Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Tied Up Women

I guess you have seen them too. While trawling the Web and especially the kinkier side of it I have come across quite a few images of women tied up and hanging from the ceiling in some uncomfortable way, or tied down to some vile device penetrated by some strange machine or the like. I have chosen to illustrate this post with a drawing by Gnarly Thotep but most often these images are photographs, taken in some garage or basement, the men clothed, casual, the women always naked and in peril, fastened or tied or chained in new and ingenious ways.

I am not writing about them because I enjoy them but because I find them interesting in many ways. And this time interesting is not necessarily equal to enjoyable, so lets stick to interesting. There are two points I want to make, here.

The first is about men and their hobbies. Why is it that so many men (and mostly men) are so immersed in their hobbies, be it angling, trains, big cars or bondage? These men seem to be totally and completely fascinated by whatever they are interested in and can't stop caring about all the gadgets and equipment that comes with it.

It seems to me to be something in these images that show that type of fascination with the hobby itself. There is a wide variety of devices, ropes and chains that are used to tie these women up and new and ingenious ways of arranging their bodies. The men seem to excel in the use of their equipment on these women. They seem to try to find always new ways of tying a woman up in a humiliating and painful way.

The thing is that I wouldn't be surprised that if two of these men should meet they would indulge in a long (and for others quite boring) conversation about the quality of different ropes or which types of shackles are best to fasten a woman to one of their favourite devices.

Forgive me if I sound a little dismissive but I can't help being fascinated by it and thinking that there is a risk of a certain nerdiness connected with this. A disclaimer is called for. I don't know any of these men and I do not participate in such play so I can truly believe there are a lot of other issues that are far more important than the ones I have pointed to.

Secondly I am utterly and totally fascinated by the women in those images. How do they survive and endure such treatment? While the men use their imagination to find humiliating and uncomfortable ways of tying women up, these women have to undergo it all and concentrate on enduring.

I know that there are some women who really enjoy this but I would not be one of them. My thoughts are my own and I do not claim to talk for these women. So allow me my outside view on this and don't be offended or think I am dismissive towards masochistic women. It would be far from my mind.

The thing is that I can fantasise about being chained and even tortured but I would not want it in real life. These women, in the photographs are actually and really subject to it and I admire them their resolve and endurance. I do hope they are well paid or of the kind that really enjoy what they are going through.

Please, remember, dear Reader, that I really think that anyone should be allowed to pursue pleasure in whatever way they want without harming others so I have nothing, whatsoever, against the men and women in those pictures. These are just my own thoughts.


Masquer said...

An unusual post, to discuss what does NOT interest you. Doubly so in light of an earlier "iconic image" by the same artist of a girl hung (improbably, if excruciatingly) by her toes.

I agree with you, that the paraphernalia of D/S relations, and taking everything to extremes, can be off-putting. (Ah for a gloriously nude girl, a bit of twine, and a strap ... or feather)

Is the fixation on gadgetry & extremes a product of a superficial culture, or a symptom of the human need for higher highs as the perverse mind perversely builds up tolerance, craves more & differeent thrills??

Dove said...

I guess there could be an almost 'geeky' side to bondage and I am sure many D's have discussed such things in depth. Strangely enough when ML and I started into this sort of thing, he was very keen on the restraining/tieing aspect of our play and has already suggested using my multi-gym as a sort of bondage table. Without trivialising this perhaps it is somehow linked to their love of tools and gadgets.

I like this picture and enjoy the bondage but not sure if I would want to be hung upside down. My practical side thinks the blood will rush to my head and make me dizzy, perhaps that is part of the play.


Janice said...

I am not sure my point was that it was off-putting. Rather that these aspects fascinate me. And Dove, I think it is a general love, among some men, for gadgets and tools. Thank you for your comments. I would definitely not want to be hung upside down. When I think of it, not hung at all (bad joke...I know).

another dear reader said...

Janice, I am delighted to hear you are not well hung.