Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Venus de Milo

It may seem like a strange thing to write about in a blog like this but it is about how I think and I think about this statue now. I think Venus de Milo is a fantastic sculpture and I have always loved it. She has no arms, that is true but the rest makes up for that. It is something about her way of being half naked that is very alluring. Her body is beautiful, that is true, but she is not the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. No, the thing that attracts me, I think, is the way she wear what little clothes she is wearing. How the folds of her, what should I call it, piece of cloth is draped around her, how it hangs low on her hips. It is very exciting. In fact, I think it, really, hangs too low. It should fall down, exposing her. I have read somewhere that the theory is that she is actually holding her skirt (?) with one hand, stopping it from falling down. Since she has no arms this is should have fallen off many hundred years ago...never mind. Venus herself is very cool about it. She doesn't seem to be bothered. No, in fact, she seems to think that this is the way of wearing what little she wears. She just stands there, with her dress, almost, falling off, being extremely beautiful, alluring and sensual but she, herself, is not overly concerned. Well, after all, she is a goddess.

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