Monday, 15 October 2007


Dear Reader, I have had a great time reading your comments. I do appreciate hearing from you. Some of you I have met before and some not. It doesn't matter, really. I do enjoy knowing that I have readers. It makes me feel less lonely. Not that I am a lonely person in real life but sometimes I feel that my strange imagination makes me a little lonely. It is good to know that you enjoy what I write and that I am changing. Blogging is a journey for me and it is a very good one at that. Not always pleasant but always interesting and quite exciting. So thank you, Dear Reader, for commenting but more than anything for reading. Take care and be kind to one another!!


Wystan E said...

Is lurking a capital offense?
Is blogging?
How about commenting irrelevantly (mea culpa...mea maxima culpa...)?

You are NOT alone, Strangely Imaginative one. (Or are you a figment of our own strangenesses?)
From one strange set of symbols on a screen to another...

Dove said...

Thank you for writing or else we wouldn't be here to read at all. For me it is a chance to suspend reality and be swept off to an unknown place to face whatever you wish us to see.


Janice said...

Wystan, to some extent I am a figment, but we all we see each through our own eyes. And no, lurking is not a capital offence...smiles.

Suspend reality...I love that, Dove. Thanks for the expression. May I use it?