Friday, 9 February 2007

In Short...

I talked with someone today who told me that my story My Dark Angel was 'immensely depressing', or something similar. It was not said in a negative way or dismissive, rather in a concerned way. Anyway, it led to a very good conversation and it made me think.

I think that fantasies are not just something that you use as a pastime, something nice and cosy or exciting that you have as entertainment. For me they touch on very many different things and I have realised that my stories sometimes turn out to be about something I didn't expect them to.

My Dark Angel touches on something darker and more sinister, that is true. And now I don't mean darker in he sense crueller or more brutal but that it is concerned with loneliness and lack of confidence. So in a way I am very honest with you, dear reader, and I show something of myself.

Still, it is an emotion, a state of mind and does not, necessarily reflect my inner desires. I am not a very depressive and suicidal person...I hope. And besides, the story is purely fictional, the main character is young and the ending is inspired by and a tribute to The Story of O.

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Simon Kade said...

I liked your story below. I connected with it completely. Thanks for the nice words on my blog. Indeed what lives in my mind is far more interesting in my real world also. Perhaps that will change someday...perhaps that is why we write.