Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Celebratory Spanking

Three years, 233 posts and some 263,000 words. Today it is exactly three years since I started blogging. It was scary when I wrote my first posts but you, my Dear Readers, have made it worthwhile. You have been brilliant. I think I have achieved something during this time. I have spoken my mind, in the sense that I have shared, with you, some of the things that are in my head. Thank you for reading and being there.

I will celebrate this occasion with a very gentle story, that includes some bottom smacking. I think this is a story I wouldn't have been able to write when I started, or wouldn't have written, may be better to say. I have changed, although some things seem to be constant. Hope you have enjoyed some of the time here. I have certainly enjoyed it. And I intend to go on with this. It is too much fun to stop.

'One more thing, we need one more thing,' she said, smiled and skipped away along the aisle.

'Elinor, wait, don't do this to me. I want to go home.'

'Amanda, my friend,' she said as I caught up with her, 'we need one more thing before we can go home.'

'What is that?'

'A hairbrush.'

'A hairbrush?'


'What's wrong with the one we've got.'

'Too weak.'

'Too weak?'

She had picked up a sturdy, wooden hairbrush.

'This is heavy enough, don't you think?' She handed me the brush.

It was, indeed, heavy in my hand. It was quite beautiful, with a long narrow head, a flat back and black brush.

'But why?'

'To spank you with, of course.'

'Shhh,' I whispered, 'what are you talking about?'

'You wanted me to spank you and for this purpose I am buying you this hairbrush.'

'Will you, please, keep your voice down.'

I saw in Elinor's eyes that she was well aware of her voice, she did this to tease me, only to tease me.

'Didn't you say that?'

'Yes, yes, I did.'

'Do you want me to spank you?'

'Well, I don't really...I guess, I do.'

'Good, then we buy this one and go home and warm your behind.'

'Not now, I am too...I don't know...tired.'

'Nothing to argue about.'

Elinor bought the quite expensive brush and gave it to me. She smiled as she handed it to me. She obviously wanted me to carry it home.

'I want to get on with it immediately,' she said, as we stood in our hallway.

'If I don't?' I said, defiantly.

'Don't be such a chicken, come on now. Get the brush.'

She went into the living room. I picked up the brush and went in, after her. She had already taken one of the wooden chairs and turned it and was about to sit down.

'Give me the brush and come here.' She was smiling.

'Elinor, perhaps we should wait a little. I know I said...'

'No waiting. I think now is a very good time.'

I gave her the brush and she sat down.

'Over my knees now. But first I think you should take your knickers down.'

'Can't we start on the skirt?'

'No, I don't think so. Knickers down.'

I stared at her for a bit, then I pulled my knickers down and leaned over her lap.

My cheeks were flashing red as she flipped my skirt up. She worked my knickers down further. Then she sat still.

'You know what, Amanda, your bottom looks bigger from this angle.'

'That is exactly what I want to hear at this very moment.'

'Oh, don't say that, it is still a very cute little bottom. Very fair...still.'

'Elinor, can't you just get on with it?'

Then she smacked me. She hit me on my right buttock. It stung quite a lot. I jumped.

Then she hit me on the left and I jumped again.

'It hurts.'

'What did you expect?'

'Maybe we don't have to do this?'

'No opting out now, I quite like this.'

'Do you?'

'Yeah, I do.'

'That's good.'

'Is it good?'

'Yes, I, kind of, want you to do if for you.'

'There are some downsides that comes with that.'

'Like what?'

'If I enjoy it, I may want to smack you harder.'

'I guess, that's part of the deal.'

She smacked me harder and I drew my breath. It stung a little too much.


'It is supposed to hurt,' she said and smacked my other cheek.

'It did.'

'Now, Amanda, dear, I am going to smack you for a while, you just lie there and relax and we will be fine.'


She replied by smacking me again. She began a series of swats all over my bottom, hard and soft, high and low, and two or three on one spot and then changing.

At first it wasn't too bad. I felt I could manage the pain, just about, but then she began to hit me harder and I felt that it may not be such a good idea, this thing about spanking.

'Stop, please.'

She held up. Then she began again.

'I told you to stop, I cried.'

She held up again.

'But I think you should take your spanking now. You do this now and then you can decide what you think of it. I will do it the way I want it and you can think about it afterwards.'

'It makes sense.'

She smacked me hard. She gave me a series of quite hard ones. Then she stopped again.

'What is it now?'

'I am thinking of how hard I can smack you.'

'It hurts a lot already.'

'I mean, if I should smack you really hard. I am sure you won't break.'

'Break! Is that what worries you? How about, it hurts like hell?'

'That is what it is supposed to do.'

'You are a cruel woman.'

'Ain't I just?'

She began a new series of smacks on my, by now, quite tender bottom. It felt as if I had no skin to protect me but that didn't stop Elinor.

'This is fun,' she said, a little winded.

She tried new spots and even my thighs. She tried to hit the area where my bottom becomes my thighs. She tried high up but decided that the lower parts were better. She gave me a long series on the same spot only to suddenly change to another spot with a really, really hard one.

'It will soon be over, Amanda. I think you are doing fine. We'll end with twelve good ones.'

I didn't reply. I knew what she meant with 'good ones'.

I was made painfully aware of the strength of my friend. She was a small woman, just a tad taller than myself, but she surely had some power in her arm.

'Ok, that's it, on your feet.'

'Don't be so cheerful, it hurts.'

'I think it was quite fun.'

I scrambled to my feet and pulled my knickers up over my burning bottom.

'What do you think, Amanda?'

'I think it hurts.'

'Besides the obvious.'

'Well, it was, kind of, interesting.'

'That's not so bad, innit?'

'I guess not.'

'A lot of guessing.'


'Maybe I should spank you for guessing.'

'No need for that.'


'Elinor,' I hesitated, 'I did like it.'

'But it hurt?'

'Yes, but it was you who hurt me.'



Manorlord said...

Janice --

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS. Your blog is a triumph -- you deserve applause, a standing ovation, even.

I do enjoy these dialogues. So much is said, implied and left to the imagination. As always, you add a new twist at the end -- "But it was you who hurt me..." VERY nice.

It is hard to say what you could or could not have written three years ago. But you would not have thought to write this,then. Your style is evolving, and your voice becomes clearer and more individual.

I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring. Stay fresh, stay focused, stay ... you


Wystan Ephraim

Paul said...

Janice, has it been three years, congratulations, not only that but well done.
I love this, a gentle F/f story, I agree with Wystan. I don't usually like F/f stories, if you had written this three years ago I may not have come back.
I like the love between the two but most of all the trust implied in that last sentence.
Love and warm hugs,

Joanna said...

Janice - very nice. You have a very natural way of dialogue -I can imagine saying just the same things under those circumstances.

As much as I love my DH, sometimes F/f makes me tingle!

Janice said...

Dear Wystan, it is interesting you should think of it as a twist, I thought it was implied all along, but there you go, we all read differently. I like 'clearer and more individual' that is how it is supposed to be, thank you.

Dear Paul, you have been a reader for some time. I am glad you liked it and I am glad you stayed, that very first time. Thank you.

Dear Joanna, I do love dialogues and I am glad you think it was believable, it means I have succeeded. I am glad for the tingle. Thank you.



Lea said...

Dear Janice - I love this on various levels - the psychological, the emotional - the quietness in the characters combined with the strength ... this is powerful to me - thank you.