Monday, 31 October 2011

Tom's School Days 7

You may find the pace in this story too slow, but this is the way I have written it, so you just have to wait. Maybe I should interrupt the story with something else? We'll see.

'Maybe I shall get ready,' Stephanie said in a way that Tom understood to be meant as demurely.

He wasn't sure it was, but it had a strange effect on him, anyway.

'Yes, please, do that.'

The crowd fell silent, and Tom had to turn and look to be sure they hadn't gone away. When he turned back to Stephanie he was overcome by a sudden redness of his cheeks, and a dryness in his throat.

Stephanie was not leaning over the chair, which he had expected. Instead she was folding her skirt and putting it to the side.

'I thought it better this way, it will only fall down. Do you have the cane?'

Ye...yes,' he stammered, and went over to his desk and picked up a sturdy cane he had got from the porters lodge.

'Good,' Stephanie said, seemingly still in command of proceedings.

Stephanie turned towards Tom, and waited. Tom said nothing, his gaze was fixed on Stephanie's bare legs.

'Oh, maybe I have to do something about the shirt,' she said, 'it's hanging too low.'

She pulled it up a bit and knotted it in front. Now Tom was not just staring at her legs, but also her very red knickers. The crowd was silent.

Stephanie stood and waited. Tom knew he was supposed to do something.

'This is the moment when you ask if I am ready, and then tell me to prepare myself,' she said and smiled.

'Oh,' he said, hesitated, 'oh, I see. Are you ready?'


'Please, prepare yourself.'

Without much hesitation, Stephanie took hold of her very red knickers and pulled them down to her knees. There was heard a collective gasp at her action.

She then turned to the chair, leaned over it, grabbed the armrests with her hands, much like Amanda had done, the evening before, but with the difference that Stephanie was not wearing a skirt.

It was time for Tom. He held out the cane, as he moved closer to her. The crowd was still dead silent. Stephanie stood in a way that her bottom was on full display for the eager onlookers. Tom placed the cane against her bottom, pulled it back and let it fly.

There was a sigh from the crowd as the sound of cane against soft skin rang out.

'I think,' Stephanie said, 'that you will have to do better. Mr Allen will inspect me, you know.'

Tom gave her another lash.

'Oh,' she gasped, 'much better, but that one will count as a half in Mr Allen's book.'

Tom was embarrassed and angered by her reproaching him. The next lash was hard and firm, and he heard a gasp, not from Stephanie, but from the audience. The stripe across her buttocks was sharp and red. Stephanie drew herself up, looked to the ceiling, lifted one leg and let out the air in her lungs.

'One,' she said.

Tom continued. He knew now how hard he had to hit for it to be appropriate. He had to brace himself for it and took his time to focus.

The crowd was with him. They gasped, sighed, and cheered when a particularly good one hit home. Stephanie moved her feet, wriggled her body, shook her bottom, threw her hair, and wailed. She counted the strokes out loud.

When they had come to fifteen, Tom was exhausted. He stopped for a while, looked at Stephanie's bottom, which had turned a bright and angry red, then at the audience, noticing that one of the girls in the crowd was the girl called Tamara, whose knickers had caused so much hilarity in the Club common room.

He knew he had to get on with the job. And when he reached twenty, he was again taken by that unusual elation that had swept through him when punishing Amanda Tilly. He got careless and a stroke hit Stephanie's thighs, and the crowd cheered.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tom's School Days 6

Tom's got himself into something of a mess, not that I say it necessarily is an unpleasant mess, but still. Read on and you will see what will happen.

The next morning, Tom woke up, shook his head and wondered what had become of his school days. He wondered if it was his membership in the Mushy Peas Club that had changed it. Or was it he, himself, who had changed?

He had been fooling around with the girls before, and especially Stephanie Burns, but she had never before been so keen, or so, Tom was searching for a word,...advanced.

He was nervous about the after dinner treatment he was to bestow upon Stephanie. At the same time he looked forward to it. He walked through the day in a kind of haze, finding it hard to focus on his studies.

He noted also that there was another kind of attention given him, especially from the girls. He blushed fetchingly when some particularly pretty one smiled at him.

When he walked from lunch, he felt someone grab his arm.

'Hello, Mr Tom Banks,' a small voice said by his side.

He turned to the voice and saw that it belonged to the girl he had treated with the cane the evening before. She held his arms and smiled at him.

'Amanda!' he said.

'You remember my name,' she said, and blushed, still smiling.

'I...I am sorry for yesterday,' he stammered.

'Oh, don't be. I was late, you know.'

'Oh, I see. I had never know.'

'You handled it well, then.'

'Did I?'

'Yes, I can still feel it.'


'No, that's how it should be.'

'Do you think so?'

'Yes, of course I do,' Amanda said with a slightly dreamy expression on her face. 'Don't you think that there is a very special affinity between a boy and the girl he has whipped?'

Tom felt mean hearing her call it 'whipped'. It was, indeed, a whipping, but Tom thought it reminded him of far more gruesome things.

'So you are not angry with me?'

'No, not at all, you did your duty.'

'Yes, yes,' he said, his voice uncertain, 'I did my duty.'

'I use to take a walk in the garden, after dinner,' she said.

'Oh, I am busy,' he replied before thinking of what he was saying.

'I know, but not every evening.'

'No, no, that's true.'

Amanda left and hurried away. Some distance away, she turned, and smiled and waved to him.

Tom was baffled, but not in an unpleasant way. He liked Amanda. She was very different from Stephanie, smaller, darker, cuter in a way, although Tom had always found Stephanie very beautiful.

Dinner came and Tom was not able to fully appreciate the blandness of the stew and the texture of the overcooked vegetables.

He walked on trembling legs back to his hall of residence. A small crowd had already gathered outside his room. There were mostly boys, for obvious reasons. Only boys were allowed in the boy's hall of residence, unless invited by a resident. Besides Stephanie there were some girls who had, indeed, been invited to watch the spectacle.

'I never knew I was this popular,' Stephanie said as Tom unlocked the door.

'Will you just wait a second, until we can get in?' he shouted above the crowd. They held back a little, although the constant chattering didn't stop.

The audience stared through the doorway as Tom and Stephanie went in. The room was small, and Tom had made sure to put anything private away. He still didn't like the idea of having a lot of people there.

He took his chair, the one by his desk and turned it around. Stephanie stood beside the chair with an expression on her face he couldn't interpret. She didn't look scared, rather amused, or even eager. He was surprised and a little confused.

'Can we come in?' someone said.

'All right,' Tom barked, 'but not too close.'

A dozen or so crammed themselves into the room, the rest gathered in the doorway. They all stared eagerly at Tom and Stephanie.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tom's School Days 5

Another instalment of the story of Tom and his experiences in school. I do enjoy writing it, but I can see that this story dominates my blogging at the moment. Please let me know if you get bored by it.

Tom's reaction and actions weren't exactly rational as Stephanie paid lip service to his member who dutifully stood to attention. He knew Stephanie was gifted and very, very attractive, but he was still surprised and even overwhelmed by her skills.

He did very little but gasp and moan and bite his lip. What he did do, included trying desperately to yank down Stephanie's shirt from her shoulders, making her more naked than she was. He wanted more of her, but as it was, she was almost out of reach for him, and he didn't want to interrupt what she was doing.

Everything must end, and this event reached its conclusion, all too soon, but not soon enough for Tom. And as Stephanie was occupied with the after-care of his tired warrior, using both her mouth and hands, Tom was slowly coming back to the realm of the living.

Fortunately, for Tom, Stephanie had just managed to replace what she had released, when disaster struck. A voice resounded through the night.

'What have we here?'

Tom immediately recognised the voice as that of Mr Allen, the History teacher, one of the sterner of the staff. His heart stopped beating, as it seemed.

'We were just talking,' Stephanie, said, and turned to Mr Allen who had appeared out of the shadows. She was still on her knees.

'I do understand you have been using your mouth, my dear, but that doesn't explain the shirt.'

'Oh,' she said and immediately pulled her shirt up and began buttoning it. She rose to her feet, and stood back from the lecturer.

'Mr Allen,' Tom began, 'I can explain...'

'No, need to explain, Tom. It is late, but you are, after all a member of the Mushy Peas Club.'


'You, on the other hand,' he said and turned to Stephanie, 'are in breach of the curfew, caught with your dress in disorder, and suspected of inappropriate conduct.'

'I am sorry, sir,' Stephanie whispered, sounding meek.

'You know we have no hesitation in dealing with misdeeds, and that we do not spare the rod. This calls for a punishment, you know that, of course?'

'Of course, sir.'

'I will give you a choice, Miss Burns, and that is between 20 in the yard, or 40 in my rooms.'

In the yard meant that the cane would be applied publicly, in the yard, where a whipping post was set in the ground. It allowed students and staff to watch and was generally considered a great disgrace.

'Oh, please, Mr Allen.'

'Surely you agree that your conduct calls for some disciplining.'

'Yes, sir, I do. But can't Tom do it? Please.'

'Ah, that's an idea,' Mr Allen said, his face lightening up, 'it is not such a bad idea.'

'Please, Mr Allen, Tom can punish me, in his room.'

'Well, why not. If Mr Banks agrees to it.'

'Please, Tom, will you do it?'

Tom was flabbergasted. But Stephanie looked desperate, as if she really wanted it, and she had been very kind to him.

'Yes, sir,' he replied, 'I'll do it.'

'Good. Tomorrow, after dinner, Miss Burns will come to your room, where you will give her 60 strokes with the cane.'


'Yes, 60. I will inspect her Friday morning, and I know what to expect. I know what a bottom is supposed to look like after 60 sharp cuts with the cane. You, Tom, will get a cane from the porters lodge.'

'Yes, sir.'

'Is that what you want, Stephanie?'

'Yes, sir.'

'So be it. And you can't do it in private, anyone around will have the privilege of watching. Understood?'

'Yes, sir,' they both said.

'Agreed then, good night.'

'Good night, sir,' they said in unison.

'And, don't forget, always on the bare.'

'No, sir, yes, sir.'

Monday, 10 October 2011

Tom's School Days 4

As you may see, this story will now move in a slightly different direction. I did enjoy writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Tom's mind was in turmoil as he walked in the cloister after leaving the Club. The Mushy Peas Club confused him. They showed a very cavalier and arrogant attitude about most things, at the same time they were meticulous in keeping track of the offender's knickers. Although he was proud of being part of it, and had actually enjoyed the whipping, he found this obsession a little uncanny.

'Tom,' a whisper from the shadows.

He stopped and looked in the direction of the voice. He had heard it was a girl's whisper.

'Tom, over here,' the voice said.


'Who else?'

In the shade Stephanie's red hair looked darker, although her eyes seemed to sparkle.

'First time, eh?'

'What do you mean?' Tom said.

Stephanie had come closer to him. She was smiling, confusing Tom.

'First whipping, I heard. You made an impression.'

'You know Miss Tilly?'

'Miss Tilly my arse,' she said and laughed, 'Amanda couldn't stop talking about it.'

'Couldn't she?'

'Did you enjoy it?'

'Why would I enjoy it?'

'Oh, I think you did.'

Stephanie stood very close to Tom now, and she had put her hand on his crotch. He tensed his body, but fought back his reactions. He didn't want to appear too affected by her presence.

'We can do something about this,' she purred.

'Not here,' Tom hissed.


Stephanie took him by his hand and led him into the even darker shadows of the staircase to the library. She pushed him against the wall. Then she knelt in front of him and looked with glittering eyes at his crotch.

Tom became very self conscious.

'Not here.'

'Why not here?' she said.

She reached out her hands and began unbuttoning his fly. Tom wanted to protest, but something held him back.

'No, we need something different,' she said and sat back, 'do you want to see my tits?'

'What?...well, yes.'

Stephanie began to unbutton her shirt and flung it open. She reached for her bosom and undid a small bow between her breasts that opened her bra, exposing her breasts.

Stephanie's bra was not the first he had seen, although he was far from an expert, but he had never seen one that worked like hers. Maybe she had added that little bow in the front for occasions like this?

Tom stared at Stephanie's breasts, although he could barely see them in the shade. They were a very nice pair of breasts to look at, in Tom's opinion. His experience of female bosoms wasn't extensive, but he knew to appreciate the pair he had in front of him.

He suppressed an impulse to reach out and touch Stephanie's bosom. Soon he was thinking of other things. She had reached out and continued undoing his fly. Tom was worried someone might come by, but the sheer pleasure of Stephanie's fingers on him, seemed to cancel out his objections.

Tom's enthusiasm for her actions, surely fuelled by the previous activities at the Club, made it an ordeal for Stephanie to release that which she was trying to set free. When she finally managed, Tom let go of a sigh, and Stephanie a kind of purring sound.

She sat back for a while, as if to admire what was before her eyes. Maybe she did admire it, maybe she knew that this encouraged the one equipped with the member.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Tom's School Days 3

Tom's life in his strange school moves on, however slowly, at the moment. From the comments it seems as there are at least some who are a little bit curious about where this will go.

As it happened, Tom was disappointed that the whole thing was over and done with. He was as surprised as he was disappointed. He hadn't thought that of himself, that he would actually enjoy swinging a sturdy cane through the air, and hit the soft and sensitive skin of a girl with it, listen to the sound of it, and watching the reactions of the poor victim. He was disappointed that he was so elated by being cruel to someone, especially a girl. He was scared of what he felt. He was riven with guilt and wondered how true was his belief in the inner goodness of humans. Still he wanted to do it again.

'Now, claim the trophy,' Mark said.

'Shall I?' Tom whispered.

He knew the Club kept tokens of their work. He had just forgot about it.

'Yes, go ahead.'

Tom was trembling as he approached the girl, who was still holding on to the armrests of the chair. With numb fingers he took hold of her knickers and pulled them further down her legs. He thought he felt a shivering as he brushed her skin.

She obediently stepped out of the knickers when he reached her feet.

'You can stand up now,' Fred said in a commanding voice.

'Thank you, sir,' Amanda replied and stood up, letting her skirt fall down.

Tom thought that she would think her skirt must be very short now, when she had no underwear.

Amanda looked at Tom, curtsied and said:

'Thank you, sir, for punishing me.'

Then she smiled. She smiled at Tom. Her eyes were still wet, and her cheeks still red, but she smiled. Tom was bewildered and could only nod in reply.

Mark escorted the girl from the room, while Fred and Tom went into the common room, where Tom got the privilege of hanging Amanda's knickers on a peg along the wall. There were two rows of similar pegs and on many of them hung other pairs of knickers. They were of different colours and shape and Tom was amazed by the variety of female underwear.

'I can see what you're looking at,' Fred said with a grin, 'they belonged to Tamara, you know who she is, don't you? Stupid girl.'

'Yes, I think I know.' Tom thought he knew who she was, a tall, dark, and quite beautiful, and self assured girl.

'She thought she wouldn't have to take them down. That's silly.'

Tom could see that the knickers were minimal and mostly consisted of strings. She most likely thought that if she turned up to a whipping with knickers that didn't cover her buttocks she would get to keep them on.

Frederick showed Tom a book lying on a table.

'You hung her knickers on peg 23. Put that down first on the line, then the name of the girl, Amanda Tilly, then the date, tool, and number of strokes. You write it twelve plus one, since it was an extra added.'


'When we collect the knickers each Thursday and store them in our archive, we need to tag them so we can relate them to the correct punishment. You see there is a reference number on each line. This was punishment number 217 in this book.'