Friday, 28 September 2007

Cosy Thoughts

Fantasies about getting your bottom smacked or having your clothes ripped off your body and being chained and sold are good for a lot of things. Indeed, they are and very nice on the whole. But there is one time when they are not so very useful. That is when you are falling asleep. Or rather, when you want to fall asleep. No, slave markets and riding crops and bottoms are far too exciting for that.

I know I may sound a little flippant and even a little silly but I am going to write something about nice and cosy fantasies that are good for falling asleep. I have all sorts of fantasies for that. I like to close my eyes, cuddle up to husband and just let my mind fly away.

The thing is that fly away is very much what I choose to do. I have this recurrent fantasy about flying a space ship. So when I want to fall asleep I board a nice little space ship and take off for the stars.

In my mind it may look something like the space ships in those old Flash Gordon films from the 30s. The ones with Buster Crabbe as Flash, in black and white and with silly clothes and uniforms. The space ships look fabulous and I would love to fly one of those.

I am not a very adventurous person (as you may have noticed) so there is seldom any danger connected to my space flights. No, I take off smoothly and silently (sic) in my space craft and point it towards the stars and fly away into outer space (other space...utter space....).

I don't often get very far before I leave the space ship and wander freely in the realm of dreams, real dreams, the kind that you have when you are soundly asleep.

Good night and have interesting dreams!


Amenuphis said...

OK, I'll try a Flash Gordon fantasy... hmm, I seem to be Ming the Merciless -- standing over -- none other than Dale Arden, whimpering in a harem getup ... get up, Dale.... now down...

THIS is your idea of restful? (Hope I haven't spoiled it for you, Janice ... heh-heh-heh (stroking Fu Manchu Beard....)

Dove said...

Thanks Janice

I never thought of the space ship to take me to my dreams, so to speak. I might give that a try. It takes me some time to get to sleep as I need to calm all the chatter that goes on in there and that can take time.

Janice said...


Anonymous said...


I know just what you mean about the wrong kind of fantasies before sleep - or rather lack of it.

Perhaps some nice doze-off-to-sleep fantasies would be just the thing, though I'm not sure about Flash Gordon, I can't think of it without the line from the more recent film coming to mind " Oh, Flash, I love you, but we've only got 14 hours to save the earth!"