Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tom's School Days 10

The story goes on, and you will find it takes another direction here. I hope there will be things still that you will find interesting.

Tom tried his best to focus on his school-work. It was not easy. His mind was spinning with all thoughts that struggled for room there. Who would volunteer for whipping practice? Why wasn't Stephanie angry with him? Why did Amanda want to meet him?

The afternoon was almost free of lectures, and he spent most of the time in the Club common room, where he stared at the two rows of knickers hanging on the wall. He could still see the ones he had taken from Amanda. It seemed like a long time ago.

He spoke for a while with Frederick, and another member, called Ian. They told him that his dealings with Stephanie was the news around school, and that the rumour said he had conducted himself well, and that they were proud of him. Tom was chuffed.

After dinner, he sneaked away into the Garden. The Garden was an area where students and staff were allowed to grow vegetables and flowers. The ones interested in that could apply for an allotment and could do almost whatever they wanted with it.

Some of the staff had had their plots for a long time and had grown trees and hedges, making the Garden to a veritable maze, with secluded corners with stone benches where people used to meet for all sorts of activities.

Tom went to the southern part, where there was an open space, with a lawn. It was there people met up, if they had not decided on a particular spot to meet.

Amanda was already there, standing below a very naked marble statue of an ancient god that Tom thought was Mars. Nudity embarrassed him, and although the sight of unclad girl's bottoms made him blush there were some benefits. A naked marble man had nothing to recommend itself and only made him feel awkward. Maybe it was different if I had been a girl.

The fact that Amanda Tilly was standing below the statue seemed to make it even more shamefully nude.

'You came,' she said, smiling.
'Yes, I was curious.'
'Curious about me?'
'Well, curious,' he said and blushed to a deeper red.
'I think it means you feel the same affinity I do. Come,' she said and took his hand.

She led him into the maze of paths and hedges. They sat down on a stone bench, side by side.

'I love to come here,' Amanda said, smiling, looking a little nervous. 'It is very peaceful.'
'Yes, very.'
'There is one thing I wanted to ask you.'
'You see, if you don't mind,' she said, and looked a little worried, 'well, it's like this. You see, there is this club, we are just a few girls. It's kind of new. We would need a little help, and it would be such a blast if you would join, I mean, to help out with the things we can't do ourselves. You see, we are a little lost on our own.'
Tom felt awkward, wondering if they wanted him to lift something that was heavy, or do something other that they thought girls couldn't do. He was also a little disappointed, thinking that perhaps, Amanda liked him a little.


Paul said...

Janice, this is cruel, if you leave me dangling for too long it could get painful.
No way to treat your fans.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

This it's becoming interesting, and lighting my curiosity!

Sory for my long absence!

Warm hugs


Anonymous said...

interesting suspense

incidentally, as i know you are a John Carter fan :



Janice said...

Dear Paul, oh, I know this is even crueller. But this is how it is, some stories are a bit boring at times.

Dear Luís, I'm glad you like it. And thank you for your comment on Gor.

Dear Tamara, I am a great John Carter fan, and thank you for the link. Just hope the film will be good. I have my doubts, though. And in the book they are naked, can't see that happening in the film. I will watch it anyway.