Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tom's School Days 9

I know you had to wait for this instalment of the story. I can only apologise and hope for leniency. Never mind, here it is, the continuation of the story of Tom and his adventure in school.

After breakfast the next day Tom and Stephanie went together to Mr Allen's office. Tom's heart was beating hard. The sole reason for that was not just his fear of the tutor's assessment of his handiwork, it was also due to the fact that Stephanie had pushed him into a corner, slipped her hand down his trousers, wrapped her hand around his manhood, stared him into the eyes, and then planted a kiss on his lips.
'I wanted to know what you feel about me,' she said, as she stepped back, leaving Tom with a sense of surprise, shock, and missed opportunities.

In Mr Allen's office they both stood nervously in front of his desk.
'Ah, the unfortunate Miss Burns. I gather Mr Banks here helped you with your punishment.'
'Yes, sir, he did. In my opinion, he did it well.'
'What a pity it is not for you to decide that, Miss Burns. It is not your place to even have an opinion, is it?'
'No, Mr Allen, sorry, Mr Allen.'
'Shall we see then?'
'Yes, sir.'

Stephanie promptly pulled her knickers down to her knees. This time they were green. She turned her back to Mr Allen, pulled her skirt up, and leaned forward. Tom blushed.

'Hm,' Mr Allen said, 'hm, again. Well.'
He continued looking at Stephanie's bottom.
'Well...' he said.
'Hm, yes...I say...' he continued.
Then he looked up. Stephanie stayed in place.

'Mr Banks, this is not bad. I hadn't expected you to do so well. I thought, perhaps, you had a soft spot for Miss Burns, and would have let her off too lightly. A pity, in a way, it takes away the need for me to rectify the error. I do take some pleasure in rectifying this kind of errors, you know. You did well, I must say, there are some really good ones here. Come over here!'
'Yes, sir,' Tom said, his voice a little weak.

He moved forward and looked where Mr Allen pointed.
'You see that one, the dark one, across her sweet spot, that one you should be particularly proud of.'
'Thank you, Mr Allen.'
'I am just pointing out the obvious. As you can see on those pinkish ones, there are some that are clearly below standard.'
'I did my best.'
'I am sure you did. I will let the whole matter rest here. No need for extras. I am glad you show such talent for this. But don't be complacent. You are good for an amateur, that is all.'
'Thank you, Mr Allen.'
'We can arrange for some practice.'
'Yes, I know you get some practice in the Mushy Peas Club, but I am thinking of proper practice. We do arrange sessions for those who want to perfect their skills. Would you be interested?'
'Well, sir, I guess so.'
'Guess so?'
'I mean, sir, I would like that.'
'How, sir, how is it done, the practice?'
'You mean on whom do you practice?'
'Yes, sir.'
'Volunteers, Mr Banks, we practice on volunteers.'
'But, Mr Allen, who would volunteer?'
'You wouldn't believe it, but we have plenty of volunteers.'
'Yes, sir.' Tom was still confused but decided not to continue asking.'
'Miss Burns, you may put your dress in order.'
'Thank you, sir.'
Stephanie turned round, pulled her knickers up. She curtsied and Tom bowed and they left.
'That went well,' she said.
'Do you think so?'
'Of course. You did a cracking job yesterday, I am impressed.'
'Didn't it hurt.'
'Of course it hurt, that's what impressed me.'


Paul said...

Janice, such a shame, I didn't go to a school like that.
Tom has a steep learning curve ahead, I hope that he enjoys it.
Love and warm hugs,

Janice said...

Dear Paul, I am sure he will find plenty of enjoyment in his education... ;-)



Recidavist said...

Great to see you still going strong, such a deft touch


Ollie said...

Why am I not surprised that there are volunteers in a school like that? Certainly not if Amanda & Stephanie are anythign to go by.

Janice said...

Dear Recidavist, sorry for missing your comment, and thank you... :-)

Dear Ollie, there is something in it for everyone, I believe.