Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Allison's Bottom, part 2

Dear Kirsten, this is for you. You have waited a long time to hear about poor Allison's next trip to lapland. But here it is, I hope you will enjoy it. I enjoyed writing it. This is a kind of continuation of my first story about Allison.

Allison hurried through the corridor, her heart beating fast. She felt like a schoolgirl, one of her pupils, on her way to the headmaster.

'He had looked terribly grim when he had asked me to come to his office,' she thought for herself, 'I wonder if it is the report?'

She avoided a collision with a pack of young girls and managed to hurry past one of her colleagues without them noticing.

'There is no reason for me to get upset,' Allison thought, 'it is only a report and what could possibly happen?'

At last she stood outside his office and knocked at his door. No one answered. 'He is not here.' A mix of sensations threatened to overtake her as she stood there wondering if she should knock again.

'Come in!' someone shouted from the other side of the door.

Allison took a deep breath and opened the door. Her hand was shaking but she did her best to ignore it. She didn't want to show him and she didn't want to think of it herself.

Tall Dutch and handsome was sitting down behind his desk and Allison looked at him and thought to herself that he, really, was quite handsome.

The fellow teacher was called Theo and was Dutch. He had made, quite, an impression on Allison and especially on her bottom, very soon after he had arrived. Allison had had a hard time getting that incident out of her mind.

'What did you want?' Allison said and heard that her voice was a little hard and, to her own embarrassment, defiant.

Theo looked up and smiled.

'Oh, nothing much,' he said, 'just wanted to talk about the report, the one you wrote.'

'My report on discipline in school?' Allison replied and imagined she saw a movement in Theo's eye.

'Yes, your report,' he said, beaming.

'What about my report?' she said and cursed herself for sounding like one of the girls in her class when found out with some mischief.

'You know I am not English,' he said and looked strangely sad for a moment, 'I don't know your lovely language that well but I believe there are some errors in the report.'

'Errors?' Allison sounded upset.

'Spelling errors,' Theo said looking solemn.

'There are no spelling errors in my report,' Allison blurted out.

Theo took up some papers. Allison assumed it was her report, turned it towards her and put it on his desk. There were three words encircled with red on the page.

'Correct me if I am wrong,' he said, 'and please do if I am, but I believe that these are misspelled.'

Allison stared at the page. Indeed there were some errors. There was a 'to' that should be a 'too' and a 'the' that looked very much like 'teh'. She stared in disbelief at Theo.

'Aren't they errors?' he said, slowly.

'But,' Allison stared, 'but I corrected them, the spell checker found them.'

'Yes, but they are still there.'

'I...I must have forgotten to save the document before printing it.'

'Yes, of course, that is the explanation,' Theo said and was all smiles again.

Allison looked at him and thought that he looked like a boy when he smiled like that. At this very moment there was something menacing with his smile but she still found it strangely attractive. This thought started a long series of arguments and counter arguments in her head discussing the fact that although he looked like a boy when he smiled it was, surely, not that quality which she found attractive, because she was not attracted to boys but to men...

'No problem,' he said, interrupting her thoughts, 'just correct the errors and give me the report.'

He smiled still.

'Of course,' Allison replied, looking annoyed, 'first thing.'

She turned to leave and it struck her that he was, actually, quite rude not offering her to sit down before starting to accuse her of being sloppy. That chair by the filing cabinet would do.


She turned to him, looking surprised.

'There is no problem with the errors, you just correct them,' he continued.

Allison looked at him with a quizzical expression on her face.

'But to make sure it will not happen again, I will have to correct them too,' he said.

'Excuse me?' Allison said and looked at him with a combination of anger and bewilderment.

'I have to correct the errors,' he said.

'No, I will correct the errors,' she said.

'Yes, but I will correct you,' he said and the smile was back on his face.

Content was the word Allison looked for to describe the smile on Theo's face as he said that. She felt her heart beat harder.

'Correct me?' she said, her voice full of disbelief.

'Yes, I will have to punish you,' he said, still smiling.

'Punish?' there was a hint of laughter in Allison's voice.

'Yes, punish you,' he said.

'Look what I have got!' he continued and smiled like a little boy who had found a coin on the ground.

Theo had a ruler in his hand. Allison stared at the ruler and stared at Theo.

'Come here!' he said as he rose from his chair. He was very tall. Allison had to look up. He took two steps and sat down on the chair, the one by the filing cabinet, the one Allison had imagined she would be sitting on had Theo not been so very rude.

He was suddenly much closer to Allison and long before she had time to react he stretched out a long arm and grabbed her wrist.

'Come here!' he repeated as he dragged her closer to himself. She swung round and as if the dance had been rehearsed many times over she pirouetted on the spot and soon found herself lowered onto Theo's lap.

Allison was surprised by the swiftness and ease with which this sudden change in positions had been achieved. She was astonished with the suddenness of his movements and the change she had undergone, from standing in Theo's office, a colleague and fellow teacher to someone who was now in a position where it would be very easy to punish her, to spank her.

Allison blushed. She squirmed but she did not protest. No, Allison was silent. She said nothing. There were no words that could express her feelings at that moment. Maybe there could be some guttural sounds that would have been suitable but Allison was far too controlled to do something like that. So, Allison was silent.

There was a sudden tension in her body as Theo flipped up her skirt.

'It is good you wear a skirt,' he said with a voice that told Allison that he still had that childish smile on his face.

'Still, those under things and leg things has to come down,' he continued.

'It is called tights and kni....what?' Allison blurted out.

'Don't be silly!' she continued.

Tall Dutch and handsome did not reply but proceeded to take down Allison's tights and knickers. This is not something that is easily done when attempted on a woman lying face down in your lap and when you are holding a wooden ruler in your hand.

Theo seemed to know what he was doing, though, something Allison found exceedingly annoying, and perhaps he got some help from Allison herself, something that was even more annoying.

After some struggling with clothes, Theo managed to bare Allison's bottom. At that moment there was stillness. Allison stopped squirming and Theo sat still, holding his breath.

Allison's head was swirling with the absurdity of the situation. Everything had happened so swiftly. Still she was surprised how...natural...it was.

Allison began squirming again the moment Theo's ruler connected with her naked behind. The ruler was powerful and Theo's arm was long. The result was that it hurt. Allison felt that it really, really hurt.

She was silent but took a deep breath as Theo continued punishing her. The ruler fell over and over again and Allison was surprised how painful it was. In fact, she almost lost control. She felt that the pain was a little too much and a part of her wanted to start crying, to start weeping like she used to do when she was a little girl and someone had been mean to her.

Theo continued his relentless smacking of her poor exposed bottom and it was only with the mustering of all of her self control that Allison managed to hold her tears back.

'There you go,' he suddenly said and the smacking was over. Allison still squirmed. She was still occupied with holding back her reactions so it took a while before she realised it was over.

'That wasn't so bad?' he asked.

Allison said nothing.

'You can stand now!'

Allison scrambled to her feet and in the same movement she pulled up her knickers and tights. She didn't look at Theo. She was still for a moment, composing herself before turning to him.

He smiled. He beamed. He looked happy. All the verbal abuse Allison had planned to hurl at him seemed to evaporate. She almost smiled back but that was to go too far. She stared at him.

'You will have the report on your desk within an hour,' she said stiffly.

'No, hurry,' he said cheerfully, 'tomorrow is alright.'

'Very well,' she said and turned and left the office.

She shut the door behind her and had to restrain herself not to slam it. She leaned on the wall, stared at the floor, felt her heart beating. She had been spanked. She had been punished. She couldn't believe it.

She looked up and saw another teacher staring at her.

'Are you alright, Allison?' she asked, with a smile, 'why do you look so smug?'

'I am not smug,' Allison replied and turned and walked away.


Dove said...

A delightful read and I had a big chuckle at the end. Looking smug indeed! Allison is an enjoyable character and Theo is not to be denied. Lovely.


Paul said...

Janice, nice story, I understand the smug bit, Allison wanted that spanking.
Warm hugs,

Janice said...

Thank you for you comments, Dove and Paul. Well, it seems as if Allison got what she wanted. Tall Dutch and handsome may also be a tricky customer, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Curtseygirl says: So now Allison writes reports on school discipline? I think I like this girl. You don't know how much I hoped to find a spelling mistake in your story Janice, (actually, you probably do), but of course your English is once again perfect. Thank you my dearest, it was worth the wait (and I'm sure Miss Allison agrees with Miss Ellison on that one). Smug hug for you, and a deep curtsey in gratitude and humble pride in such a wonderfully talented friend as I have in you. Rest assured I am blushing and looking down, and blushing and giggling all at once. Two gold stars and your name goes on the Smiley Face list on my whiteboard. Kx

Janice said...

Praise from Curtseygirl means something and especially when it regards spelling mistakes. And a friend I hope to remain.

Anonymous said...

Smug indeed? A nice spanking Janice.

I think that Dutch people refer to themselves as being 'direct' or something like that when to Anglo Saxons their behaviour appears to be rude.

But is it rude to take a colleague over your knee, bare her bottom and spank her? Direct certainly.

Thanks Janice.


Janice said...

Glad you liked it Ollie. 'Direct', I will remember that. You mind if I use that in the next instalment (if there will be one)?

Anonymous said...

Curtseygirl says: If there will be one? Oh Kirsten likes Ollie, she likes him ever so. Please Janice, let there be another one, most directly! Tall, Dutch, and Have Some? Yes please!!!

Anonymous said...

Curtseygirl: is still waiting for Allison Three. Please, please, please! Kxx

Janice said...

Dear Kirsten, your enthusiasm makes me want to write a third part. I wonder so what will happen. Any ideas?