Thursday, 25 October 2007

Touch Me...

This may be a little darker and a little more poetic than my last blog entry. But you know me by now, at least a little and you know I jump between moods and thoughts. And this is to express how it feels sometimes. So, don't read too much into this! It is not a description.

Touch me, I am lonely!

Come and love me, I am lonely! I am in darkness, I can't see you. Love me!

See me, my love, see me! Look at me and see me! I am invisible.

Let me be, who I am. Come and love me! I need you now. I am nothing, love me for being nothing.

I am angry now, I am sad and angry and I want to be loved. Love me! Touch me!

Don't ask me to love you, don't ask me to see you. I am blind and I am cold, cold as dead. I can do nothing. I can say nothing. I am empty, spent and tired to my bones. I am exhausted, lost and scared. I am tired. To the core of my being I am tired. I have struggled, I have fought but I want no more wars, no more fights.

Love me! Touch me!

Touch me and make me feel beautiful. I want to be beautiful. I want to feel life.

Oh, how sweet it would be to be touched by you. How beautiful I would be in your embrace, in your love. Come and love me for I am lonely!


Paul said...

Janice, lonely is bad, I know.
I know, not reality, poetry.
Thank you for sharing.

Dove said...

Oh, my dear Janice, I shouldn't have read this one at work. It made me weep. Sad, poignant it hurt to read. Beautifully written as always.
Big Hugs

Wystan E said...

Your honesty is searing.
It touches me -- I mean tangibly, not as metaphor.
It touches all those who read it -- we all understand.
Is such honesty also liberating?
Do you, Janice, feel comforted,saying this -- this prayer -- and releasing it, as into a breeze?
I hope your prayer is answered -- and all our prayers.

Janice said...

Paul, Dove, Wystan, I thank you for your comments. It is liberating to write, and it always is, not only when I write painful things like this. But remember, dark feelings are like ogres and trolls, they melt in the sun! I am not always in that dark place and writing is a way, sometimes, to approach the darkness in my heart, in an orderly fashion. So, dear friends, don't read too much into this, although, I am quite proud I managed to touch you with my scribblings!

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