Thursday, 15 February 2007

Iconic Images 1

This blog is not about images (as you may have noticed) but I don't mind a good image here and there. And images are sources for fantasies as well as many images are created from fantasies. So I have decided that now and then present an image I find special for some reason and say something about it.

This image, I believe, is from a spanking magazine, most probably its centrefold. It was one of the very first spanking images I found on the Web. In its simplicity it is a very iconic image in my mind. A man is sitting with a young woman in his lap, lifting his hand, spanking her. She is lying there, her dress is flipped up and her knickers pulled down, exposing her bottom for her spanking.

This is a typical over the knee spanking, the image that most people think of when the word 'spanking' is mentioned. Still it is a bit constructed. The woman is young, her dress, shoes and socks a bit girlish. Still she is a woman, not a small girl and the image is for to satisfy people with a desire for spanking rather than anything else. The man wear a suit, he may be a guardian or a teacher, perhaps. There are many a scenario that this image evokes and I know nothing about where it was published or what story it illustrates.

I find this picture lovely in many ways. The man is clothed and seems strict but not evil. The woman is slim and young and desirably exposed. There is an intimacy and sensuality in the image together with the strictness and neutrality that may be called for if she is a student being punished or something similar. In other words; a typical spanking picture.


Simon Kade said...

I see a maid, not struggling. Perhaps having grown too accustomed to the master of the house's occasional display of displeasure to the conditions of the estate. Once horrified at her employer's boldness, but now looks forward to the stinging sensation via his criticism. For the marks on her bottom are badges of his attention. She strives to fulfill his expectations....but welcomes any and all lessons of how things shall be within the walls of his domain. So many times she has tried to leave...but cannot. She laughs and cries at the irony of being an inmate in a prison of unlocked doors.

I think the better photos are ones where you can easily let your mind wander as to what might be transpiring.

bolt said...

I imagine it's a couple engaging in a play scene :)

Anonymous said...

Is it the contact that intrigues you -- contact that is parallel to, but not to intersect with, sex? Is that why you like, feel safe with, the fact they are clothed -- that this scene is more apt to end with a pulling-up of clothing, rather than a taking off?
Is this "safe sex(uality)" in the sense it it sensual and sexy but not sex per se?

Janice said...

To a certain extent you are right but I think in this case the contrast between the man being clothed and the girl (me?) being partly naked and in contact with the man is important and intriguing. I think, though, it is more likely the girl will dress than take off her clothes after her spanking.