Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tom's School Days 8

I do enjoy writing this story, and maybe it is wrong to drip feed you it, but I like it this way, short instalments, over a period of time. I do like trying to see things from Tom's perspective, an innocent but enthusiastic young man, surrounded by kinky boys, and some quite kinky girls, not to mention the teachers. In this, slightly shorter bit, you get to read the conclusion of Stephanie's punishment.

Around 35 Tom was feeling cruel, but he got on with it. Around 40 he was happy as a cat, and wielded the cane with vigour. He noticed the effect on Stephanie, who once let go of the armrests. She refrained from putting her hands on her bottom. Instead she returned to her position, and the punishment could continue.

When there were just twelve left, he stopped and stared at Stephanie's bottom. It looked terrible, and he was overcome with guilt about what he had done. He had to brace himself and focus, in order not to become too meek.

He delivered the last ones with gusto and when he was done, he was sweaty with exhaustion. The crowd stood in silence for a while, then they applauded. Tom fought back an impulse to turn round, smile, and bow to them. It wasn't appropriate.

'We're done now,' he said.

'I let go of the armrest, shouldn't there be extras?'

'Mr Allen said nothing of that.'

'It is customary.'

Tom felt anger flare up and stared at Stephanie.

'No, I say no, and so shall it be.'

'All right.'

'We are done now,' he said.

'Thank you,' she said and straightened her back. She turned to him, but did not pull her knickers up.

'Do you want to keep these?' she said and pointed to her underwear.

'No, I don't think so.'

'All right,' she said and pulled them up.

'Thank you for punishing me,' she continued.

'You are welcome,' Tom replied.

Stephanie took her skirt and stepped into it, pulled it up and buttoned it.

'What are you staring at, you can go now,' Tom barked at the crowd, who was still staring at the spectacle. They looked at him and began to move away.

Stephanie moved stiffly and when she came close to him, she looked him in the eyes, smiled, and whispered, 'thank you'.

Tom stared back without knowing what to do or say. Stephanie left the room, but before she walked out, she turned to him.

'Remember we have an inspection after breakfast.'


'Yes, Me Allen will inspect your work, and you should be there.'

'Oh, I see.' Tom became anxious. What would happen if the punishment was not enough. Then he remembered the sight of Stephanie's bottom. He hadn't been meek.

'I am sorry,' he said.

'Don't be, I deserved it.' She smiled a wicked smile and left.


maui girl said...

I love it. Tom is growing a (dominant) backbone telling Stephanie there will be no more additional strokes and refusing to let her control the scene. More please? (holding my arm out for drip feeding). :)

Paul said...

Janice, nice to see you back so soon.
I think Tom needs to take Stephanie well in hand, she needs to stop topping from the bottom, and Tom needs to be more positive.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

My Dear,

Tom is coming along, I suppose, but he has a long way to go (to suit me).

Perhaps he should pay a surprise nocturnal visit to Stephanie's quarters -- she would doubtless be flattered & excited to see him. A private punishment? I see her tied to the bed, knickers down (or preferably nude) with an ample cushion under her belly.

Tom swishes the switch. Stephanie tells him to lay on ... Tom gags her. Pause. Pause. Then Stephanie hears Tom walk out of the room, closing the door (but not locking it) behind him.

A thought -- a postcard from the multiverse -- from


Janice said...

Dear Maui Girl, yes, he is a bit of a whimp, isn't he. But we feel for him. It can't be easy with a school full of girls who...well, need to be treated right... :-)

Dera Paul, I think he is learning. And enjoying himself.

Dear Wystan, there will be a nocturnal visit. But perhaps not exactly how you had envisaged it. I do love how you engage in the story.