Thursday, 19 April 2007


I don't often fantasise about abductions and kidnappings. Being captured by grim slavers and taken to some remote desert town to be sold is a completely different matter. This little snippet of a story is an exception to that. It is not really a story, just a situation, no context, no nothing, really. But still, here it is. SK, this is for you!

Darkness, confusion, pain. I was waking up from sleep or perhaps even from being unconscious. I was in distress, felt uncomfortable. Everything was unpleasant and wrong.

Slowly, oh, so slowly, I realised I was sitting. Darkness was around me. I felt a hard surface behind my bent back and then I realised there were surfaces to my sides as well. It dawned upon me that I was sitting in a very confined space.

My senses came back and I began to sense how I was sitting, my different body parts started to report to my mind where they were and in what position they were. I was sitting, hunching in a confined space. I tried to move but couldn't. At first I didn't understand why.

I wondered if it was the surfaces, the walls around me or something else that kept me in place. With a cold sense of panic I realised that I had walls all around me, in front, to the back, to my sides and above me. I was crammed inside a very small space. My heart started beating and I knew I had to control those feelings because I feared panicking in this strange situation would make things unbearable.

My feet were held together, close together, and my arms were behind my back. It took me some time to sense where I had my arms. They were bent upwards behind my back and held in place by something that pressed on my wrists and arms in different places.

I was bound. My feet were tied together and my arms had been cruelly bent upwards on my back and tied in place. I realised how uncomfortable and painful it was, how unnatural that position was. I couldn't move.

I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I had something in my mouth. It was hard and rubbery and pressed my mouth open. I had been gagged. I realised that someone also had tied a scarf around my head, thus blindfolding me.

My mind was in turmoil as I understood that I was gagged and cruelly bound and placed in a small confined space, like a box or a crate. I almost panicked. Who had done this? Why was it done to me?

I vaguely remembered falling asleep in my bed. Or had I been somewhere else?

As I desperately tried to bring order in chaos, I realised something else. I suddenly felt that where my body was touching the walls I felt it directly against my skin. I could move just a little and I could feel the rough surface scrub against my skin. I understood that I was not fully dressed. I went over my sensations and decided that I most certainly was naked, completely naked.

The next realisation made my heart beat faster in humiliation. The one who had stripped and bound me and put me in this situation had not only secured me but added to my shame by tightening a rough rope that run between my legs and cut into my sex. I was sure, now, that I was, indeed, naked.

Suddenly it appeared to me that there were sounds around me. I had denied myself that knowledge but now I realised that there were a lot of hustle and bustle around me. I listened intently to try to find out what kind of sounds there were.

Slowly order came to chaos. To my horror I realised that what I heard was the sound of a train station. My situation dawned upon me. Someone had most likely drugged me, stripped me naked, tied me with ropes, gagged and blindfolded me, put me in a crate and placed me on a train station.

Bustling life went on around me, only feet away from where I was sat, helpless, naked and bound, in a crate, on my way somewhere. I cried in my misery and my heart started beating at the thought of my final destination. Who was to open the crate? What would happen when he did?

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Dove said...

I have already told you what I think of this story but thought to write it here.

I enjoy how she is slowly exposed to her own vulnerability. Each step realising something about herself, her bonds, her nakedness, that she is silenced. This builds the feeling of being completely out of control, she is completely imprisoned.

I am scared for her because I see myself in that box and I am scared for me.