Wednesday, 18 April 2007


I do not often write about my personal life or what happens in it. This will be one of the rare exceptions. I am sad and frustrated today. A couple of weeks ago I got in contact with someone who had read my stories. He seemed to share many of my fantasies, or rather the mirror image of my fantasies, and we have had quite an intense exchange of ideas. Suddenly he had to stop our communications, some security issue as it seems. That is something you have to respect when a conversation is of a private kind. (In my mind I wonder if getting an hotmail or yahoo account would help but I am not, really, very good at such things). In addition, another good friend told me she will disappear forever soon.

I know it is unfair but I feel abandoned and that makes me sad. And when I am frustrated and sad I want to write really horrible stories. Maybe I should do that and you will see another aspect of me, not at all gentle and kind and polite and ... (stop it, silly!!).

I hope the people I have mentioned will forgive me for this outburst of frustration. And you dear Reader, please leave this sad blog entry and go read some of my stories, they are far more entertaining...and better.


Anonymous said...

My dear Janice,

Welcome back to the land of the blog, I have missed you. I do enjoy reading your fantasies, and was very sad for you that you've had these two disappoinments. Be brave, life will go on.


Anonymous said...

Sad situations :(

Fight and go on!