Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I Can't Believe It!

And now a story, written today, containing some smacking of bottoms. Not much to say, really. Hope you enjoy it.

At a table in the museum café sat a young woman. She wore a deep green, fairly short but modest dress, had auburn hair and had put her Morris patterned handbag on the table beside her. She was having tea and a tiny chocolate biscuit. She was waiting.

The blond woman, dressed in a white dress with black polka dots let her gaze sweep over the room and when she saw the woman at the table her soft face lit up in a smile. She walked across the room, silently on her ballerinas, that were black with white polka dots, matching her dress.

They looked at each other and then the blond woman sat down. They didn't speak at first, they didn't have to. The auburn woman, who was known as Emily, looked at her friend.

'What's the matter, Sarah? You look awful.'

'Thank you,' she replied, her lip tensing for a flicker of a moment.

'Tell me, what has happened.'

Sarah looked around, called for a waitress, ordered her tea and biscuit, waited patiently and when her order had been delivered she turned to Emily.

'You can't believe what has happened,' Sarah said as she lowered her voice.

'Something awful?'

'You won't believe it is true.'

'That bad?'

'I have never seen Mark this angry.'

'He is never angry.'

'I know. That was the odd thing. He was furious. Or rather, I could tell he was.'

'Bad day at work?'

'Someone had told him about Chrissy's party.'

'Oh, no!'

'Yes, I don't know who, but he stormed in and accused me of all sorts of things.'

'But you did kiss him, that artist person.'

'Yes, I did, but that was all.'

'Not all.'

'Well, not all, but nothing below the waist. And we sat in a corner.'

'I saw it.'

'Alright, never mind. Mark was furious because someone had told him.'

'I can understand that.'

'He has no right to take the moral high ground. He has that little redhead. We all know about that.'

'Did you say that?'

'Yes, it only made him more upset. He launched into some rant about it being different for women, or rather for men.'

'That's stupid.'

'Yes, I told him that too.'

'And then?'

'Nothing happened, not until later when I was sitting in the bedroom, brushing my hair.'


'He came in and I could see he hadn't been able to let go of it. He just stood there and seemed all lost for words. Then he just grabbed the hairbrush from me.'

'What for?'

'You won't believe me.'

'Tell me.'

'This is so mad, I can hardly talk about it,' she lowered her voice, 'he got something in his eyes that was quite scary, actually. Then he took my arm and dragged me away from the mirror. It was quite brutal.'

'Sounds like it.'

'And then, this is the worst, he sat down and flung me down across his lap.'

'Oh, he wanted a little...'

'No, he didn't, that was what I thought first too. No, he had something else in mind. Do you know what he did?'

'No. Tell me.'

'He hit me with the hairbrush, on my bottom. He spanked me.' The word 'spanked' was said in a whisper.

'No, he didn't.'

'Yes, he did. He smacked me, and god, it hurt.'

'How humiliating.'

'Yes, like I was some...I don't know. And that's not all. He continued with it. He really had a go at it.'

'What did you say?'

'What can you say? I told him to stop and I tried to get up.'

'Of course.'

'He would have none of it. He locked my legs with his legs and took my arm and bent it. That hurt too. He has never been violent before. It was terrible.'

'And he continued...'

'Yes, he did, but first he did something else. You won't believe it.'


'He flipped my skirt up. Then he began smacking me again. Man, did it hurt?'


'That's only the beginning. I was furious and what not but he didn't care. He just smacked me. He just continued and hard. I was close to tears.'

'Of course.'

'Then, and this is the worst. Then, I can hardly talk about it. Then, you won't believe it. Oh, then he took my knickers. He almost ripped them apart. Those were very nice knickers, I loved them. Oh, I blush. He pulled them down and began smacking me even harder.'


'On the bare, on my poor naked bottom. It was terrible. It hurt and he kept on for a long time. I don't know how I coped.'


'My bottom felt like it had no skin but did he take any notice? No, he kept on smacking me. And when he was almost done he gave me a dozen really, really hard ones.'


'Then he let me go and he flung the brush on the bed and stomped out of our bedroom.'


They sat in silence for a while.

'Emily!' Sarah stared in disbelief. 'Why do you look like that? Don't you think it was horrible?'

'Yes, of course...'

'I don't believe this, you don't think it was a disgrace.'


'I can't believe it, what's the matter with you?'

'Come on, Sarah, after all, you had it coming.'

'What do you mean, and why do you smile?'

'You did kiss that guy.'

'But that's no reason. Mark does more than kiss his ginger woman.'

'But that's different.'

'Don't give me that. Because he is a man and I am a woman.'

'It's not just that.'

'Not just that! What is it then?'

'I don't say that Mark is doing the right thing, but I can understand he was upset for you making out with some other guy.'

'But that doesn't give him the right to...well, spank me.'

'That's a matter of opinion, I guess.'

'What do you mean.'

'Mark thought he should. And it's you, as well.'


'Yes, he's been holding back for a while.'

'Holding back, what do you mean. What am I doing that would upset him so?'

'Arrogance, for a start.'

'I'm not arrogant.'

'Sarah, we are friends, right? I love you, but you can be quite arrogant, at times.'

'I don't believe my ears.'

'You do have a way of annoying people.'

'Annoying people.'

'I think Mark felt he couldn't spank you for annoying people, now he had a pretext.'

'So you think he did the right thing?'

'Not necessarily the right thing.'

'But that I had it coming?'

'Sort of, yes.'

'That I deserved it?'

'In a way, yes.'

'You have no idea how painful it was, how humiliating it was.'

'I can imagine.'

'Yet you think I deserved it?'

'Well, yes.'

'Perhaps you would want to do it yourself, since I am so damn arrogant.'

'It's not just me.'

'Maybe you would join the queue, then, of those who have a desire to punish me like that.'

'Don't get upset.'

'Why not?'

'It's not the end of the world. I am just saying that you can be a little arrogant and that there are some who wouldn't mind giving you a spanking for it.'

'This is madness.'

'...Or two, or more.'

'And you would want to watch, I assume.'

'Of course, who wouldn't want to watch?'


Paul said...

Janice, a nice little story which beautifully illustrates a not uncommon fact of life.
If a friend really likes you, he or she will sometimes point out habits or attitudes that you may not wish to acknowledge, this may sting at times but can be helpful, if accepted in the spirit given.
You have left us guessing just how Sarah will take Emily's comments.
Love and warm hugs,

Recidavist said...

who wouldn't indeed!


Manorlord said...

Hello Janice --

Once again as an author you go (somewhat) against type; in this case, your heroine truly is a snotty thing who richly deserves what she got (and may yet get!) I'm interested in the sub-theme of the double standard, and wonder if you might expand on this in your meta-comments.

Nice, fun, believable.


Wystan E

Ollie said...

Of course, who wouldn't want to watch?'

That's just the point isn't it?

So now there is the delightful prospect of Emily smacking the hapless Sarah's bottom. Can't wait.

On the sub-theme though, of course it is different for men. It is only right that we may behave exactly as badly as we please, and then have the right to spank our lady-folk for the slightest perceived misdemeanour on their part.

N.B. The last part was supposed to be read with irony - doesn't come over well in type

Janice said...

Dear Paul, they are good friends...of sorts. I think you are right though, although most of the times the consequences are different...smiles.

Dear Recidavist, I know some who wouldn't hesitate.

Dear Wystan, I am not so sure she was that snotty, but anyway...I wanted them to be possible as real people. I didn't want the reader to be too set in their assumptions, she needing it, he in his right to spank her. That would be too easy.

Dear Ollie, I think you have got it, regarding the sub-theme.