Monday, 1 October 2007


About a year ago I fell off my bicycle. It was a lovely day at the end of September last year. I was on my way to work. I was cycling along a cycle path. It is quite narrow and only bicycles and pedestrians are allowed there. Here and there there are bollards put up, to stop cars entering the path and to make the bike tour more dangerous.

I was approaching one of those bollards, slowly, being aware of the risk of hitting it. There was a group if teenagers standing close by and I remember thinking how embarrassing it would be to fall off my bicycle in front of them.

Still approaching very slowly the handlebar hit the bollard and my bicycle went one way and I the other. I hit the ground flat on my face. The teenagers asked me if I was ok and I lied to them and said I was. I scrambled to my feet and turned around and went home, walking this time, leading my bicycle.

The strange thing was that I had hit the ground flat on my chest but the very white shirt I was wearing did not show any sign of what had happened (except a tiny spot of blood). My black trouser (yes, I do wear trousers from time to time) were very dirty. I had fallen on my face but I could not find a scratch. Still my glasses were broken while I was still wearing them. I did wear a helmet, which showed signs of having hit the ground quite hard.

I managed to get home where I assessed my injuries. I had hit my ribcage on the left side quite badly and my right arm I had managed to twist in some strange way and it was in a bad state. I was in a great deal of pain for some weeks and could not do anything but lie on my back in bed. I know what you are thinking but even the lightest hug was an ordeal. After a month, I think, my ribs were getting better but my right arm I could not still straighten properly. It took at least six months before it was back to normal.

It was about that time I started my blog. Is there a connection? Anyway, I don't usually write just about myself like this. I still think that what goes on in my mind is far more interesting than a simple cycling accident. Still it is my blog so I can be a little free to tell my story.

Now I can laugh about falling off my bicycle but it was quite embarrassing at the time and I can't really understand how I managed to do that at that particular location. It was one of those really unnecessary accidents that could be easily avoided and I have no one else to blame but me.

So, Dear Reader, always remember to wear a helmet when riding your bicycle!


Manorlord said...

Ouch. But how sweetly, tenderly usually-sinister-I would have kissed your poorpoor boo-boos... dusted you off (hmm, Janice...a dusting-off...)

But, my dear, what the world (OK, the New World) REALLY wants to know is: whatever are BOLLARDS?? Are they like BOLLOCKS (or BULLOCKS), and if so (or if not) what were they doing on the sidewalk (kerb??)

Confession: I cracked a rib last summer leaping over a brook (yes, at my age...) It was up in the mountains and the air was thin and I was giddy ... and I made it but slipped on the wet grass and landed on a thick rotting branch (which broke under me. (I tell you everything, don't I?) two adolescent girls were watching, laughing I think so I SPRANG to my feet and strode around a corner before yelping & feeling the tender spot...

Dove said...

Oh, Janice, you must have cracked yourself badly to have taken so long to heal. Isn't it the way though when you think something like that (not wanting to fall off in front of someone) and then it happens. Almost like you willed it by not wanting it so much.

I had a similar experience with a bee, whilst in the bath shaving my legs. I thought if that damn bee comes near me I will jump with fright and I could cut myself. Sure enough, the silly thing landed right in the bath water. I jumped with fright just as I was running the razor up my left leg just where the ankle is. Crikey, you should have seen the chunk of skin I sliced off.

Manorlord - Bollards are posts usually made of wood or concrete that block an entrance so vehicles are unable to enter. Often seen at the beginning of public walkways or parks....well they are in Australia at least.

Janice said...

Manorlord, I can relate to your cracked rib, believe me and the wish of not appearing too injured. Thank you for your concern.

Dove, I am not sure I should have wanted to see the chunk you sliced off. I am really a wimp when it comes to that. Poor, poor you and how horrible. Bad, bad bee.

And yes, it did hurt and it was quite bad. And embarrassing, although that was not my main concern at the moment.

Thank you for the explanation of bollards. This, evil, one was of metal and looked a little like a t with the protruding part exactly at the height of the handlebar...very bad design, in my mind.