longed for it at the same time as I dreaded it. I was constantly upset about a spanking I had received or one I was expecting. My life was turned upside down. When the end term exams came up Felicia got the brilliant idea of having me spanked according to my results. Every point less than maximum on an exam rendered me a number of swats with some implement. This made sitting the exams quite exciting. I struggled to get things right knowing that failure meant pain. I was quite good at it but getting the results back was even more terrifying now. The sense of failure when I didn't get full score was added to with the knowledge of the whipping I would receive.

I wasn't spanked only with spatulas and spoons and brushes. Felicia tried a leather belt one day and that was terrible. It sounded like gunshots and the pain was tremendous. Sometimes the leather wrapped around my body and hurt my belly. That was cruel.

One day she bought me a bamboo stick. The impact was beyond belief. I cried out at the first blow. Some time later we went, together, to a shop where they sold riding crops and bought one. I remember the sensation of holding it in my hand knowing that it would be used on my body later.

We had become quite open with the matter of spankings and we talked for long times about how exciting it was and why we liked it. I wasn't completely honest about it with Felicia and didn't admit that I was aroused by it. I think she knew but we didn't talk about it. I think, maybe, she was aroused too but she never said.

There was something going on underneath the surface, something I sensed but could not talk about. It was connected to the forbidden sensation of being aroused but it was something else. Being spanked by Felicia became more and more intense. I dared cry and move around more and she showed her enjoyment and sometimes she laughed out loud with sheer pleasure.

Sometimes I had to lie in her lap for my spanking and that gave me the strangest sensations. I felt extremely humiliated by the the touch of her trousers or skirt against my naked skin when I had pulled down trousers and knickers and was lying there in her lap. The contrast between her dressed body and my naked skin was overwhelming. I was embarrassed but at the same time it felt good. It felt good being close to her but I didn't admit that to myself. I just enjoyed lying in her lap at the same time as it was the most humiliating of all positions, the one I begged of her not to have to take.


Lothar said...

This sings. I can almost feel ... my own palm tingling! Your story is almost musical in the long, long crescendo. Theme and variations. Intriguing variations. But, I wonder, where oh where can you go from here? Have you held anything back for a part 3? I am surely not the only one who will be waiting, and hoping.

Katta said...

Hi Janice,

this is as good as ever! I can realy apriciate this kinde of story, it could be me there, bending over for Felicia to go on and about on you now. I realy hope that you have more coming for us gready readers of yours

By the way, were did you lern Swedich?


Janice said...

Thank you for your kind comments. There are some more instalments coming up. I hope I will not disappoint you. Remember, this is, really, a tale of friendship, a friendship that includes spanking!
And Katta, you could go to my profile page and send me an email and I will give you the answer to your question.